**SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER ALERT** You Are A Feral, Innocent Beast

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Hi lil' darlinks

Pour on your mother’s fav perfume and bake your friend some cookies, the solar eclipse is in Cancer. We’ve made it half way through the summer and boy oh boy is this week a doozy astrologically! 

So, I have to ask: are you crying because you’re happy or because you’re terrified of happiness? The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th will have us all geared up for a radical change of mind, coming out of a period of explosive emotion. The subject matter of this change of heart: what do we want. It’s time to plant the seed that we’ll harvest later. 

All solar eclipses are new moons that have been shredded on steroids—they are about rapid advancement of a mind-body transformation and the beginning of a new cycle that extends for 6 months. With ours in the sign of Cancer, we will be having a rapid change of heart and a fierce maternal instinct come up to be wrangled with. Get the hell away from my friend! Don’t treat my dog like that! I thought you said we were exclusive?! There is a strong instinct to protecc what’s near and dear but also attacc others who try to come between you and the situation. There is strength in our response but it’s because the question feels so dire—are we willing to fight for what we really *need* from others? You’ll be feeling super brave right now because what’s coming up to be claimed is something you’ve wanted for a very long time and it could be life-changing how you respond.

This New Moon will be oddly challenging—you’ll have an adversary that may be stronger than you or a problem that feels like it has you in a vice grip where you’re damned if you try to fix it and damned if you do nothing. What’s good: all new moons are cleansing and clearing—they open doors to alternatives. Maybe there’s a third option that doesn’t torture you? Maybe you have the ability right now to start fresh and go in a new direction that you know would be harder but more satisfying. It’s also worth mentioning that with the Sun-Pluto opposition, you might have a powerful male figure or a strong motherly influence come into the picture and start making demands or being controlling.

With the Venus-Uranus-Saturn configuration pleasantly presiding over your situation, no matter how heavy the situation seems, it will feel like you are being protected by unseen hands. There is a fairy godmother-like quality to this influence, and whatever challenges that come up are toward your benefit. You may be about to develop a new relationship, partnership, or friendship at this time and these planets are indicating that it could happen suddenly and deepen into a long-haul sitch. This influence brings surprises with staying power, so pay attention to any new people or friends you’re meeting, since they might have more to offer than at first glance.


LYLAS + Love Thou xoxo,