Full Moon in Capricorn — The dark night of the soul on 1200 thread count sheets

Artist: the beloved Nikita Ermakov @sensormolvit

Artist: the beloved Nikita Ermakov @sensormolvit

The players:

  • Sun trine Jupiter (brain: **idgaf it's all gonna work out--plz just listen to me**)
  • Moon sextile Jupiter (did I just find a sparkling diamond in the dirt??)

The haters:

  • Moon conjunct Saturn (um I thought we were done with the sleepless nights and crying)
  • Sun quincunx Mars (one of yr dreams expired and now it's rotten, throw it out)

The game:

Dark Night of the Soul™ but done luxe af

Check your bank balance and call your dad, the full Moon is in Capricorn bbs...

I'm not gonna mince words: guilt and fear are coming up right now, but FYI babes: they’re trying to ensure you see every edge of your issue, no matter how subtle. This sounds like a bummer, but it’s actually a great gift. The wide-breadth path you’re heading down requires 1 teaspoon reality check and 1 tablespoon faith. Capricorn is meant to climb the mountain and Cancer season is teaching us to trust. Translation: you can’t stop climbing just because you’re exhausted, but you might need to get vulnerable and ask for help. Capricorn just don’t f around and you are learning to be radically honest about how you’re feeling so you don’t waste any more time investing in the wrong people, paths, and things. During this transit, lying to yourself or anyone else will feel silly and pathetic. Expect to look back on this month as a moment of hesitation that facilitated a breakthrough in your life—one where you were brave enough to ask the questions that terrify you. You will realize the riches that lie ahead and how a little tough love and honest work will pay the craziest of dividends once Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius in November. 

There’s something about this Full Moon that makes me think an old desire is coming to an end (PS join our new secret society to see our energy reading for this month– it's so related!)—something that you didn’t really want and have been holding onto in the back of your mind for a long time. It’s ok to clear it now. Don’t worry, it was an ill-fitting sweater that looks really pretty on someone else. Give it away and let someone else love it. Or sell it and use the funds to buy the one you really want. 

The biggest upside of all the heaviness of this full moon is that you won’t be able to hide from a potentially glaring problem and end up getting effed over down the line. You are like a lil’ grampa right now—question every newfangled thing that hasn’t stood the test of time and sounds too good to be true. Your wisdom is unparalleled and your unflinching realness will carry you through. Although it still gets a lil’ depressing when you’re constantly looking for spots on your apples, the negative patterns you destroy this month will open you up to trust that the plans you’ve put in place have been time and gravity tested and will not fail when it counts.

One more thing, darlinks: serious talks. ESPECIALLY with girls rn. Full moons are about clarity (the moon is super bright yo, just like the future) but it’s also about moving things forward, so expect some discussions that border on tearful. You are surrounded by luck right now and a gorgeous stream of chance happenings, but you’re so exhausted and focused that you’re afraid to let go and trust that it’ll all be ok. That’s good. Keep working, you’ll love yourself for it later, but just know that there is an invisible net under you as you tightrope tf walk outta hell. Trust the ones you love right now—asking for help will feel both impossible and necessary. Give a hug to someone who looks like they need it; you are going to make their day right back, bb.



Hayley <3