Spontaneous Combustion: Full Moon in Aries

Pinterest: unknown bomb artist

Pinterest: unknown bomb artist

Dear Lil Witchies,

No need to mince words with the Moon entering Aries, let’s get straight to the damn point. This moon is 1) HIGHLY adult, 2) demands action and accountability, and 3) knows exactly what and where you’re hiding. There is no other way out when Saturn backs us into a corner: we have to eat the shit sandwich we’ve been saving in the fridge because it’s *simply what’s best* for us. What is your shit sandwich? Do you need to get more realistic about a relationship or a work partnership that needs the air cleared? Do you need to resign from a job that’s been taking you for granted, in the style of many jobs before? Do you need to get a damn job and stop complaining about nothing being good enough? Daddy’s mad, but in a twist, for Libra season he’s being very cordial and compassionate and giving you a few minutes to get your shit together before he starts yelling. You need to quickly plan a change or an exit strategy or the energy of this placement will apply the needed pressure for you and spontaneously combust the issue.

The Harvest Moon will be particularly unappealing to the Aries and Scorpio (Mars-y babe) types that this moon is directly calling out. It will also directly challenge anyone with a strong intention to go their own way (Uranians, Aquarii, bbs with planets in cardinal signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra), who can’t and won’t slow down for the agendas of others (e.g., their job, their boss, their bf/gf). Your challenge (if you choose to accept it, dear one) is to finish writing the first page of your story [PENCILS DOWN] and let the universe finish the other half. Sound hard? I know, because it is. Let’s do a pro-con list, since we’re in indecisive Libra season. Con: you have no control over the outcome right now. Pro: magic takes over when your humanity reaches its limit. Con: you have to stand and fight for/against something you’ve been avoiding. Pro: you can actually get what you ask for right now if you do. Don’t be ashamed to politely demand respect and cordially take what you want. Whatever issue you’ve been stuffing down for months is coming to a head now and you are being asked to fight fair. Libra is the foppish people pleaser and Aries the archetypal gruff warrior—be tough but don’t forget the please and thank you.

To make matters even more intense, there appears to be another person in the situation stirring up emotions. The circumstances are not coming from inside you—you can definitely put some of the blame on another person. It seems you’ve done all you can in a particularly stressful situation and now it’s time to face the music—the ball is in someone else’s court. This Harvest moon is a time to admit that what you thought was possible with only your own efforts, will now require the help and cooperation of others. With Mercury and Saturn in Libra directly square the Moon-Chiron Rx conjunction in Aries, we’re dealing with someone who may be causing a mess inside of us. Translation: karmic messages and lessons from our past are re-emerging in our present. In some cases, people from our past will literally come back to open up an unfinished dialogue and bring some clarity. The messages we receive now are intense and demand us to face an open wound we had only papered over: this Harvest Moon will force us to come to terms with the fact that we are not nearly as “healed” as we thought and we may not have “processed” everything. Sound a lil traumatic? You betcha, but fear not my darlings: this is a lesson you’ve already learned, the choice is yours if you respond with sacred authority and a booming hell no or if you exercise compassion for the other side and soften in the face of your demons. There is no right answer, but it does require an answer on your part to advance to the next level. You’ll know the right one. Don’t overthink it.

I wish you all the best on your journey into the cozy chill of Fall. We are moving forward into a time of crystal clarity and dissolving illusion. You won’t be alone anymore—you’ll feel more connected than ever. October will be the breaker month for 2018, so stay tuned. Events will get better and brighter from here. <3

LYLAS xoxo,


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