Wild at Heart: New Moon in Leo

Wake up, bb. New Moon in Leo arrives today and it’s like a bright light shining warmly on your life. You might notice that you even woke up clear in the middle of the damn night today or you might notice it tomorrow. There is so much energy--Leo rules the Sun and it’s time for you to be seen in your full florescence. Since this is a “moonless” night, the sun takes center stage in exposing your inherent self-worth, charisma and hell—even fame, for all to see. This should be a time of absolute clarity and confidence. What you see is what you get: no hidden agendas. Be fearless and wild and free.


Leo is the sign of the performer. The entertainer who demands recognition (and the spotlight for that matter) by the pure power of their presence. Leos disavow pettiness in all forms by rising above any situation that stands to sully their reputation or *good mood*. That doesn’t mean they’re above drama—in fact, they relish in it, they just prefer to experience it at arms length, like royalty. Let that be a lesson to us all—if it doesn’t feel good, don’t think about it. Engage but not so deeply that you lose your composure. If you’re worried something—have confidence and let go of the urge to control the proceedings: do yourself a favor and go think about something else until it works itself out. That may sound very “let them eat cake,” but honestly, you’ll be better off just elevating yourself during this New Moon in Leo. Self-promotion, self-aggrandizement be damned—you’re going to be making an impression and feeling more alive than you’ve felt in a long time.

Speaking of Leo new moon, we also have a full stellium (that means 4 planets) in Leo and this week Mercury turns direct. What a *fucking* relief. If only a relief to any self-fulfilling prophecies we’ve put ourselves through in the wake of expectation. I bet you’ll be feeling a mix of well-earned laziness, joy, peace, and badbitchedness as things suddenly start flowing more easily into (and out of) your life. Even with all this energy picking up speed at once, you should be feeling increasingly balanced and powerful as you step into the light. 


With all cylinders firing in the same direction astrologically and with relatively no resistance right now (e.g. retrogrades, personal blocks within, other people messing with your plans), you will notice a strong, steady stream of energy landing you quickly in the right direction. You are right where you are supposed to be and it’s a lovely thing even if it doesn’t look that way. In the coming two weeks, you may be noticing that you’re getting more recognition or starting to stand out for talents you didn’t even know you had. You may be just straight up feeling yourself for no reason or feel a sense of freedom that just feels good. My advice: lean into it and milk it for all it’s worth. You deserve to feel special right now. Let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel that way and start fresh.





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