New Moon in Taurus: I'm Daddy, alt. title Oops We Are Having Fun

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Taurus is classic daddy, moneyboi and has historical rulership in astrology over income, money, food, material resources of all kinds. What’s super coolsies is that it also rules other things we place value on that have no price: primarily self-worth, the body, morals/values. Taurus is also classic baby, because Taurus is tired and needs a nap, massage, and complete control of their environment. This New Moon is bringing serious treat yourself vibes.

Love ruled by Taurus isn’t a meeting of the minds: it’s a meeting of the bodies, it’s pheromones/scent, a feeling in the pit of the stomach. It’s the deep guttural howl of Venus that—unlike its opposite, the chic, manicured, shaven Libra (other Venus ruler)—doesn’t need words to communicate. Taurus is pastoral af, nestling into a more intellectual kind of sensuality, like the tender form of love and affection.

New Moons that take place in earth signs, but particularly this weekend’s New Moon in Taurus, introduce the need for constructing clearer boundaries in our life. Four square walls that define our home space, our body that defines our soul in the here and now, strict lines drawn around our desires. What will and won’t we do for money, love, sex, etc. really comes up during these new moons. Taurus New Moon calls on the need to find your safe word and draw a line regarding the things you know are beyond your self-respect and *stick* to it right now.

Self-worth and value are paramount… but so is earning that value, not just emptily claiming that you’re “working on self-care.” This isn’t all about facials and spending all day in goddamn bed. This is doing the thing you put off every morning right away, calling your family, eating 3 wholesome meals, going to work on time, taking care of your personal hygiene—get a haircut, you damn hippie. Wash your face, girl. Those seem like no-brainers, but you’d be surprised how much we skimp on these things in order to fit more stuff into your 24 hours, which ends up eating our souls at the end of the day. These are things that will make you better, these little victories will kill depression; letting in a little sunlight will slowly but surely start eating away at the demons that ravage you. You can’t hate and love yourself at the same time. It’s just not possible.

We end up selling ourselves short when we don’t take the Taurus lead, so start performing life like an act of zen-level luxury, spare no expense but waste no time, and do your “self-care” luxuriously with everyday life. This New Moon, play some smooth jazz and take a ritual bath with fancy bath salts… candles highly recommended. This time is about protecting your vessel and not losing anything you didn’t plan to give away. We love you and we hope you love you too <3


Hayley + Kelli

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Music: Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day” and Lana del Ray “Summertime Sadness”

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