new moon in sagittarius: everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

photo credit: unknown

photo credit: unknown

The new moon in Sagittarius is unlocking a live wire of potential for expansion but it’s starting from a very very empty space. The void is enormous, bitches. But chill...let it sit for a minute. There’s a lot going on here. And in the words of classic 90’s sad teen Fiona Apple, “it’s calm under the the blue of my oblivion.” A lil dramatic maybe but whatever— it’s Sag season and of all the signs and seasons, no one is more the astrological equivalent of a stereotypical teenage girl than Sag (whether male or female). Frank, wild, immature, vain, exaggerator extraordinaire—Sag energy is about taking risks and exploring the highs and lows of human existence with the excitement of a 15 yr old skipping class to smoke weed and throw pennies off an overpass. While we’re on the teenage tangent, emotionally you might be feeling moody as hell right now but simultaneously acting like a badass bitch. You have the confidence to walk into a meeting and give a ballsy speech about inequities in the workplace but also the immaturity to no-call no-show the next day. What gives? Well *first* of all, Sag new moon has you dreaming big and straining against the chains of your job, relationships, and even your body but it’s not always rational and it’s not always smart. Embrace the rollercoaster but don’t lose control—life is chutes and ladders as we begin this month and big losses lead to big wins because life is all *pregnant with meaning* (cue, schoolgirl poetry and diary entries riddled with platitudes). Hint: it all turns out right in the end—if it’s not right, it’s not the end. Stay optimistic like a fresh new teen, even when everything looks like it couldn’t be worse. Just as you assume your life is over, Sag season promises that twist of fate will end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.


To use this energy effectively during the Sag (Sadge) new moon, you can play it a couple ways. You can take a random trip to Chile and start wearing unisex jewelry, you can sell the family house and cash it in for a sweet van, you can buy a dog or some seamonkies, you can ask out your crush or check yourself in for an eat-pray-love if you’ve recently lost someone. Channel your sense of risk and adventure and do something you always said you wanted to do but this time...really do it, without thinking about the consequences that always psyche you out (that is zee key darling). Imagine life like it’s all part of an elaborate novel with symbolism, significance and a heavy dose of drama. Existence is fleeting and with the new moon in Sagittarius, the universe is on your side to blow yr shit up in the best way.


While you may be tempted to fill up all the space that Jupiter in Scorpio left behind this year as we move into Sag, I urge you to sit in your shadow in the wake of these retrogrades and consider the patterns you’ve discovered that no longer serve you. When things start dramatically going our way like they’re about to, it’s because we have an “undivided will.” In other words, we don’t feel torn between our wishes and our secret desire to suffer or prove our parents right that we’re a failure. There’s no shadow looming that we’re siphoning energy into feeding. Sag new moon is a time to take off the brakes and trust that everything will be ok but it’s also a time to admit that there is a part of us trying to hold ourselves back because we are *asking* to be held back, because we feel like we need those brakes. Get comfortable with self-love and how it feels to receive what you asked for. But ALSO don’t panic if it requires you to give up your deeply dissatisfying safety net and admit you have self-hate driving some of your deepest desires.


lylas darlings, 

Hayley T. 

P.S. The universe abhors a vacuum and as long as you can get comfortable with the emptiness of this new moon and don’t rush to fill it with the same old shit, you have a huge potential to make a quantum leap during this new moon. I can’t wait to hear your stories, beauties. <3

Hayley Trussell