holographic universe: full moon in taurus

photocredit: @musingsfromthemoon, découvré par the Taurean moon bombshell @lauramwyant

photocredit: @musingsfromthemoon, découvré par the Taurean moon bombshell @lauramwyant


Sun is in Scorpio, Moon is in Taurus and the moon is

☍ Venus (opposed)

☌ Uranus (conjunct)

I don’t know how to emphasize this enough. Things are about to get…good. Did you ever see, like, that movie where the ghosts unite for one night on the eve of their prom, right before there was a tragic accident? Scene: it’s a holographic fifties dance and everyone’s in love. In some lights, you can see they’re all skeletons, in other lights, they sway back and forth romantically in their youthful form. That’s the vibe. Innocence. Living a future memory over and over for eternity. Before we got all old, before death, before fate intervened. That said, return to your scheduled programming. Here is the rest of the transit and what to expect for the next two weeks.

**No rush** ladies! The moon is in Taurus. Take your time and feel the feels and the orgasmic voltage of having something close to exploding, but insulated from causing any damage. Something is burning but it’s a slow, controlled burn. It’s a long game but it’s worth it. It’s a full frenzy on sedatives; it’s a narcotized dance party that you’ve been invited to. The electroshock explosion is being made more digestible and positive by the fact that time is temporarily stretched out. As sci-fi as that sounds, time is speeding up and perception is slowing down. You get to live a positive event in slow motion, so take your time and use it to your advantage by making every micro-decision beautiful and motivated by love. Put each sensation in an inner scrapbook: this is a beautiful time of harvest and you’ll get to enjoy every slow sensual second as you surrender to change. Expect surprises that don’t destroy you, but probably throw you off balance. You will be scooped up like a baby bird and put on a new path gently but so quickly that you might not be able to tell the difference—the landscape looks the same but everything is rosy and illuminated.

This full moon in Taurus amidst a molten and densely aspected Scorpio season is signaling a return to the deepest desires of the heart, but we can’t have them all at once. We have to be **initiated**. There are traditions, rules, roles, costumes. There is a spark but the fuse is long and the explosion, infinite. It requires your surrender to the divine timing guiding everything. Don’t be alarmed, but the last contraction will deliver the infant whether you are pushing or not. Fate is intervening on your behalf and it’s all a matter of *time*, darlinks. There is no difficulty surrounding the changes being brought about in your life right now. It feels smooth and like the only way. There is no resistance, only catalysts surrounding you. And time is out of your control but oddly…on your side.

With the full moon opposing Venus in Scorpio and conjunction Uranus in Taurus, expect a financial secret/opportunity to be lit up or an unexpected (maybe even non-verbal) declaration of love or friendship to open a wormhole to a parallel universe where you have free access to a whole room of stuff you thought was out of your reach. With Venus retrograde, you might go over a beauty and self-esteem issue for the final time and come to a personal breakthrough. ANYTHING is possible, so keep your thoughts elevated—if you do, they will continue to rise higher and higher, because the energy is that vibrant and buoyant. Don’t buy the hype: Scorpio season is not a time of death and destruction—it just means we are tuning into the deeper, darker parts of our lives but we’re bringing light to them. What you resist and hide, will come through anyway. There are no negative aspects to this full moon. Uranus is the planet of surprise, but it’s also an indicator of freedom, so you may suddenly do something off the wall that showcases your true feelings and asserts that someone or something is “yours.” You may also be forced to make a decision that feels like it’s not a decision at all. It just kind of happens. I see you in control of this surprise. Like lucid dream level. Do a ritual, channel your inner fifties ghost bride, set the stage for something you never want to forget. But also, acknowledge that despite this cosmic wormhole, time and space won’t last forever,

The cool thing about full moons is that all this magical, witchy energy can be used to choose your own adventure. The choice is always between:

1) bringing something special to fruition

2) releasing something that is too heavy

Make a choice and the universe will bring you to the path…it sounds unsynchronous, but the more patient you are, the less you’ll have to wait. The only thing you MUST do is surrender fully to the path you pick and not stop half-way through and choose the other one. Commit (keyyyy wordzz) and surrender to the magic of the Taurus full moon.

Listen: “Die Young” - Sylvan Esso (Hayley’s choice), “How Soon is Now” - The Smiths (Kelli’s choice)

Read: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Watch: The Shining

XOXO much love,