Young Hearts Be Free Tonight: New Moon in Aquarius 2.15.18

Things are about to get a little out of hand during the solar eclipse on February 15 (Thursday). Good. Fuck boredom, fuck resentment, fuck stuckness, fuck politeness (Kilgariff & Hardstark, 2016). Get wild and break free from any limitations you might have hung yourself on back at the total solar eclipse in August. 

Eclipsed | by Kelli @spellsisters on Instagram

Eclipsed | by Kelli @spellsisters on Instagram


It’s 2018 now and we are done with restrictions. This solar eclipse is partial, but it’s partially badass af and it’s in Aquarius, the ambassador of strange freshness and rebel fire. You will be surprised, you will be wowed, you will feel true friendship, and I’m gonna put $50 on it being the beginning of a good thing (especially since we keep pulling The Sun!). The tables have turned and we’re all heading for a reversal of fortune. Cockiness begets humility, isolation begets friendship, but also wild nights on the town turn to cozy nights at home. This influence is not exactly subduing, but it *wants* change. It needs everything to be different. It wants to be shooketh and struck.

That desire you’ve had for a while, that fear you've been hanging onto, it’s finally something you might be willing to risk jumping into or crushing right now. And you should (because, keep reading)! Trust your words, trust your gut, and trust that there’s an invisible net to catch you right now, when you’re ready to take a big, scary risk. We fully, one hundred and fifty million percent believe in you.

Aquarius is the sign of independence, fresh starts, and true freak-a-leek exploration. This Aquarius New Moon is a time to focus on our social life, make new friends, get comfy with old friends, and expand our social arena to bring in new business opportunities. Aquarius New Moon gives us the opportunity to create positive change in our social lives and ensure that group projects and endeavors yield fruitful results. This is the perfect time to undertake and plan to give back to the community, advocate for social causes, and use your influence in a way that can benefit others.

Okay but, GET THIS! All planets are direct right now. This usually only happens once a year, at the very most, and this year, right now, it’s happening for 65 consecutive days! This is super rare, bb. And what it means when two eclipses happen to fall during this direct motion is that plans are easier to implement and manifest. There is a surge of energy propelling you forward, into upward motion, and action. I’m sweating, are you? As one of my fav podcasters says, DO IT NOW (Zink, 2018). We currently have this window of perfect opportunity for action to project us forward, and it only lasts until March 8 when Jupiter stations retrograde.

Also, let’s just dip our toes into a little numerology for just a sec. 2018 is an 11 year. What that means is we are living life right now, and this is what we are going to do ’til it’s over (Drake, 2010). This year is all about complete presence, like Ram Dass ‘Be Here Now’ or Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’ style. This year is about doing what feels good NOW without worrying about the future (and does this not sound v Aquarius to you?).

And get this shit: 2+1+5+2+0+1+8 (that’s the date of the eclipse, in case you missed it) = 19. In numerology, 19 is represented by the sun and is the most fortunate compound number, called the Prince of Heaven. The number 19 is special because it indicates triumph over any and all disappointment, dissolving negative vibrations. Okay, I’m excited. Are you excited?! It’s a solar eclipse on a 19 day, and all symbolism points to some bomb ass outcomes. And 15 on its own is also an uplifting number. So, what we’re saying is… if you have a big idea, DO IT NOW!

Young hearts be free tonight. Time is very much on your side.

The Ritual

This ritual can be done within -/+ 2 days of the New Moon. For this month, that means you have from 4:05 pm on February 13 to 4:05 pm on February 17.

  1. Step one: get your manifesting journal ready... or find a new journal if you don't have one yet. Get a special one you have never used. Do not use this journal for anything else ever! This is some serious shit right here. If you don’t have one, get one. This journal is for New Moon intentions only, and can’t have ever been used for another purpose. Every page in this journal is programmed to manifest your intentions. You can gather a stack of paper and staple or clip it together, but this is not an ideal alternative; just get a journal, my dude. It can’t just be loose or just one piece of paper. Looseleaf paper does not work because that signals to the universe that you don’t really want to manifest anything bad enough to commit more than one page to it. Staple that bitch, if nothing else.
  2. Okay, so let’s consecrate (skip this if you have already done it; you only need to consecrate it once). Place your dominant hand over your journal, and imagine pure white light pouring from your hand into the journal. Say, “I dedicate this journal to manifesting my New Moon intentions.” Feel the energy and intention flowing from you into the journal. Alright now you have a consecrated journal! I’ve been using mine for almost 2 years and it’s so cool to look back on my first intentions and see how they have legit come true. 
  3. Write out your intentions. This is super important: use PRESENT TENSE. For example, write, “I am rich,” rather than, “I will be rich,” or “I wish I were rich.” I shudder to even type that. Write what you want to manifest as if you have already manifested it. What you focus on comes back to you. If you write things like, “I wish I were rich,” you will STAY wishing you were rich. Some of our intentions, written specifically for this Aquarius New Moon, are included below for examples. Don’t ever say “I want,” or “I will.” Everything you want, you already have. Stick with “I am,” “I have,” “I manifest,” etc. 
  4. Seal it with a clause. Write this at the end of your list: "I thank the universe for my intentions fully manifesting in alignment with my highest good and for the highest good of others involved. So it is." Write it like you mean it. 

You can always write any intentions you want, but here are a few examples for this month's New Moon in Aquarius. 

  • I cultivate an attitude of joyous expectancy.
  • I never, ever miss any shot that’s given to me.
  • I am a powerful money magnet.
  • My interactions with society are in perfect alignment with my highest good and purpose.
  • I easily and often attract powerful business opportunities.
  • I easily and often attract powerful business growth.
  • I attract and maintain strong, beneficial, and supportive connections with my friends and society.
  • I have the money to support people who need my assistance.
  • I attract like-minded people who are in alignment with my goals to help this community _____ (<—support a cause here)
  • I do whatever the fuck I want.
  • I attract lucrative business opportunities.
  • My business partnership with _____ is successful and mutually beneficial.
  • I love myself completely.  
  • I am a divine fucking being.  
  • My business is thriving.  
  • I am embarking on an incredibly successful new creative journey.
  • Women are powerful as fuck. All of my friends are thriving hard. 
  • Money is everywhere. It’s almost too easy to make. 
  • I am transitioning into _____ (insert career change here) effortlessly.  
  • I have all the resources, time, and ability that I need to be completely successful and prosperous. 
  • I reach my full potential doing (whatever you want to do career-wise). 
  • My work and/or business manifests more money than I can spend.
  • I am completely safe and secure in all aspects of my life. 
  • I have stable, loving, and healthy relationships with my family. 
  • My business is thriving and clients who are in alignment with my highest good come to me from all over the place. 

P.S. don’t forget your clause at the end! Enjoy thinking about what you would really like to manifest. Be lavish and luxurious; don’t worry about being realistic. Once you write it down, you don’t have to think of it anymore or read it. The universe will take care of it. Just remember that what you appreciate appreciates. Try not to worry, lil bb angel. We love you.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.01.19 PM.png


Other New Moon Activities & Rituals

  1. Drink some tea that helps you manifest while you take a chill bath with Himalayan salt and essential oils.
  2. Before setting intentions, set the mood. I light a shit ton of candles and burn sage to clear negative energy. Imagine that any lingering energy that is no longer serving you dissipates while burning sage before you write out your intentions. Clear the air and cleanse yourself of this energy. I always incorporate any divination tools I use, including my tarot cards and crystals into this, making sure they get saged, too.
  3. After saging, burn palo santo or sweetgrass to fill the voids left behind by the negative energy you've just released. Ask your higher self to fill these spaces with love and positive, healing light from your highest vibration. Project this onto your crystals, as well.
  4. Charge your crystals. After saging and palo santo or sweet grass-ing them, leave all your little rock babies to bathe in the moonlight, or put them on a windowsill that gets moonlight if you can't leave them outside. You can do this with your cards, too. 
  5. Now you're done. Thank yourself, your highest self, tarot cards, your crystals and other divinatory tools, and especially the moon for the time and energy to manifest what your greatest good wants.

New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread: 

The Thunderbolt from the Great Beyond by Hayley <3

1 current lesson
2 why are you tasked with learning it
3 whispers from angels (you need to listen)
4 whispers from demons (um they need to die)
5 how the lesson will turn out
6 next lesson


  • On the Beach at Night - Walt Whitman


  • American Girl - Tom Petty
  • Young Turks - Rod Stewart
  • Sparks - Beach House
  • This Night Has Opened My Eyes - The Smiths
  • Glory Box - Portishead
  • March Madness - Future
  • Sometimes - My Bloody Valentine
  • 9 - Drake
  • Flaming Hot Cheetos - Clairo
  • I Get The Bag - Gucci Mane feat. Migos


  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (episode: Lynne Twist: The Soul of Money)
  • Law of Attraction Secrets with Robert Zink (episode: The Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Anything You Desire)
  • My Favorite Murder (episode: Making a Twenty-Thirderer)
  • How I Built This (episode: Eileen Fisher)
Kelli Jenkins