Mind the Mirror: New Moon in Gemini


  • Moon in Gem opposed Jupiter (“Girl, I just spent my whole paycheck on a sex harness”)
  • Moon in Gem square Neptune (“stop crying, we’re going to Subway”)

Take a lil Molly before work and push a harmless joke way too fucking far: it’s Gemini new moon. The sign of Gemini is about duality, youth, and communication. You are going to be feeling like connecting on all manner of platforms, posting stories, messenging constantly, meeting up for hangs, changing the location a bazillion times. Local trips are tight. Unfinished business with siblings comes to light (that rhymed...hot). If you’re so inclined to be hustling, you might find yourself craving a side job where you do a lil pyramid scheming à la Arbonne or those door-to-door knife guys: anything that gives you freedom to sell your own snake oil and lets you meet a bunch of people. All around, expect to feel younger than your age as you find ways of talking yourself out of being an adult and talking yourself out of situations in general. The vibe is an Eddie Haskell cameo in Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Wreckless Eric playing in the background. You’re charming on the outside but a fucking teenager on the inside with an urge to find your mirror. Gemini rules twins and the Lovers card and you might meet someone new right now that feels more like your left arm than a friend. Soul mates can come in many forms and this is a time where you might need a friend/lover who mirrors you or even dresses like you. You can match each other and cause trouble together. 

Over the next two weeks, you will be a smoother talker, covering up your warts and true feelings with killer saves, white lies, and clever jokes. There will be a lot of professing emotion or amping up the heat when inside you’re detached or already planning your ghosting strategy. Expect to get over something as soon as you talk about it and feel extremes of emotion that later seem sooo stupid and silly. Expect witty repartee and back and forth hot fuss fake fighting with acquaintances, neighbors, coworkers, etc. This new moon period will be a lot of fun, but expect to feel a little crazy and definitely a hefty amount of hot and cold as you ride the wave and try to keep up. Gemini is notorious for having a dark side and strange random streaks where they “break character”—it’s all another look for the actor of the Zodiac. Just make sure you blend your inner light and dark so it’s not quite so jarring for the rest of us, k?

With Neptune and Jupiter aggressively influencing this new moon, rollercoasters of emotion/intuitions and strokes of luck are pushing you back into alignment with your deepest needs. Be aware that sometimes on the outside, this process looks insane. You’re lost in your own little world over the next two weeks, darlink and it probably won’t make sense because as sharp as you’ll feel, there’s a lot of haze clouding your senses rn. It’s chutes and ladders and every time something changes, you take a few steps forward and then a few steps back. This can be a time of big wins and losses, but you’ll have to hold on for dear life.

 Read: Circe by Madeline Miller

Watch :  Mulholland Drive

Listen:  “Fooled around and fell in love” - Elvin Bishop; “I would die 4 u” - Prince (2 songs cuz Gemini)