Radioactive Love: New Moon in Pisces 2019


Greetings from the liminal void again, darlings. We’re up for another round of Piscean peekaboo, but this is without the Full Moon in Virgo training wheels we got used to, so it’s gonna be a little off the rails this time. We are being guided to enter our blind spot this week and get a sense of the stuff we’ve been stuffing down and projecting. The abyss we papered over is temporarily colliding with a worm hole of past experiences as the Pisces new moon conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Saturn. Monsters within are waking up and earth angels (aka bffs, work moms, divine guides) are working overtime as we become susceptible to the energy of every living thing. Fantasizing and dreaming takes on a cinematic level of detail as we open to unconditional love, even if we’re normally terrified of intimacy. The mood is far out and we’re ready to be overwhelmed cuz it sounds cool.

Emotionally, expect to emit a radioactive sphere of influence and feel others’ vibes stronger than ever. Everybody’s listening but everyone is *also* talking (spirits included) and the cacophony of this influence can get a lil’ chaotic if you’re intuitive (which if you’re reading this, trust me you are). Also, in the words of Drake, the empath: if you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’ve already become sensitive to the ionic storm of Pisces season and you’re inside your blind spot learning about life lessons from the other person’s perspective. Just take a breath and keep navigating back to reality when influences get too heavy, weird, or invasive.

Just FYI bb, Pisces is the grab bag of the zodiac and there’s no clearing out all the shit in there (pack rat vibes/matter cannot be created or destroyed vibes). Don’t waste your time trying to control what goes on in there. Even though the new moon is supposed to be cleansing, this influence is really more like arranging the secret inner environment already in there and not really about letting go. The best we can do is learn to account for the invisible inventory of influences we have accumulated over the past year: some magical fairy dust and some toxic residue. It might be time to blow the dust off mental book covers and shake out your inner rugs, if only to better preserve your memories and create room for more.

Suddenly it just doesn’t feel like the rules we live by apply anymore: regular boundaries we’ve created are softer, hazier, and we have a lot of excuses for not upholding them, especially when it feels so good to do what comes naturally and let people in. Addictive/codependent patterns seem really cozy and easy right now when we’re feeling lost or vulnerable. You might feel the urge to heap up barriers to having other people in your psychic field, but for some reason they dissolve under the pressure like a dam holding back a flood of other people’s energy.

Expect colorful emotions and feeling truly connected to others under this influence, but also expect to feel super tiiiiiired. There is heavy unconditional love flushing things with new life, there is renewal, but there are also feelings that don’t belong to you getting sucked into your whirlpool. Your brain is an antenna for love, fear, and intense experience and you might feel happy one minute, sad the next, and almost exploding with love you don’t know how to express at odd times. Probably a little exhausting, right? Be patient: your creative potential is amped up to Level 11 and you will eventually adapt to the kaleidoscope of feelings like learning to breathe thin air at high altitude.

You’re figuring out where to put your feelings during this New Moon and the surrounding weeks. Sublimation into art, poetry, or dance is almost necessary because not everything you feel will be “appropriate” to the life you’ve created for yourself. Falling for a friend/ex when you’re married, feeling rage at your parents, feeling like crying when you’re the CEO. Stuff comes up—illusions and dreams and feelings we don’t understand—and a lot of it is transitory, but it’s still powerful stuff. Sharing these feelings with a friend might be super helpful, because even your more detached mates will be looking for a more sensitive connection and would love to hear your thoughts. They’re probably feeling a little weird too. I hope you realize you have the power to rescue yourself from anything that comes up, and your vulnerability is one of your greatest strengths right now.

Read: 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami

Watch: Spellbound - Alfred Hitchcock

Listen: “New Light” - John Mayer (trust me, it slaps)