Full Moon in Sagittarius: “At the end of the world, we’ll all talk like surfers”


Welcome to the beach. Life is a goddamn party under this full moon and you need to french exit tf out of there when things start getting weird. Why? Because there’s always a better party somewhere. The challenge is to stay here when every itching, aching part of you is telling you to leave, do your own thing, and ghost your own respectable, measured life. Sometimes under this influence, you need to sort things out inside and get a little feral. Take a philosophical route to a higher vibe like a skater with an almost religious preoccupation with getting the right landing.

You’re like a teen surfer in the 60’s, complete with the guitar riffs and vocal harmonies of impudent rage. It’s fun to be a little rebellious and fuck things up by having the most fun™. Do what comes naturally, man. Don’t mess with my vibe, bro. Etc., etc. That being said, not everything’s as easy as doing what you want. You might come up against other people doing the same thing and being selfish for the sake of freedom. Live and let live and there won’t be no prahblems. 

Here’s the thing with Sadge Full Moon/Strawberry Moon: you are being invited to live an adventure and think on a grand scale and anything minimalist or mundane seems boring af. So if your life has started to feel petty or repetitive, get ready for a 180 as events come up that make you think that maybe life really is a big-giant, international party and it’ll all work out if you just let go. Keep riding the wave until you hit the shore, because it’s sure to be fun while it lasts even if it comes to a halt as the moon transitions into Cancer. 

Sometimes odd things can happen around the Strawberry Moon. Namely, supernatural events that make you believe there’s something out there. This full moon coincides closely with midsummer night—the longest night of the year where things get a little eerie and mixed up. There’s a strong pull to the betwixt and between world and the liminal space between here and gone. Things won’t make sense over the next two weeks, so just chalk it up to a dream sequence and have fun with it. You’ll have some trippy insights, some weird run-ins with spiritual experiences (or the law, for that matter), and you’ll make a bunch of friends too. The Sun still sits in Gemini and you’ll be living like a big fish in a small pond as you scope out the local world with the eyes of a cosmopolitan bitch. Things are going to heat up. Think 8 of wands, freedom without responsibility, life moving too fast, and fun to had by all. 



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