Ring the ALARRRMMMM: Bow down to your Inner Bey

Judgment card just chillin' in the flowers with its energetic bud white calcite. A daddylongleg tried to creep and Judgment card was all "TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT"

Judgment card just chillin' in the flowers with its energetic bud white calcite. A daddylongleg tried to creep and Judgment card was all "TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT"

  • Jupiter ☍ Uranus
  • Mercury ☍ Chiron
  • Solar eclipse shadow period

Dear beautiful hoes,

Since we're still swimming in the wake of the total solar eclipse in Leo from August 21, be aware that something you've been trying not to focus on has started to show up more insistently than ever. A lot of us grabbed glasses to stare at the sun a month ago, but did we maybe refuse to look at an equally important event in our lives that is even more blinding in its influence? It's hard not to see the intensity and rightness of the path before us, but it's also not comfortable to look at our faults, unfulfilled dreams, or the glaring problems in our lives. Sometimes we need a filter to ease into our "I woke up like this" look.

In the next few weeks, that filter is going to come in the form of other people. Projection works because it lets us get cozy with our problems from a distance until we finally start to hear the words coming out of our mouths. Was that fight really all your friend's fault? Does he really never listen to you? Are you maybe just a little jealous of your friend who recently quit their job, even though you thought they were being supes irresponsible? Big question time: what can you learn about yourself from a recent appraisal of the way someone else was handling a similar situation?

Since Chiron is involved (get back in your cage, creep!), the conversations you have in the next few days might be stirring up old wounds and versions of yourself. Stirring a wound, as you might imagine, gets a little gross and uncomfortable (like, ew). However, the fears that have kept you from understanding your boundless freedom to do anything you want are coming up to be healed now. You'll see the healing starts with words, through messages and dialogue, before it appears as surprise events beyond your wildest dreams. Use your words to communicate your truth, use these aspects as the key to unlock the wants you have been afraid to want. Just sayin, but maybe your mantra deserves to be: YOU ARE FREE (thanks Cat Power, we love u).

With an opposition from Uranus to Jupiter, you are about to be granted luck that expands your world. Don't be surprised (but duh, you will…that's your flaky psycho ex Uranus) if your mind ends up just a bit on the blown side. Have you been feeling like you can't make the necessary changes in your life? There's about to be no excuse to feel this way. This is not exactly a chill influence, but you're going to find a sacred space inside to process the massive changes and luck that's approaching you now. Dream it and it's reality. Put in an hour's work and it pays a week's worth of dividends. As my fave psychic and symbologist John F once told me, "take one big slow blink and it's yours right now." This is an aspect that suggests RAPID growth and almost skipping steps--it feels dirty but it really is as easy as it seems right now.


Judgment (XX) - shedding skin; shift in consciousness


"Free" - Cat Power

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Valerie and Her Week of Wonders



LYLAS xoxoxoxo,