Pink Morning: Full SuperMoon in Libra/Vernal Equinox


Leaving the hazy focus of Pisces season and all manner of retrogrades behind this month, the vernal equinox brings us sharply into focus, like realizing a dream has suddenly been made solid. The equinox is a time of transition: a liminal space that is not yet spring and not really winter. These seasonal changes initiated by Aries season have us shifting priorities internally from the 12 house (Pisces) of rest/being asleep to the 1st house (Aries) of being wide awake. Expect issues with time management because waking into Aries season can feel a lot like waking up from a 3 hour nap: groggy, mopey, confused. Take your time. You are learning how to act instinctually again, like an animal awakening from hibernation. You’ve got to stretch your legs, use your body, and listen to your intuition: this is the seasonal new year.

Energy flows in the direction of least resistance and we are rushing downstream suddenly after floating through Pisces season. You may be noticing a renewed sense of energy or feeling stir crazy. When a call to action arises, you need to be ready to act immediately, because events are about to start moving more quickly. Aries energy is harsh but direct and easy to translate into action. If you’ve been turning an idea over in your head or fantasizing heavily during Pisces season, you’re going to start feeling the urge to make a move, a decision, or plan your path. It’s no longer as satisfying to sit back and wait for things to change. Use your body. Ask the question. Do the thing and worry about the consequences later. Aries season is infantile and instinctual. Your gut is correct and you can trust the path you’re feeling called to.

Because we are lucky enough to have a full moon occurring on the exact day of the Equinox (March 20-21), expect big changes and partnership issues coming to fruition. The opposite sign of Libra is emphasized and this energy has us broaching a month-long dynamic of relationship: who we are as defined by others. Anything shared is ruled by Libra and full moons illuminate issues that have been bubbling up slowly. It’s time to figure out what we’re married to, whether it’s a person, a best friend, a business, or a concept (veganism, women’s rights) and get geared up to make a commitment.

Today is the first of two consecutive full moons in the sign of Libra (this is kinda RARE ok). That means that we will be focusing on partnerships, one on one relationships. legal issues, art/aesthetics for a WHOLE MONTH. You are being given a double lesson in relationship harmony over the next month and ample time to discover what you’re married to, who and what defines you. There will be romance, legal issues, and a full social calendar begging admission into your life this spring. With the heavy focus on partnership in these full moons in the “all about me” self promotion of Aries season, you are being asked to think about how satisfying other people’s needs can in turn satisfy you. You might be pulled to counsel a friend or potential lover or notice that you’ve inadvertently become part of a team that’s greater than the sum of your parts. This influence appears when we are being asked to think of those nearest and dearest as extensions of ourselves and come to their rescue. Sharing is highlighted and issues with reciprocation, mutuality of feeling, and exciting plans that you make *together* are accented right now.

A tight semisextile to Uranus and opposition to Chiron open an old wound, so this process of partnering or redefining our relationships may be surprising and a tad painful. You are stretching and smoothing out muscles that haven’t been used in a while and you might need to take it slow even if events come up that force you to react immediately. Even though the emphasis this season will be on defining personal boundaries in relationships, pay attention to the how the full moon will specifically affect your sign. Choose your sun or rising below to see the additional areas of your life that will be emphasized during this Libra full moon cycle (**extended play**):

Aries: 7th house of relationships, work partnerships, court cases

Taurus: 6th house of work, habits, health/diet, lifestyle

Gemini: 5th house love, romance, children, creative passions

Cancer: 4th house house of home, family, residence/moving

Leo: 3rd house of emails/paperwork, short trips, transportation, what is familiar to you

Virgo: 2nd house of self-esteem, income, security, things you own

Libra: 1st house of body, self-image, lewk, decisions we make independently

Scorpio: 12th house of spiritual messages, institutions, convalescence, secrets

Sagittarius: 11th house of friendship, groups, counseling

Capricorn: 10th house of career goals, titles (mother, daughter, nurse, accountant), reputation

Aquarius: 9th house of long distance travel, culture shock, higher education

Pisces: 8th house of births, deaths, transformation, money you get outside of work


Hayley of Spellsisters