full frontal Neptune

by Courtney Brooke @light_witch

by Courtney Brooke @light_witch

Neptune has been retrograde since June, babes, which has meant we've been living in the cold, hard light of reality. But things are looking hazy! As Neptune turns direct, you'll notice dreams vividly come to life and a greater sensitivity to all living things. Here's 5 ideas for what you should do when Neptune turns direct on November 22:

1. Daydream and fantasize about the life you want

Especially with the power of the Scorpio new moon from Saturday still in effect, there's so much dreamy energy circulating that you need to be careful what you wish for--you might just get it. Make a list or just add to your Pinterest. Make yourself feel good with what could be.

2. Take lots of baths or head to a creek/river

Neptune rules water, so healing/cleansing baths are perfect for grounding the floaty vibes you'll be getting tomorrow as we transition into direct. Try some rose petals in them: Neptune is the highest expression of Venus, so anything beautifying or sensual is excellent at this time. Bundle up and take a trip near a natural body of water. Bring a cup of something hot and hygge. Even though it's cold, the healing vibes of being near water are unmatched right now.

3. Do one good deed for a stranger

Neptune rules sacrifice and unconditional love. If you've been feeling aggro and a little selfish, you're not alone. Loosen your grip on your ego by going out of your usual way to make someone's day brighter.

4. Reconnect with a higher power

We don't mean just going to church. That's not it at all (unless you feel that you connect to your higher power best in that setting). We want you to connect with what fills you with awe. What beautiful moments make you cry. What makes you need to create. Sometimes writing a journal or a poem or a song or drawing or painting can get you in touch with something much deeper inside yourself that doesn't even belong to you. Neptune is the most spiritual planet, but it doesn't need form to function. Go out in nature, the license to create might require you to get up from your desk. Do tarot. Ask questions. Don't demand answers.

5. Imbibe

Neptune rules alcohol and spirits of all kinds (ghosts too). It's a good time to get a little blurry in a safe and comfortable setting, surrounded by buds and chatting about your feels. Be careful, even though the party atmosphere will be strong (and fun af), it's best to keep it on the lighter side because Neptune's downfall is its proneness to having too much fun xoxo.