Coping with the Very Troubled Child: Full Moon in Virgo


Good afternoon, earthlings. It’s super moon time again and can you even *believe* the amount of lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, super moons, and high-vibe stuff that’s happened and we’re only 2 months into 2019!! Good Lordt, there’s a lot emerging right now. And even if it hasn’t all been positive, all of it is divinely arranged.

So, Virgo Full Moon. Well, the vibe is still kind of light, frolicky, and meringue for a full moon in the ol’ Spinster Stickler. Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Our inner world is fragmented and crying out for attention right now. You might find yourself focusing on issues of self-worth, self-care, and work/work/more work. Lucky us though—we are channeling the urge to organize ourselves internally toward self-forgiveness and less toward outer assurances that we are doing our best. Our inner child is in need of nurturing, protection, and most of all (with Mars/Uranus conjunct): freedom to be exactly as weird as we need to be without apology. The influence right now is Hermit vibes (tarot-style), i.e. searching within on a very important journey. Hint: this path leads to a big old bubble that is ready to burst on a lot of feelings you’ve stuffed down in order to get through your life last year. That bubble is full of secret insecurities you’ve been holding back for a long time—they are finally opening out and seeking release, acknowledgment, healing. Be certain this process can feel chaotic and we can get really defensive. There are lots of little things that we pick on about ourselves and project onto others too, in order to avoid the vulnerable feeling aroused from being told we are not enough. But sometimes we can use routines, planning, organizing, and even dwelling on our insecurities as an escape valve to make sure we never “get it wrong” again. It gives us something to fix and focus on so that we never make a mistake and receive that punishment of feeling isolated or unworthy. It’s important right now to acknowledge that we are all worthy of love and success and recognition no matter what. There is NO blockage to this acknowledgement: there is no amount of fixing or doing or perfecting that would make us any more deserving, even as we enter a full moon influence that has us make a sassy appraisal of how we can improve. We come up with barriers to love when we are afraid—we come up with “reasons” we are not enough and instinctively attack when we see others being the hot mess we once were. These reasons are illusions and can distract us from really opening to love, giving us a point of attention that takes the enormous pressure of vulnerability off us so we can intellectualize and remove ourselves and keep it together. However, defenses are dropping right now. Suddenly. With Mars/Uranus in supportive trine to this full moon, powerful but supportive surprises appear that can force us to open wider and give ourselves some constructive (key word) criticism.

Watch out for news and special messages from unexpected sources during this full moon week—Virgo is ruled by Mercury and carries frenetic, almost anxious energy but can bring in key information that really changes the dynamic in a situation you’ve been worrying about (another Virgo word…goodness). Pay attention to your dreams too, particularly as we enter Pisces season. Take notes like you’re in effing class and study old diaries full of revelations that may hold key revelations. A lot of unfinished business is coming up during this time and it seems like you’re actually going to be penciling it in and dealing with it. Ask for forgiveness for ruining a friendship at 2pm tomorrow. Meet with an ex who wants to apologize next Tuesday 4:30pm. Visit your sick grandfather you haven’t spoken to in the nursing home after work on Friday. LYLAS but life is gonna feel a lil’ crazy, just ride the wave right now babies and if you feel the urge to open a wound, do it. It’s also cool if you want to leave bygones to being the bygones. Some chapters of your life don’t need to be reread and you can work them through on your own via little personal rituals or prayers. You will all be feeling some type of way this month and I think a lot of you will find that you’re ready to process everything that happened last year finally, now that eclipse season is (temporarily) over. <3

With a lot of things coming to a head right now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with your responsibilities and other people’s needs, trying to meet all of the roles and please every master. You’ve created those masters though. And others reinforce your own self-concept every time you treat yourself like their needs are more important than your own. So drop the rope. No one can manipulate you if you acknowledge your limits and say no when you’ve reached Maximum Descent. This full moon is not giving us a particularly assertive influence, but it encouraging honest communication and realism. Admit when you need help and when you are not getting your needs met in return, in a soft sweet bb way. You might be really surprised to hear that others didn’t realize they were adding to your exasperation and they have been feeling worried about that too.

That said, it’s kind of impossible to avoid the urge to save the day and sacrifice yourself for others (Pisces season with Virgo helpfulness) and accidentally give a little too much. Pisces is massive expansion into the void, but Virgo is like a super with-it grandmother pulling innocence back down to the real world so it doesn’t hurt itself. There is a definite push-pull dynamic between wanting to embrace escapism and divine love and also get your shit done and protect your boundaries. Compromise by escaping responsibly. Sometimes mommy needs a little wine time locked in the bathroom. I am getting PRIVACY in all caps with this influence. And a motivation to do your own thing out of survival, not arrogance. **ALERT** this is not selfish ok. This is survival, like I said. Heed the tiny inner-child voice that needs to be alone and taken care of right now or you might end up passive aggressively escaping by accident (e.g., the real world called but you snoozed through all your alarms until you’re beyond belief late).

The aspects to this full moon are extremely supportive, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the planets involved are high vibe Mars and Uranus. Inspired action, supportive surprises, friends that appear out of the blue, love that starts suddenly, instant gratification. This can be…choppy water. In the outer world: you’ll notice things are starting to happen this year, even if the vibe feels tasky and distracted this week. You should be feeling a renewed sense of energy—in a sense, there are a lot of little things that you are trying to accomplish right now to keep everything under control. You’re up for the challenge. You might notice the Universe is sending you little interruptions that will actually prove to be very useful for connecting you to who and what you have felt blocked from receiving for a long time. Rituals are even more sacred right now during a Virgo full moon, so take time to make new ones and self-appraise the ones you do already that are hurting you and destroying your self-esteem. Anything related to wholesome eating, juice cleanse, manicuring, doing laundry blah blah etc. is great right now for restoring peace but make sure it fits your actual lifestyle, because finding something that you can do everyday forever is much more important right now than a week of high-vibe honey attitude.

Take care xoxo,

Hayley of Spellsisters™

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