Waterworld - Cancer Full Moon/Winter Solstice


The full moon is in Cancer darlings and it is surrounded by pure, unadulterated energy and opportunity. Full moons bring crystallizations of events that have been in the works since the new moon. This one is happening on the eve of the Winter Solstice bringing a fresh, clean start to something that had a false start earlier this year, a matter of the heart that you’ve been slowly nurturing to fruition and secretly hopeful about. When astrological influences intersect the seasons, we are opening a gateway to a very vivid world. With Cancer, this world is underwater and ever changing. The kaleidoscopic power of the dark and fertile womb.


Since the moon is sextile Uranus and at zero degrees, we also have Fool energy going into the new year. Translation: drop your baggage and start over, this time the same situation will be different, will grow, and a lot less restrictive. But you have to remember to look with new eyes and drop your expectations of how it looked/felt last time you tried to do this. If you’ve been thinking about reconnecting with a person from your past that you still have feelings for, consider it. If you can’t get your mind off attracting a new boo, get on an app or flirt with the cutie at work—put yourself out there without any worry of getting hurt. If you have a job that has been sucking the life out of you, open into one that might scare you but also excites you. The idea is to try again, because Jupiter in Sagittarius is ensuring the risks you take under each full moon will bring something to fruition that actually *sticks*. It’s hard to undo the mental constructs that have protected us through Jupiter in Scorpio though, so be patient if this feels hard to trust and let the light in. Everything will be ok. The frost is melting on your heart at this full moon.


Hopes and fears are united in Cancer. This lil crabbie is so afraid of losing his security but also so desirous of having more. He has to make a move in the moment when his instincts strike, but he has to be sure it’s also the right timing so he doesn’t make himself too vulnerable. In the midst of Capricorn/Saturn season, we need to consider whether it is the right *timing* to leap into something we started. You need to be sure that it is wholesome to you and feels healing, be sure it is not a distraction from your true course. You may need to ask yourself a few questions. What time is it in your heart (summer, winter, fall, spring)? Are you longing for something? Is it rest or adventure or love or security? You need to embrace divine timing and see what your heart is calling into your life beyond your lil ego. Be honest: do you need to be alone? have a break? work hard and make money? be surrounded by friends and loved ones? Listen to your heart, because nothing will come of something you pour your soul into if it is not *time* for that. The lesson of the Cancer full moon is to purify your intentions and only ask for something that you will actually take care of it if it’s handed to you.

 xoxo love u all,

Hayley Trussell