new moon in scorpio: the snake that ate the moon

“Bloom” by Marissa Johnson

“Bloom” by Marissa Johnson

So the moment has finally come. The fertile and dark-to-dawn New Moon in Scorpio makes its annual appearance and it’s time to shed our skin. I learned something new about snakes this week: they only shed their skin when they’ve literally gotten too big for it—it starts to break away from their body and when they slither out of it, they look like they are passing through a ghost. You don’t need me to explain what I think this means for you, lovelies. You are both the ghost and the snake. It’s time to pass through an old self and make the jump. That husk is no longer needed on your seed that is bursting to bloom. At the same time the new moon is reaching its darkest point, Jupiter is teetering in the last degree of Scorpio and about to spill over into Sagittarius. The scope of your life is about to shift to a much larger scale so take this time to settle into your new skin.

Scorpio season gets a bad rap for being heavy, but really this is just about the lightest break off I could hope for you. And thank goodness, since the psycho eclipses this summer just amped us up and up and forced choices, endings, new beginnings. There is no force, it’s silent opening to receive. This is a brand new you. You’ve already decided what the new you is going to act, sound, look like. This is just the ritual cleansing bath to complete the transformation. Easy.

For your comfort and relief, this new moon is in harmonious placement to big deal outer planets Neptune and Pluto, suggesting that fate/God is smiling on you and wants this process of rebirth to be as painless and loving as possible. I do too and I think you have an almost magnetic aura around you during the month of November. It’s as if you used a paintbrush to paint all your baggage invisible and now there’s so much space in your inner world that things are coming in to fill it up. The transformation feels emotional but soft—connecting you to the divine in an almost romantic or dreamy way. Expect little moments of synchronicity and signs that you’re on the right path (hint: ask for a sign—mine are rainbows and the number 144). You will feel changed without knowing why.

Part of the Scorpio new moon is that secrets are exposed. For some reason (since you’ve processed everything and digested it) these secrets that are about to come out seem like old news. You won’t feel dismantled by them if the secrets belong to someone else and you won’t feel exposed if the secrets are yours. You’re a brand new baby corn snake and you can slither away from them without feeling like they own you anymore. You are clean <3 <3

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xoxo and mega-LYLAS in this dark moon,