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Aries is a cardinal fire sign focused on inner leadership. Cardinal signs are natural born leaders who love to protect those around them. Cardinal signs are all about action; they move projects and ideas forward. Fire signs are passionate and growth-oriented. They act on instinct and need to listen to their gut in order to live their best life.

Aries is a dynamic and motivated go-getter. They have a wholesome sense of self so many people who have Aries as their sun sign have an competitive edge and are keen on self-preservation.

People who Aries sun signs are passionate about protecting the vulnerable. They, themselves, are very childlike and comfortable with being vulnerable, so they empathize with the innocent. They are very open and wear their heart on their sleeve, but not because they want to; they literally cannot help but be themselves at all times. People with Aries in their chart are very authentic self-starters.