New Moon in Libra is lit *blessed be*


Dear Darlings,

The new moon in Libra is calling for a fresh new look at your relationships, but also the relationship with your body. Venus (the OG Empress) rules this moon and she's going to demand that you treat yoself (and not anybody else). This might come at an inconvenient time: perhaps a selfish person is requesting you come to their aid AGAIN just when you're settling into bed with your fav Twin Peaks DVD for the 809th time. Unless someone's like bleeding or something, turn off your phone and don't feel guilty. This is your time, spend it with a trusted friend, you.

There's a hole in your shawl of self-love, however. Shit's about to get real outside your cozy nest and hiding out will probably feel like a good idea. Shocks will come from Uranus as he opposes this lunar event (btw shout out to my girl @lunarevent).  Soap opera-style lover changes, coworkers quitting, baby announcements from the ex that cheated on you...whatever you least expect may come knocking, but you don't need to fear--these surprises will work out to your advantage and might make for some interesting entertainment too. Before the wild texts start and you find yourself mouthing "WTF", take some time to prepare with the ritual bath below. The coolest thing about Uranus transits: if you're feeling rotten, you have a free pass to act like a nut and drop everything that's been holding you back from your greatest good. In fact, the universe might demand you do, and you'll surely have us all at the edge of our seat. If you're the kooky friend, take back your power and set yourself free. The air will be electric--and ripe for manifestation. Say a prayer, read a spell, charge a crystal and let the new moon work it's magic. 

New Moons: new beginnings
Full Moons: endings/culminations

Your homework is below, PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK, but feel free to copy off your neighbor:


You will need:

  • petals from three white roses
  • a handful of mint
  • candle
  • choose: rose oil, geranium oil, fir/evergreen oil, or eucalyptus oil
  • crystals/magical tools
  • one piece of pretty paper



1. grab your pretty paper and a sharpie

2. write your biggest wish in the present tense (love and money issues are especially lucky this month)

3. put a candle by your bath and place your wish by it, folded up



1. draw your bath, throwing the petals and mint leaves in v ceremonially like a fairy

2. drop your oil of choice into the bath

3. light the candle(s)

4. surround the tub with crystals/magical tools that delight you

5. get in the bath and chill



1. take your wish in your pruney lil' hand

2. read it aloud three times slowly, letting feelings of happiness wash over you

3. drop the wish into the candle and watch it burn (don't burn yourself!)

4. enjoy the rest of your bath, imaging what it will feel like next month when you have your wish