Inflammatory Writ: New Moon in Aries


Put on your bodysuit and light a cigarette with a blowtorch, it’s time for New Moon in Aries. Just to let you know, this new moon has us feeling pretty high vibe with a tinge of aggro thrown in for good measure. It’s in excellent aspect to Jupiter indicating quick and immediate good luck and square Saturn/Pluto indicating there are some dark revelations afoot that seem to come from outside. Don’t be troubled, you can take it like a bitch.


As is appropriate for Aries season, things in your life are starting to reach a crisis point where a decision is about to be made for you if you don’t take it into your own hands. Aries is all about independent decision making, risk taking, and conclusions you come to through personal experience *in the moment*. Aries energy is about you, without the trappings and accoutrements, pure. You are being asked to make intuitive choices. Pretend no one is here, there’s no other judgment to fall back on and you don’t have a lot of time: that’s the tone of the emotional moon in this sign. Don’t let yourself down trying to figure your shit out.

New moons start things but they don’t force changes. They gradually encourage you to realize you’re wading in warmer water: you’re in new territory where you can behave differently. You might need to take a few risks over the next two weeks because Aries moon is the true triggered start to Aries season and will call you to action and all manner of emotional questing. It’s the first test of your will this year and can be emotionally raw. You will be asked to do something that is hard for you that feels unfair, but it will be a test you meet with excitement and inner strength. We can’t know exactly what this is, but with daddy Saturn and darkboi Pluto, surely it’s the thing you’ve been avoiding. Because this moon is in a fire sign and in good relationship to Jupiter, these changes you need to make will be for the best and they may come lightning quick. Your life may make you laugh over the next two weeks as you see how dramatically things change when you have an “undivided will” (i.e., no secret longings to eff with the things you say you want. Expect to feel more assertive, over it, adult, and reactive. You’ve had enough rest, it’s time to make it count and get your shit done whatever means necessary.

We’ve been wading through Pisces season long enough, with Mercury in Pisces retrograde for the past month and a lot of miscommunication, unchecked emotion, and passivity. You may still be drafting enchanting fantasies of perfect togetherness with partners and obsessing over your aesthetic. In fierce opposition to your desire to spend more than you should on brunch, craft playlists, go to museums/shows/concerts, get your lewk right, we have a animal side of you taking over. This process of seeking out perfection and loveliness and fun is starting to feel lost on you. You’re craving a return to the raw, with considerably less politeness and more vulnerability. You’re feeling less afraid. Invest in activities right now that use up all your energy and allow you to engage with other people in a “real” way. Whatever that means to you. If a relationship has been exceedingly respectful and polite, it might get a little gamey right now as you negotiate for power and communicate your needs abruptly. That’s ok—Aries season is a time when everyone is feeling this way, so you can handle it. We believe in you and you should too.

Take what you want. Ghost what you don’t. Piss someone off if it’s worth it, the right people will love you anyway. It’s that easy with Aries New Moon. Xoxo 



Hayley Trussell