The difference between Lenormand and Tarot

Lenormand spread featured on Labyrinthos, Seventh Sphere deck

Lenormand spread featured on Labyrinthos, Seventh Sphere deck

Hiya Spellkittens

You might have noticed lately we’ve been using a new deck for some of our posts. They’re littler and just have one image on them—not the super layered images of traditional tarot cards. These cards are called the Lenormand and they are an 18th century mystical system named after the late Madame Lenormand of Parissss fame (need to take a trip soon for…business purposes). This deck is more pictorial, literal, and highly positional. The cards are read in combinations and address the practical questions we have in our lives (e.g., what’s going on with my relationship? are we going to get married? what should I expect to happen in the next 3 months at my job?) not like the spiritual questions that are ideal for tarot (e.g., what do I do with my life? what is responsible for the problems in my relationship? should I take this job?). Lenormand is particularly sensitive to *questions*. Tarot—shuffle your deck, you don’t really need a question—it tells you what’s happening, whether you’re aware or not. Lenormand often makes sense in the moment, but Tarot sometimes takes a while before you’re like DAMN that reading really was sick. This happens because tarot reads what’s going on with your highest self. Lenormand reads the story of your life.

We love tarot but we are thrilled to also offer readings (online and in-person) with the Lenormand, especially a very low priced Grand Tableau reading which addresses all aspects of your life. We’ve laid out the facts on Lenormand vs. Tarot below, so you can choose what kind of reading is right for you. <3 xoxo



  • gives a very blunt and honest portrait of what’s going on in your love, work, life

  • shows relationships and context between characters in your life like a story

  • can answer questions succinctly that don’t involve the word “should I…?”

  • can show how all the parts of your life are functioning all at once in a grand tableau and also how they might secretly relate to each other (36-card spread)

  • can expose lies you tell yourself or secrets others are not telling you


  • doesn’t mince words, is brutally *honest*—can be very hard to hear what answers it offers

  • doesn’t give layers of meaning/interpretation like Tarot

  • sometimes focuses too much on minutiae of your life (the Mice card in a reading can refer to actual mice in your house)



  • gives an open ended but accurate interpretation of how your future will play out

  • gives you a more spiritually deep understanding of your position in your own life

  • has a kaleidoscopic or holographic way of intuiting reality (more, choose your own adventure)

  • perfect for should questions or no question readings


  • rarely does it directly call you out directly but it gives an impression of the underlying psychological themes in your life

  • can takes some time to discern who is who based on court cards

  • is more esoteric so can feel more intimidating

Peruse the readings we have available under Offerings or schedule an appointment for a private, confidential reading online or in-person. <3

LYLAS xoxo,