wtf is reiki?


Literally every time I talk about how much I love being a Reiki practitioner, someone timidly asks me what it is…. Put simply, Reiki is universal life force energy-- it's a type of healing session that helps bring the energetic glow from within up to the surface, to your physical body.

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how does it work?

Reiki uses completely non-invasive methods during which the practitioner senses where you are experiencing blockages. This can be done through physical touch, where the practitioner lightly touches your body. Or it can be done using the over-the-body method, during which the practitioners hands lightly "float" over the body. Reiki does NOT require physical touch to work.

Reiki helps balance the chakras, breaking past energy blocks over time. The hands are placed on (or over) your body at different chakra points, and anywhere else I intuitively feel they need to go. The cool thing about it is that you don’t even need to know the source of your pain for a successful Reiki session (SPOILER ALERT: all Reiki sessions are totally successful)... Energy just flows from the practitioner (that would be me) to the receiver (hint: it's you) and goes where it needs to go.

Receiving Reiki feels meditative. You might even go to sleep. You could cry. It can feel like an intense exchange of love, like communicating with your source or spirit guide. Some are even lucky enough to encounter loved ones who have passed, angels or guides, or have intuitive personal revelations during a Reiki session.

Exalted by modern medical practitioners, including Dr. Oz, Reiki can be beneficial to everyone for self improvement. It has been known to assist with illnesses, aches and pains (even those associated with physical injuries like arthritis and broken bones), mood disorders like anxiety and depression, insomnia, and some have even experienced vast improvements in cancer treatment with Reiki. Reiki is even routinely used in some hospitals during surgery as a way to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed.

Above all, Reiki can never do anything negative. It's truly impossible (unless your practitioner is doing some weird shit and maybe a shady person....). It reduces stress, improves the effects of any other medical treatment you receive, and benefits both the receiver and the practitioner (win-win!). It is not uncommon for both of us to have very spiritual experiences during a Reiki session.

Please note that if you would like to be treated with Reiki for a health condition, we advise that you do this alongside or under the supervision of a medical doctor or another licensed health care professional. Reiki is not meant to take the place of any other treatment you have been advised to receive, but can assist, may shorten healing time or reduce side effects of other treatment, and can also help reduce or eliminate pain.

Visit our scheduling page to see about a session. We have recently finished setting up a cozy little "Sparkleden" where we read tarot. Now, you can also schedule private Reiki sessions!

Kelli Jenkins