Spellkitten™ Gift Guide

The search for the perfect gift for your fav spooky babe is over! Look no further. We’ve put together a guide filled with stuff we think they will like! Most of these things are local to Indianapolis.

Still haven’t decided what you want from Santa? Send him this list as a hint…

Lesley Saligoe Botanicals

We freakin’ love Lesley and all of her stuff is a delight. My personal favorite is the rose rope incense you can get in her shop…. and don’t tell Hayley, but…. the Rose of Jericho, or the resurrection rose. It is SO cool and beautiful, but it fully freaks her out. Anyway. Tons of great stocking stuffers.

  1. Herbal Mist Trio (includes Rose Hydrosol, Cedar Sage & Citrus, and Lavender Chamomile mists). $30

  2. DIY Elderberry Syrup: A make-it-yourself kit to boost immunity! $10

  3. Alice Foaming Coffee Scrub: The loveliest body polish with coffee, cardamom, cacao, and cane sugar. $10


Salame Jewelry Designs

Rana basically spins gold. All of her jewelry is beautiful and we highly recommend taking a look. You really can’t go wrong. Searching for a mom, a special lady, or your BFF? There are tons of options and we implore you to check them out.

  1. Gold Quartz Cuff Bracelet $44

  2. Amethyst Hairpins $24

  3. Rose Quartz Necklace $88


Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Okay, seriously…. we speak from example when we say Mya’s services are life changing. Our favorite: craniosacral therapy. “Gentle pressure is used to correct restrictions resulting from stress on the central nervous system.” Yes, pls. Book her here or get a gift card for someone you love.

Zodiac Vintage

Did you guys hear that Fountain Square had a new baby? Our friends have opened a pop-up vintage shop on Virginia, just across the street from the Hi-Fi. Go show them some love and pick out a dress or a pair of shoes for your beloved! Hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11-6.


Natural Born Juicers

Does your person want to focus on their health in the new year? We love a good one-day juice cleanse from Natural Born Juicers because they make for an awesome hard health-restart. Order one in advance here. $47.50-$164

Mark Lisota Designs

We love the super unique crystal jewelry made by Mark! If you are looking for something sparkly for someone you love (or if you wanna treat yourself because you deserve it), check out these beautiful adornments here.  


Inferno Room

Who are we even kidding? You’ve seen our pictures on Instagram. We love to pretend to be bougie and we spend, like, A LOT of time wining and dining ourselves and each other. Get your boo thang a gift set from Inferno Room. Better yet, fix ‘em up a cocktail while you’re at it. This set includes Inferno Room’s Plantation Rum bottling and their Rhum J.M. bottling, along with your choice of a skull mug or our Mai Tai glass. $100


Rumple Willow Ceramics

If you’re shopping for someone who’s creative, listen up! “What's better than watching your friends and loved ones fail miserably on a pottery wheel while getting your hands dirty? Not much. Rumple Willow Ceramics offers couples classes and group parties for both adults and children. No reenacting, or even mentioning, the movie Ghost allowed.” CERAMICS. CLASS. With a friend! Solid gold.


White Rabbit Cabaret

What’s better than a special date with your beloved? Literally nothing, tbh. Surprise your boo with tickets to the Big-Ass Burlesque Bingo Bango Show for New Year’s Eve! This venue is the absolute best, if you ask us— from the special cocktails to the talented performance to the freakin’ pickles, you cannot go wrong with the Bingo Bango show, and I especially want to hang out with Alabaster Betty and Dorgan & Morgan Muncie on NYE.


White Pine Wilderness

A hidden gem among the wild! Did you even know that in Rocky Ripple, right under your nose, this super awesome resource exists? There are awesome workshops and curriculum classes for adults and children, including herbalism and foraging, fitness classes, and things like knife and sheath making! Enroll here.


Rachel Schwebach

If you follow us anywhere, then you can’t have missed how much we love this woman. She does boudoir classes with mimosas, info about how to pose and how to hold your face for photos, and how to be photographed for a boudoir session. Get this for your sweet, or get it for your best friend, pack her up, and go together!

And if you still haven’t decided on the perfect gift, go with the old standby: a gift card from us <3



Kelli Jenkins