Innocent Warfare - Full Moon in Libra 2.0

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Good evening and godspeed. This is the SECOND full moon in Libra in one month and I hope y’all aren’t tired of it yet. Lemme give you the stats, first of all:

  • Moon Quincunx Venus (sweet bb wants to wrap something up forever)

  • Moon Opposition Uranus (random emotional bolt from the blue)

With the Full Moon in Libra at 29 degrees today, we are actively pulsing through the end of the self/other cycle we’ve been exploring. There’s a lot of joy and opportunity in the coming weeks, but something has to die first in our interactions with others. I keep seeing the Death card with 10 of Cups and really happy, breezy, positive cards like the Sun—it’s like we’re on the edge of relaxing into happiness but…make it goth, add a lil latex, add a soupçon of craziness and set it ablaze. Do not give a fuck: it’s time for changes…big happy sweeping changes that are nonetheless still threatening to our sense of self. It might be best to rip off an old bandaid all at once than to take our time being gentle or fair with ourselves or others. You have a lot to absorb and it’s in the language and emotional rollercoaster of Other™: aka your bf, your bff, you mom, your brother/sister, whoever you’re in a tightly clamped, incredibly controlled face-off with right now. This might even be a relationship that is essentially polite and friendly, but there are extreme and subversive undercurrents that are appearing right now to be dealt with, moulted out of, and engaged with. You are learning who you are through another person.

Fair warning, this full moon will have you feel extra crazy, especially in relationships because this is Libra round 2 (didn’t we already do this before?? Yah your instincts are correct—we did.) You won’t be able to make heads or tails of what to expect, because everything is on a spin cycle of constant change. Hint: you’re not supposed to get it. Just relacc(x) as your dating and friendship life turns into a kaleidoscope of frustration and ecstasy. It’s really best to go with the flow rn, trust me. It’ll feel like a party, complete with a lil LSD, a coupla violent outbursts, and maybe a few calls from an ex or a wildcat friend who needs you to rescue her in the Taco Bell drive thru.

When we have quincunxes to social planets, it’s time to think about a part of your external identity that needs to die. This could be physical, but it’s like not even—it’s probably a glamour you reflexively cast over people to be “charming” or “fun” that is wearing thin and actually starting to fuck with your inner life. Don’t be afraid to expose the rawness underneath—vulnerability can be ugly but you’ll get nowhere without it bb. Since this is a heavy, wet, pungent, achy full moon—there will likely be a few tears shed as you process the part of your social mask that is no longer serving you. It’s ok…I mean, I know it’s Aries season, and the instinct is to act like we don’t need anybody and we don’t have feelings, but actually your feelings are coming out right now to be expressed in the moment. No need for planning and excessive self-consciousness, they’ll let it go if you say something dumb and you’ll do the same. Mostly, they’ll *know* how you *feel* which is important right now. Libra needs to know what’s in the other person’s head in order to know what’s in theirs and that is our current inspo right now. Exposure is coming like a peep show—in fits and spurts, but it all ultimately illuminates the beloved.

With the energy of Uranus in opposition—yikes, all I’m saying is surprises are about to happen and you’re going to be able to blame them on another person, even if it ultimately ends up affecting only you. This can be good, especially with the mellifluous motherfuckers like Libra and Venus coasting this situation, but make no mistake: you will probably get a jolt out of the blue in the next two weeks where you’re like WTF no way. Again, this can be good, but it will likely be a lil’ bit of both. How about you go ahead and dishonorably discharge your worries, and just ride influence this out like a case of wild diptheria? You’ll understand a lot better what and who you’re dealing with later and you might be a little closer to revealing who your really are once those masks get set on fire.



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