Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th — Out of the Black and Into the Blue

[photo credit: psychics.com]

[photo credit: psychics.com]

So dudes, I'm just going to say it--this Full Moon will probably be one of the easiest and the funnest of the year. Not just because I'm totally biased (I'm a Sagittarius), but also because there are literally no frustrating aspects or signs bickering or mucking things up. There are no blocks on the path, no obstacles--it's a free flow of energy. If you've been running roughshod to keep up with your goals and workload, it's going to feel like a weight off your shoulders as the effortless changes destined for you sweep you along the path. Ride the wave, babes.

So on to the stats:

  • Grand trine between Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter (they are angels—literally they will save your ass during this transit and make errything easier. A grand trine speeds things up, makes things easy. They form a magical triangle which almost like summons shit like a magic circle)
  • Moon sextile Mars (opportunity related to getting what you deeply need to nourish your soul)
  • Sun trine Mars (yr in the flow, you can ask for what you want)

The moon is in Sadge, there’s a Grand Trine in water signs, what the eff are you even doing right now? Please get outside in nature, take a trip, take a risk, do something crazy because literally it is totally going to work out. It's like a cosmic lottery ticket--ask and it is given. Sadge is already the Zodiac’s Daddy Warbucks, but with all the excellent aspects surrounding Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, and Mars—your wildest dreams are within reach (big blink and boom it's yours) and all they require from you is saying YES.

Yes, yes, yes: practice, it’s your new word. You have amazing potential to manifest positive life events, dream situations, romance, money, whatever weird shit your mind can dream up, but you have to keep your eyes peeled for your opportunity to act. It’s not about stuff falling in your lap—the bbs that'll have the best time with this Full Moon are those who are brave and willing to work. Full moons bring long-standing trends to fruition and/or open up very emotional endings. There are only blessings with this one--if things come to an end under this influence, just know that before you can say "New Moon in Gemini," you'll have your wish fulfilled--only, it'll be in a different form than you thought it would be. Sometimes we don't know what the things we want will look like in the flesh--we just know the end result is us being happy. With this Full Moon in Sagittarius, it's best to navigate by feeling until you find it. Feels and intuitions are braille for your soul rn; read everything.

Last and mostest importantest advice: 

Please make a crazy wish today.

For humanity, for yourself. Anything can happen darlings, so make sure it’s big and it’s good (Sadge rules big picture dreams, long-range goals, BIG love). If you contribute 10% effort, the Universe will surprise you with 90% of the rest. 

Listen: Get Free - Lana del Rey

Read: Tickets for a Prayer Wheel - Annie Dillard

Say: I'm riding a wave out of the black and into the blue