Straighten Up Your Room: New Moon in Virgo

photo credit: the truly phenomenal astrotwins at

photo credit: the truly phenomenal astrotwins at

The new moon in Virgo on September 9th is a strong invitation to sorting. The gravity around you is as if someone has scattered all the pieces of your soul and hidden them in corners that have been long forgotten. It's a damn mess, were you born in a BARN?? It’s time for you to collect and organize your goals, plans, oh yeah and your *past*. Your dreams have been filled with the hot warm air of Leo and are suddenly craving new definition, new paradigms. It's time to collect the raw stuff you've felt and pursued and start *sorting* into elements like a stern, loving mother—she is demanding that you address them NOW...honey. The etch-a-sketch you've been flippantly drawing lines on and shaking over and over since the effing July eclipses has finally produced a solid image of what you're doing. What do you do now? Uh, it's plan time. Get down into it and plumb your depths with intellectual fervor. You need to know only one thing--where you're going and your first step. That's it. Don't worry (easier said than done in Virgo season).

Expect to be feeling the heaviness of your heart through your brain right now. The clarity can be intense and bring reality that shines sunlight through the dense fog of the Pisces full moon in August. Trust what you see is what you get, because whatever comes up needs your devoted attention and it's not liable to be effing around. Is there a serious blind spot that you’ve deliberately procrastibated on or a lack of follow through on a hobby that has left you craving discipline? Return to your craft and finish your tasks, goddamn it! The Virgo moon urges you to think about famine and planning for the future--where you need to work hard so you can save and have enough. That’s all well and good but here’s the thing: what do you already have *right now* that you can use to foot the bill for the future so you can chillax? (Sry, kind of not a big fan of poverty-consciousness--go figure, I’m a Sagittarius).

Do you have a skill that you have been sort of utilizing sporadically? Commit to it on the daily (yes, daily—Virgo rules habits and the quotidian). Have you been unsure about plunging into a relationship or committing to a solo-journey? Effing go for it and put one foot in front of the other. Start by doing one thing every day that mirrors what you want your life to look like. And guess what—before you know it, brick by brick, you’ll have built the house of your dreams.

Virgo is not purely about sacrifice or OCD workhorse stuff, it’s largely about choosing every second of every day and sorting it into categories that can be easily controlled and moved around. Do a healthy thing at 1pm, do a sexy thing at 9pm—make time for fun on weekends, work hard M-F. Step 1: make a choice for the better, Step 2: make a choice for the better, Step 3: make a choice for the better...and BAM now it’s a habit and it’s inside you forever and can be the mast to your windy ship. Virgo is mutable, so it is prone to change as the wind hits, but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong and prepared. Please do the same and you’ll get through this new moon with a complete overhaul on whatever you’ve been avoiding so that you could have fun this summer. You are ready for change and you are ready to clean up what has been scattered. addendum: I just want to say that it is essential that you adopt a position of curiosity right now--for the future, for what comes up as “reality.” Although you might tense up at the messages you’re receiving right now, they are honest and they are gifts. Feedback from things done in trial and error helps us get to where we need to be, so don’t hold on too tightly if criticism from others arises or you have a blow to the ego (easier said than done right?). If you listen without judgment and make a positive change in alignment with what you *know* you need to be doing, you will not only succeed, but you will invite people who *dont* criticize you, but celebrate you into your life because you won’t be subconsciously ashamed of yourself. Virgo has an air of running a finger along a dusty mantle, even though it does this out of love. Don’t let it be the mother in law who ruins your day, when it truly is trying to help. You will probably be the critical friend to someone else during this period, too. It’s ok. We all need constructive feedback when we’re trying to build something so special. Just be gentle and know that you are lovely and perfect as you are: you just might need a tune up.


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