Biggest Baby: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


Srryy Mercury retrograde made this post late…definitely not my time management skills…

A coupla things to note with this eclipse season, that might set the tone here:

  • We have 5 planets in retrograde

  • Sun opposed Pluto – control issues, hidden motives, encountering violence/power

  • Venus opposed Saturn — fear, reluctance, maturity, grown up relationships

  • Moon square Uranus – disruptive emotional elements, numbness and volatility

  • Venus trine Neptune/sextile Saturn – forgiveness, telepathy, compassion

Yeah, this one’s a real doozy. There’s an eclipse but there’s a coupla major retrogrades and a sharp Uranus aspect. You’ve probably noticed you’re simmering in a light broth of anxiety during this season. Throw in a soupçon of telepathy and a pinch of volatility and you’ve got a quite a fucking mess on your hands. Things are hitting the fan to a serious extent and old wounds, power struggles, and control issues are reappearing like zombies to chase you into the right direction. This path will be convoluted, but you’re learning to go with the flow as fated events outside your control force you to deal with problems you would never normally feel ready to tackle. Almost in response, you’re tensed up: anticipating danger where there isn’t any. Although this fear is misplaced, it’s correct that you are entering a dangerous period: you are about to experience a mini ego death that will shake you out of your comfort zone. You are growing right now and time is speeding up. Decisions you planned to make in two years might be happening now. The tone is feral and present and as with all Cancer/Capricorn transits: smells a lot like teen spirit. You are following the momentum of your life right now and maturing rapidly, but that don’t mean you’re happy about it.

Lunar eclipse during retrograde season (and ALL the planets are basically retrograde rn) feels a little like being backed over with a car over and over. Like the movie Groundhog Day, you’re enslaved to answering the same questions over and over again until you cosmically get them right. Don’t overthink it. The watchword right now is anxiety. Any lunation forces you out of place of comfort into a place of fitful unrest to get you feeling and thinking and pushing yourself away from shore. This one in particular is good for getting you to cut off things that are dragging you the fuck down. Let things fall apart, let new things take their place. Mourn what you’ve lost and hold onto the new growth you’re about to encounter.