Spellsisters Planetary Series: The Astrology of the Sun


Hi darling angels, 

As part of the Spellsisters Astro Series, I'm going to be doing a little bio on every planet that factors into your chart to give you a better idea of the myths and meanings associated with them. We're gonna begin with the Big Boy, ol' daddy Sun because it's the planet we all know and love to tell people we are--it's what you typically think of when referring to your zodiac sign. When you were born, the Sun was in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Sun sign changes about every 30 days and is very easy to find without even drawing up a chart (most of you probably already know yours). The Sun, along with the Moon make up the "lights" of the chart, and these two make up the essential masculine and feminine principles of our personality. Read on below to discover the role the sun plays in your chart.


you, the hero/heroine 


  • rules the sign Leo
  • rules the fifth house of children, creativity, romance
  • represents your identity
  • groups us into a general category of human

How the Sun loves?

  • gigantic bear hugs
  • compliments
  • playfully hurting your ego

Some issues that are affected by the Sun in your chart:

  • pride/having your pride wounded
  • ego battles
  • identity crisis
  • changing goals

This planet is what you think of as your identity, core values, hangups, goals. The sun is like how you would “naturally” behave (key word) in a general situation. It provides structure to the needs of the spirit. We shine on others when we are proud of them, when we’re affectionate with them, and with the Sun it’s no different. The Sun describes the qualities we want to be appreciated for and the qualities we want to see in others. It’s easy to take the sun for granted when we get into the other meatier, more esoteric planets, but it’s the giver of the life in the chart, and like the blood to the body, it gives warmth and life to the intentions and instincts driving us elsewhere. What’s lovely about the Sun card is that it’s honest. It can’t (and doesn’t want) to hide who it is. When we express our Sun, we are at our most *honest* with others. We seem trustworthy, human, and natural. It’s who we think we are and it’s who we show to others at first meeting—it’s like our special skill or angle that we know we can contribute to any situation, so we lead with it. It’s us.

I wrote some tidbits below about each Sun sign and how to pick them out of a line-up. The other planets will modify and move energy around in different ways--bringing out a kaleidoscope of other personality traits and impressions, but for most people their Sun sign qualities are deeply ingrained in how they naturally are and want to see themselves. It's so hard not to be your Sun, no matter what influence modifies it. :)

Sun in Aries: direct, forthright, even if they’re quiet they have a “presence”—mercenary trial by fire-ists who are masters of tough love, “what’s best for me is best for everyone” (usually this ends up being true), innocent—wants to believe humans are essentially good, can expect things to work out just because they want them to, have to learn things the hard way, no one can tell them not to try something if it’s a desire of theirs, however, often the desire to be knightly weighs out over every other animal urge

Sun in Taurus: soft-hearted calm bbs—when they are being most themselves often they are not feeling anything at all, they can look very chill even when everything is absolute chaos around them, sweet but extremely stubborn and single-minded when angered, cozy, loves to cuddle, eat, sensual anything that makes them feel good is boss; can be a control freak about what they put in their mouth or who they keep in their life or everything, thinks people are things oops

Sun in Gemini: able to relate to and interested in everyone, adores weird new shit, style and design is a fetish, wants to seem current and young, intellectual, connected, NPR listener, magpies who collect other people’s mannerisms, thinks they’re spiritual but is actual hardcore intellectual and can talk/write circles around anyone, wit is sharp—puns are strong, afraid of nothing because they can always talk themselves out of any disaster

Sun in Cancer: Darling angels that throw hysterical tantrums by themselves when life lets them down (a lot), need hugs but may pretend they hate needing/being needed, want to nurture and hold others and have huge walls up until they trust someone, can seem very private and self-protective until you’re in their inner circle, once in—they will die for you, extremely strong but so sensitive

Sun in Leo: truth teller, has a tendency to be an egoist and believe they deserve attention, love, money, success more than anyone else (which often they do). Adores loving others and being amused (like queens/kings), but also adores making people happy. They can’t fight a very strong lazy streak. Wants to shower others with attention when they’ve been suitably honored, classic protecc but also attacc person, loyal af

Sun in Virgo: want to perfect and make decent all things, including themselves—usually huge skeletons in their closet as well as hidden anxiety that even they don’t know about, critical and have an inner system/rule for everything but their extremely adaptable intelligence allows them to break rules when needed, want to remain free to explore all things but doesn’t usually give themselves a long enough leash to get truly wild. There is something in their life that they are an old lady/old man about.

Sun in Libra: natural partners to others/mirrors for the world around them, pick up on what is needed in a conversation or relationship and will do that thing (usually the opposite of what the other person is doing) automatically, have difficulty making firm plans/decisions because they like to make sure everyone is happy first before investing their energy, canNOT be happy unless everyone is, natural symmetry in their life—can see how to make things beautiful and more on-beat like a true artist

Sun in Scorpio: In private, they are deep-divers who have a hard time coming up for air. In public, can seem like the life of the party and light-hearted. They want to possess their “people” body and soul and as you can imagine, this gets exhausting—they have to purge and phoenix often due to these consistently intense emotions, transform themselves and others daily. Desire meaning in their lives and will see it in everything even if they also have a tendency to get jaded.

Sun in Sagittarius: explorers who, like horses, are terrified of getting trapped in a corner with no room to roam, need space but only when you’re requesting more time from them, are deeply needy and terrified inside, but can use new waves of thought/faith/careers to fill the void, need a goal/dream to shoot for or will wither away and die like a sad clown. Optimism until the very end.

Sun in Capricorn: always climbing the mountain top, common trajectory is peaking early in life and then failing and then constantly trying to get back to where they were, often surpass themselves as they get older and stun people with their ability to put their feelings behind them and push on, practical in the extreme, everything must have a purpose or they will moult it out of their life

Sun in Aquarius: kooky and detached conservationists, love the idea of anything different and out there but are actually deeply skilled in maintaining the status quo as long as they created it themselves, highly individualistic, need a vision to live by and have a zeal common to cult leaders and charismatic leaders—pick up on vibes that are not of this earth, so often have a genius bent

Sun in Pisces: lovers and romanticists that deeply disavow practical arrangements, want to believe in something, are so deeply vulnerable that they need a crutch of some kind (alcohol, drugs, art, music) something they can hold onto as they are awash in the spirit. Loves their bed, dreams and fantasy love are a fetish. They are visionaries—this is different from geniuses—they have X-ray vision for the spirit and suffer more than others

Next planet up in the series will be the feminine and essential Moon. Stay tuned--I'll let you know how to find your Moon sign and understand what it means for your life. Until then LYLAS <3 <3