Yuletide *Full Moon in Gemini* Ritual


So in true Mercury retrograde style, our ritual is a little late this month due to technical difficulties and missed messages, but we honor and adore your patience, Spellkittens.

With Full SuperMoon™ in Gemini, the messages you receive now are shining a mega bright light on something that has been hiding in plain sight. Full moons always bring things out in the open to make them real or completely and utterly dissolve them; they are powerful omens and game changers. To be sure, with Mercury in retrograde ruling this full Cold Moon, we have a huge opportunity to release something from our past that has been holding us back and return us to a place of innocence (see our previous blogs from 11.29 and 11.30 on mercury retrograde). For the newbie witches, full moons/new moons are active +/- 4 days from the day they are exact, so you can always continue to do rituals up until 4 days past or before the full moon.

There’s definitely a playful vibe surrounding these issues that are emerging. Like, “k thx for your opinion but can u not??” With the Moon square Neptune and quincunx Jupiter, a lot of the endings and culminations will relate to negative self-talk that has taken on monster-like proportions inside your brain. The cracked reflection you see is the fault of the mirror, not you. We deceive ourselves and others all the time by the playing role of 'me' and now we’re facing that last lie that covers the bottomless, magical and infinite void within us.

The bridge across this infinite chasm is belief. Transitioning from the beliefs you take for granted about yourself (“I’m always the 'nice girl',” "I'm a hot mess," “I always have a cloud hanging over my relationships,” “No one appreciates me”) to new ones that open up a larger perspective of who you really are and reframe disappointments into reasons to be grateful.

Although you’ll notice a lot of confusion and sensitivity to others' words this month, there will be serious gold in the random messages you encounter that force you to come to terms with the lies you tell yourself. It might be something your friend says off the cuff that suddenly clicks with you. It might be a song on the radio, a passage in a book, the sight of your favorite animal/number, or a podcast that sounds like it’s speaking only to you (as crazy as that sounds). Whatever it is, it will be a powerful sign that is unique for you and out of the blue. Things are coming to a head and transitioning into a place of happiness, expanse, and healing, but the first thing that you encounter along this journey will be your own limiting beliefs about yourself and others that keep you stuck.

Whatever comes up now is coming up for a reason: to be HEALED. So relax into it and explore the hall of mirrors within with the tarot ritual below.  

Yuletide Vision Ritual

You will need:
Tarot deck
3 candles
Pine/spruce incense
Pillows/blankets/cozy stuff

Prepare a cozy space on the floor with your fav cozy jammies, cozy pillow. Light the three candles all in front of you in a triangle pattern. As you settle into your space, I want you to close your eyes and count backwards slowly from 100 down all the way to 1. You might feel like this takes a long time—it’s ok, just keep going. Don’t try to force thoughts out of your head, let them come up and put them back. This will help you go within.

When you’re done counting, pick up your deck and shuffle as long as feels right. I want you to pull 3 cards and place one at the base of each candle. These cards are to be read as a unit. They describe the message you need to hear right now. Look for similarities and stark differences. Are there a lot of Major arcana? Multiples of the same number or element? Does it seem like a figure in the cards is acting out what you're learning right now?

If a Major Arcana card is present: this is an extremely active subconscious time and you are learning a lot; you will see yourself completely differently by December 2018 because you are moulting layers that detract from what you crave most--direct experience, intimacy, and power.

If one court card is present: these are the qualities you need to develop and a side of yourself you've been denying.

If multiple courts: the other people in your life are front and center right now, an issue with someone else requires clarity and isn't going away.

If an Ace is present: you are being given a gift from the universe that relates directly to the suit chosen and you need to accept it.

If mostly very "positive" looking cards come up: you are on the right path for you and you have begun to embrace yourself as an infinite creature, but it's time for you to acknowledge that you are in a good place and appreciate it, "if this isn't nice--i don't know what is."

If mostly very "negative" looking cards come up: you are working on purging right now and whatever needs to be healed first needs to be killed. don't be afraid to go in the direction of safety and self-protection before you start doing chaturanga and drinking coconut water.