**Crystal Clarity Spread**

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Bon après-midi bébés, 

For those of us who are used to living a pretty chill (af) existence, sometimes trying to "manifest" stuff can feel sort of complicated. Like, I want this and that and that, but I also don't really want the responsibility that comes with that or the lifestyle that comes with that. I'll call us dreamers. 

Finding a clear path to what you want in life can be hard when you're a dreamer. But it also means you have the gift: you are psychically attuned, have major manifestation power, and probably have a strong outer planet (Neptune, Uranus or Pluto) in your birth chart. Your life will play out like a novel or a play--you just decide which one. To manifest desires when you're a daydreamy babe, all you have to do is get clear on how you want to feel and the stage props and storyline will take care of themselves. If there are blocks to receiving it, the universe can't help arrange the stage, so getting clear about what you don't need is equally important.

We created the Crystal Clarity spread for dreamers, because it gives you a super clear idea of your deepest desires without using your conscious, logical mind. It'll also show you any vibes that are keeping you from receiving those gifts.

1. What do I really want? 

The Fool: to be free, to have a fresh start, to do something you've never done before

2. What is blocking me from receiving it?

Ace of Pentacles: a serious gift/opportunity that requires commitment and stability

3. What do I need to do to release this block?

The Empress: you need to love without expecting anything in return, nurture yourself and others

4. What will be the first sign that the path has cleared?

Ace of Cups: an outpouring of love and affection, tears and emotion, the gift of a new love

5. What am I attracting right now instead? (bottom of the stack)

8 of Cups: letting go after realizing you can't get there from here, moving on


Hayley + Kelli