Spellsisters 1st Halloween

A few weeks back, we were at our favorite meet-up spot, Quills Coffee, coordinating our schedules and planning upcoming events when we found ourselves talking about what we should do on Halloween... it went something like this:

Kelli: “Dude. It’s already about to be Halloween. Yikes”

Hayley: “OMG what are we going to do that night?! We have to do something.”

That’s pretty much that because every time we have a “meeting,” we usually get so excited about all of our ideas that we end up on more tangents than one might think possible until suddenly it’s 11pm and we come to, wondering where we are and what we have been doing for 6 hours.

Eleven and Rosemary out on the town

Eleven and Rosemary out on the town

Luckily! Our friend, Kaiton (who btw is one of the coolest guys on this side of the Mississippi, or universe, if you ask us), had a great idea for us to do readings during Musica Fabula at the White Rabbit Cabaret. On Halloween, musicians performed live, silent films as their backdrops and inspiration. It was extremely lit and we were so pleased to be part of their evening.

We started out the evening at the tiki bar, otherwise know as Our Home, where we hit the Ouija board with the important question, “Are there any spirits that wish to speak with us?” And what the fuck do you think they said? Of course they want to speak with two slightly lit dummies in a bar. We asked, “Want us to marg for you?” And it said yes so then, obviously we were required by law to order another drink. It was all fun and games until we were stuck in the “zaza mama“ loop. Fully shook, we snapped that shit shut and drank a margarita in a demon’s honor. It tasted delicious.


Anyway, we have decided that after conjuring a Ouija board demon a little bit, we’ve had our teen sleepover fun, so we (probably) won’t ever do that one again. Light as a feather, stiff as a board for 2, pls.



Kelli Jenkins