Friday Faves 11.3.17

These are a few of our favorite things! Here’s what we’re crushing hard on right now.

1. this protective seahorse necklace

Okay, this is really cool. This beautiful handmade agate geode necklace has a freaking SEAHORSE in it! 😍 Are you kidding?! How magical... Seahorses can not only symbolize patience and persistence, but also protection. You just have to consecrate it. Remember our amulet post?! Here’s one for $29. Available at


2. um, it’s a selenite troll lamp

Attention kids of the early 90s, are you ready for this? It’s a freaking TROLL. Remember Trolls? Impossible to forget because we still need that one with rainbow hair! This one has SELENITE hair and it’s a LAMP *screams internally* How fucking cool is this?! Available at Tiff’s Trolls.


3. this kitty cat charivari

Two words. Bone. Jewelry. One of our friends from back in our coffee shop days has been making this stuff for years and it is beyond magical. This one was found in an owl pellet and is sold, but we know and love these cool ass people and would be willing to bet if you talk nice to them they might be able to conjure something up for you. They also make real tight leather goods. Check out Shop Dearly Departed.


4. a pretty lil dream catcher 

We wanna have sweetly enchanted dreams. Please hold this adorable driftwood, wool, and jasper dream catcher over our heads at all times. We want like 17 of the Foraging Fairy’s dream catchers, pls, but especially this one. Available at The Foraging Fairy


5. crystal wind chimes

Wow, are you kidding? How could we not want crystal wind chimes? Crushing hard over this one with magical, clear quartz points. Dear Santa, my stocking is empty, so far. Available at


6.  splendid spoon delivery

i mean, let’s be real, we are probably going to end up splurging on this soon. The people at Splendid Spoon know what’s up, and they make self care and living your best life easy. The blog is all about self care lifehacks and connecting with yourself. Cacao almond smoothie for breakfast and carrot lentil curry for lunch? Yes, please. Count us in. Deliveries are 100% plant based and include breakfast, lunch, and a soup cleanse. Every option sounds so lit and we can’t stop swooning and pining. This is not a paid advertisement but we wish it was because then we would already be enjoying the benefits. Do you hear me, Santa? Available at Splendid Spoon 



Kelli Jenkins