DIY Diamonds: Full Moon in Pisces

crystal clouds.jpeg

As we usher in the pragmatic and productive season of Virgo, it’s only appropriate that we enter with our emotions in state of hot rawness, ready to be cooled down and structured by the rational healer. The full moon in Pisces on August 26th is a tranquil dip into sacred waters that we don’t consistently get contact with—our contact with this world is sporadic at best. Like hunger visions on a shamanic journey, we are being quietly led down a path to who we really are through the challenges that have preceded this full moon. We are finally so soft and open that we are ready to hear the whispers of our inner knowing that will lead us to the next cycle.

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign: it’s about endings and new beginnings and embodies a little of the qualities of all the eleven signs that came before it. When we’re dealing with a full moon with Pisces energy, we are spiritually tapped in and finally ready to dissolve what has become too heavy to carry. Things are non-linear right now—they are messy and maybe even a little chaotic. Take a deep breath and give yourself some time at home or in nature, whatever restores you. Both Virgo and Pisces are retiring, slow signs that precede seasons of harvest and growth. You might feel like you have a lot of work to do because Virgo wants to get to the point and fix what’s wrong, but Pisces is urging you to take a step back at the same time and use your energy conservatively. Like Tai Chi, you are making delicate movements that will open and align your inroads and unblock areas of trauma and love that have been off limits for maybe…years, babe. With trines to Saturn and Uranus cosmically activating us in the sky, we’re setting up an infrastructure that will last us a long time and will be flexible enough to bend where in the past few months it may have broken. The little bb changes we’ve started may have been considerable and September will feel a bit like taking off braces for the first time: we need to keep a retainer in to maintain the changes that we’ve set forth. 

Explore your next moves carefully and don’t push too hard—the right things will respond to you with a light touch. In the wake of all the retrogrades and eclipse season, everything has been shaken loose so it can be moved around. I always say the universe is like a slider puzzle: you need to remove one piece and then you can move all the others around to make whatever picture you want. Right now—I encourage you to meditate on what piece you removed and what you want your picture to look like now that the pieces can move. There are so many options and nothing is fixed in this fluid time. Since everything is on the table with Pisces, ancient history from our subconscious will likely come pouring back to us in dreams, in chills we get for no reason, in deja vu. These aren’t exactly all memories from the past though. More like pixellated glimpses of the future: you can feel it in the wind. We will be looking at things with psychic feelers, aware of undercurrents in our lives that might be whispering to be healed, along with flashes of visions of the future. Nothing about Pisces moon is in your face: it’s subtle, passive and any realizations you come to at this full moon will creep in rather than set you on fire. You are in a state of formlessness right now that is so vulnerable and plastic that you might need to pace yourself. Take your time as you walk out of eclipse season and be on the watch for jewels on your path. These are fears and dead dreams you might have discarded in the past, thinking they were heavy stones you couldn’t use anymore. With the pressure from this period you’ve gone through, you may have accidentally turned them into DIY diamonds.

LYLAS xoxo,