Electric Space Party - New Moon in Aquarius


Oh honey, it’s Aquarius season and this new moon already has a few sexy static shocks up its sleeve. Here’s the stats:

  • sextile Jupiter (opportunities falling into yr lap, fated meetings, general wildcaterry down at the watering hole)

  • conjunct Mercury (talking a mile a minute about your latest alien theories while downloading Eckhart Tolle lectures)

All this to say that the new moon in Aquarius shows us settling in to a period of effervescent activity. Wild but soft, a kitty cat with powers of psychokinesis. It’s kind of like a geyser sitting just above the earth’s core suddenly erupting and not being able to shut it off. With excellent aspects surrounding this lunation, expect to see some expansive changes that will bridge gaps in your life and connect the dots if pain has been edging you out of your comfort zone. New moons bring new things and…damn girl, it’s about time. We’ve been having a lot of the same back and forth *FOREVER* in 2018 and the metal fatigue finally broke through. With two heady eclipses on the tail of the January, things have been getting heavy and cracking under the weight of reality. We have no choice but to relax our boundaries and consider the ways we might need help, stimulation, or a massive revamp. Expect to lighten your load over the next two weeks, and maybe not so voluntarily. Since this influence is highly intellectual/philosophical, you may choose to take some kind of a sabbatical and get deeply into your thoughts or alternatively, fully in your mindfulness. You might add a new hobby, lifestyle, or person to the mix that makes you feel like the world suddenly has a lot more possibilities and maybe finally not *all* of them are boring. Your mind is hungry under this influence and it’s hungry for stuff that doesn’t belong here: mysteries, theories, intangibles, questions, The Void™. Let yourself follow the flow.

Aquarius energy is all about letting your inner freak out, ignoring the status quo in search of the meaning that connects us beyond the flesh. With a Uranian ruled full moon, your independence and genius will be in full force as you pick up on threads of understanding that aren’t yours to know. Trust any intuitions, insights or impressions that appear at this time, because they’re paving the path for inheriting your most authentic expression of the self in the next few weeks. Since the new moon is aspected well during this new cycle, you should notice some exciting conversations that leave you thinking, “Uhh that escalated quickly…” and maybe a few insights that turn into 1) spontaneous trips, 2) random sex with a stranger, or 3) listening to a lot of random books on tape, etc. You’re open. We’re all open—wide open chakras, crystal clear intuition, waiting for that exit point out the Matrix so we can Inception the eff out of our reality into a dream world that actually somehow makes more sense rn. Your brain is like a lightening rod and your feelings spill over paradoxically with every electric intuition. You are both mother and hermaphrodite. Learning about receiving in alternative ways.

I hesitate to say that this influence will be completely positive, because I’m sensing there will be a great deal of anxiety as men, bosses, father figures get closed out of your life in favor of your personal freedom. If not actual men, it may just be The Man™ that causes a massive reset on how you operate in your work and social life. For Aquarius, freedom cannot just exist within a vacuum—there has to be a focal object to rebel against. Find your favorite and press your Kill button. Finding something to fight for may just release you from a cycle you’ve been putting yourself through unnecessarily for years. Although it may sometimes feel that way, there’s nothing you need to apologize for right now—your individualism is shining through with full force and anyone who cannot withstand the rays of that sun can get the fuck out of your way. This new moon dismantles the structures we’ve been convinced we need in order to respect ourselves and it sets the ground work for a new life on Mars: zero gravity vibez in the interpersonal arena. Don’t just do work because you have to right now. Buck the system: think about your real needs and not just the grooves you’ve found yourself in after too much condescending. You are who you pretend to be.


Hayley xoxo