read in the bath, cry in the shower


Mars ◻︎ Saturn

Moon in ♋︎ about to get fucked up

Let's just get right into it--cuz I am mega-over it already. With Mars square Saturn exact in Virgo/Sagittarius—the vibe this week is cosmic inflammation. Your strong will is being frustrated from outside: bosses, parents, boyfriends/girlfriends, and even the fucking president will feel like the instigator right now and make you feel like you’re backed up against a wall.

Although it can seem like an entirely negative influence, the emphasis will be on teaching and learning (like teaching people not to be shitheads), but also be patient with yourself as you might feel like the dumb one as you try to plan something long-range but get mired in frustrating details. It’s more complicated than just latent daddy issues--there are so many dads inside you that you will feel the need to answer to right now. 

Since this tough influence will have you grappling with the hands of time and personal limits, go to heart-centered crystals and salt baths for healing, as the Moon is currently in Cancer. While your inner primal scream switch is getting tripped, you will need to be patient and hold on. More will be revealed and all you can do is wait.

The Cancer Moon is currently opposed Pluto, so if you’re feeling more emotional but somehow also dammed up, don’t fight it. It’ll pass through your consciousness like sage at a water birth. Water and Earth signs in particular will likely be very susceptible to and comfortable with this energy and will reflexively become a little more private and emotional. Fire and Air signs will notice that they tense up as a dense emotional cloud seems to follow them everywhere (I am *not* crying, those are beads of sweat from working so hard at being a badass!)

Later today, be protective of your ideas and goals as the Moon squares the Sun and Mercury. If a tiff develops over something you feel strongly about, it’ll likely blows over in a few days once the pressure clears and your ego heals. There is nothing you can do but be patient and we give you full permission to do so.


Weyes Blood — “Hang On”


Rose quartz


Kelli’s Diamonds & Pearls Himalayan Salt Rose Petal Bath Soak


“I can leave at any time but I won’t have to.”