How to Consecrate a Journal for Manifesting

Are you tryna get real witchy and intentional? We are happy to help! This isn't the only way to consecrate something, but here's a really quick and easy way to set up a new manifestation journal. We like to use these specifically for new moons, but they can also be used for writing intentions anytime!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.13.08 PM.png
  1. Step one: find a new journal. Get a special one you have never used. So this is really important: do not use this journal for anything else ever! This is some serious shit right here. It’s for intentions only, and can’t have ever been used for another purpose. Every page in this journal will be programmed to manifest your intentions. If you do not have an unused journal lying around, first of all, who are you?! jk kinda. You can gather a stack of paper and staple or clip it together. It can’t just be loose or just one piece of paper. That signals to the universe that you don’t really want this bad enough to commit more than one page to it. 
  2. Place your dominant hand over your journal, and imagine pure white light pouring from your hand into the journal. Say, “I dedicate this journal to manifesting my intentions.” Feel the energy and intention flowing from within you into the journal. Alright now you have a consecrated journal! I’ve been using mine for almost 2 years and it’s so cool to look back on my first intentions and see how they have legit come true. 


  1. Now you can use your new baby Book to write out your intentions. Be sure when setting intentions that you do it in PRESENT TENSE... for example, "I am rich," and other present tense intentions. Write it as if you already have what you want because if you write things like, "I wish I were rich," you are manifesting the desire to be rich. That's why when people say things like, "I'll never be rich," guess what? They are so right. They won't if that's the vibe they are putting out. Use phrases that begin with "I am," "I have," "I manifest," etc. 
  2. Now, anytime you use this journal, you'll want to seal it with a clause. Write this at the end: "I thank the universe for my intentions fully manifesting in alignment with my highest good and for the highest good of others involved. So it is." Write it like you mean it, but you can certainly change this to suit you! This is your book!


Kelli Jenkins