Okay, so I'll preface this whole thing by saying that it is a little heavy but kind of in an okay way. The point is that it's absolutely always important to think about what it is that you want and fiercely go after it. I cannot stress this enough.

Hayley and I have a favorite coffee shop in town. We often meet at Quills to talk plans and write together. We've spent a lot of time there lately, and yesterday we got word that the sweet team of baristas lost one of our favorites in an accident. Our friend, Francis, passed away Tuesday. He was only 23, and so sweet and bright and kind and god damn it, we just had these plans that had no time to pan out to go get pizza together. 

This Full Moon is slapping me in the face with "don't miss any more chances, little baby." I don't want to spend a single second on anything that I don't love fiercely, and that's something I want to share with you. Invest in what you love, spend your time on things you enjoy, don't waste a single breath. So, thank you, Francis, so much, for being our friend, for making us so many delicious drinks, and for inspiring us to live more fully.



The lunar cycle is a good opportunity for you to set your sights on manifesting (aka GETTING) what you want. In general, at the New Moon it's good to focus on setting goals and making plans. The Full Moon is the opposite, a good time to cut off whatever's keeping you from already having it.

So, this Full Moon is in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, making it the boss of our brains and minds (ego, self perception, and the way we approach life in general). With the sun in Libra, we are all currently experiencing a pull toward finding more structure, basically forcing a more harmonious balance between masculine and feminine energy.

Arp 78 in Aries | Hubble 

Arp 78 in Aries | Hubble 

Full Moon in Aries takes place on October 5 at 2:40 pm EST. This bad boy is really one of the best chances we have to lift the veil on our true selves. Your inner boss ass witch is READY. Aries is all about being true to yourself, and with Libra all about finding harmony, now is truly the time to shed anything and everything that you are sick of. Today we boldly go where no ghoul has gone and piss into the wind, yelling, "I'm sick of your shit, man!" Don't you even think about holding yourself back for a single second. Pissing into the wind or not, you deserve to sparkle like a freaking diamond, you brilliant little baby.

When I was a kid, I danced, and my teacher told us to lift our chins to the rafters, so stupidly high that we felt like we were looking down on the world. Not just during performances, but literally at all times. He would always say that it was never a bad day to show off your "diamond necklace."

Okay, so do this: put on something that makes you feel good and go out into the world wearing your figurative diamond necklace. Open your chest, pull your shoulders way far back, and lift your chin. Smile. Take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other. Feel how easy it is to walk down the street being you. Wow! Damn, it feels good to be you, right!? Confidence is the real you.

Okay, so back to the point: on the Full Moon we tell old garbage that's keeping us from letting our diamonds sparkle that we are SICK OF ITS SHIT. get outta here, garbage. It's a Full Moon.

It's obvious now that what my dance teacher was teaching us was just a simple ~power pose~ and this one makes you feel and look amazing while demanding that people see the real you, full of confidence and light. That's you! That's this Full Moon.

The Ritual

There are lots of different ways you can honor the Full Moon, and tons of rituals you can do. A simple "full moon ritual" Google search will set you up with more info than you can handle. 

But for me, this month, I really want to just bask in my own glory and spend as much time as possible being a badass out in the world, so let's keep it short and sweet. This was the first type of Full Moon ritual I ever did. I've adapted it from Danielle Ayoka (@mysticxlipstick on Twitter).


1. Write a list of things you want to release. Literally get out your fluffy gel pin and a real ass piece of paper. There's no typing here. Write it down by hand. You can release anything, but examples specifically for this Aries Full Moon are included later.

2. Seal it with a good old fashioned declaration. Write this at the end of your list: "I demand that all energy, thought forms, patterns, programs, frequencies, vibrations, and patterns that are enabling the energy I'm trying to release and anchoring it in my field leave my energy through all space and time, on every layer of my existence and all energy that my physical and energetic being is comprised of. You have no place here." Write it like you mean it.

3. Then I call this part my spell. Write: I declare all of this to be so, in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good.

4. Burn that sucker. Boom! You're done.

5. Just kidding. As your list is burning, visualize that what you are releasing is actually being released into the atmosphere. It has poured from your hand to the paper and now it's evaporating into thin air. Really see it being released and concentrate on letting it go.

6. Next, I always burn sage. Imagine that the pieces and parts of yourself that have been stifled or taken over by what you've just released are returning to you. Use sage with the intention of clearing the air, cleansing yourself of the negativity that has been left behind during this release. I always incorporate my crystals into this, making sure they get saged, too.

7. After your sage clearing, burn sweetgrass to fill the voids left behind by the negative energy you've just released. Ask your higher self to fill these spaces with love and positive, healing light from your highest vibration. Project this onto your crystals, as well, if you use them.

8. Charge your crystals. After saging and sweet grass-ing, leave all your little rock babies to bathe in the moonlight, or put them on a windowsill that gets moonlight if you can't leave them outside.

9. Now you're really done. Thank yourself, your higher spirit self, your crystals and other divinatory tools, and especially the moon for the time and energy to release what was no longer serving you. Acknowledge that it's no longer weighing on you, and that now you have the space to manifest what your greatest good wants.

Aries Full Moon Release 

You can release anything you want, but here are a few examples of things you can release on this month's Full Moon in Aries.

  • I release the need to be seen in a certain light.
  • I release the need to be accepted by anyone other than my highest self.
  • I release the need to be quiet.
  • I release the urge stifle my own voice.
  • I release anything that's causing me to feel the need to censor myself.
  • I release feelings of weakness.
  • I release self-doubt.
  • I release anything that is holding me back from being honest with myself and others.
  • I release negativity that manifests itself as bad habits.
  • I release anxiety about exposing my true self.
  • I release any ways of being that are causing me to feel stuck.
  • I release anything that is preventing me from having the strength to be my truest self.
  • I release anything that is causing me to live in a way that is inauthentic to how I want to live.
  • I realize anything that is causing me to be dishonest with myself.
  • I release all cycles, energy, patterns, systems that keep me from putting myself first.