glittering jewel: solar eclipse in capricorn


solar eclipse in capricorn

Saturn (“what are you wearing? don’t you have to work in the morning?”)

Pluto (text your ex, wait… no… block them)

* Neptune (can everyone just calm down?)

The solar eclipse is wrapped up with all these tough daddy planets and sitting in cool as a cucumber Capricorn. I feel like we’re waking into 2019 with a glass of ice water to the face. Not always a surprise, but an honest realization of how we’ve been treating ourselves and a hefty reality check. You know what that means—it’s time to get down to business, make something serious, stop fucking around with your life. The dreams you have with long term implications are most absorbing your attention at this new year transition. I believe this is something that’s finally reaching a tipping point: you may be at a crossroads and have to choose between love vs. money, career vs. friends, investing vs. saving—we can’t do everything, we need *priorities*. The pressure is onnnn babes but it’s encouraging, not self-defeating. It’s your tough gal pal shaking you and saying you’re better than this. You are at the advent of a new world and this one isn’t fully under your control (v unpredictable influence), one that is just being breathed into the flesh, and like all new life, this birth is couched in the struggle for survival.

Solar eclipses always start something new and this fresh start is likely going to be focused on how you want to be seen in the larger social landscape. Self-worth issues may be exposed and cleansed. You may find yourself inordinately concerned about the theme of success vs. failure. Sometimes it’s best to just forget about the struggle and the process, keep your head down until you’re through the thicket. This eclipse is encouraging you to lift your head and see everything you’ve worked for all at once—the jewel, the illuminated surprise. 

This weekend is about reflecting and centering, finding your focus: this is the first new moon of the year. Solar eclipses can expose (shine a *light* on) where you need to center your emotional energy. *Think* about how you want to focus your magical power for the rest of the year. Where do you go in 2019? And how do you wanna feel when you get there?

With the lunar absence the new moon solar eclipse creates, we want to create space for asking. The solar eclipse is a big shift and there’s no way to predict how the energy will manifest in your life. Better to ask yourself questions and wait for an answer rather than try to manifest or direct experience. We won’t be writing a ritual for the eclipses this month, because the energy is to powerful to contain at this time. Choose a journal prompt below, instead, to open into a deeper understanding of the larger underlying themes at work in your life and how you would like to subtle direct this powerful energy (don’t get em wet if you do em in the bath)

1) How am I consistently supporting myself?

2) Where is my home: what do I know is always there for me when I need it?

3) How can I create more inner/outer balance in my life?

4) What is the first step on the path to summoning my biggest dreams this year?

5) How can I meet the universe half way?

6) How do I enhance my intuition in the new year?

Listen: “Forget” - Marina and the Diamonds

Read: Psychogynecology - Wendy Lee Spacek

Watch: Vertigo

LYLAS xoxo,

Hayley <3