i don't care xoxo: full moon in aquarius

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Release your inner alien: this Aquarius full moon is all about detaching from mediocrity and rising to the beat of a different drummer. Aquarius has a reputation for being detached from the human experience (who cares vibez forever), but really this sign is the most idealistic, deep-thinker there is and the most loving friend. This sign rules devotion to humanistic causes, a deep desire to protect the underdog, and not to mention those devastating Uranian insights received almost like cosmic downloads from the source within. Aquarius planets often come in a remote and slightly offbeat package: they need to do things their own way, they require detachment from the hot fuss of Leo emotion, and they demand space and freedom in order to produce all those heartbreaking works of staggering genius they’re known for (sort of ripped off that phrase, but I’ll pray cred in the book recs, so do not @ me lol). That being said, expect the same kind of needs to appear in you at this full moon. Aquarius is my personal fav sign and it’s a big blessing to get a full moon this wild and free (Leo/Aqua is summer as a personality ok?).


Something surprising is on its way with Uranus ruling this lunation—and truth be told, it needs to come by surprise, because carefully preparing in advance and slowly opening to this experience is not going to be the right approach. Sometimes a shock to the system allows penetration to the depths of our heart because we are wide open. It’s like the Tower—ready to break the seal because you fully expect something else. Anticipate a release from trauma or a surprise that has you jumping a couple “levels” past what you think you’re capable of. You might have a few crazy dreams, some aha moments, and some crazy schemes that hit you all at once. You may even have some weird fated events (i.e.: shit) that strikes you outta the damn blue. In keeping with the heavy focus on planets in Leo, you are being urged now to follow your heart and love fully, from a distance. Don’t be afraid, but not all is as it seems rn.


With three planets in Leo *in addition to* the sun and fueled by a huge constellation of trines to Jupiter—let’s just say you’re ready and maybe a little furious to expand and grow. You might be feeling the urge to explore new avenues, break boundaries, travel, leave your job, and do things you usually think are *too much* for lil’ ol’ you. Not so, right now. In fact, you might be asked by others to step up to the plate and deliver amidst an outpouring of challenges. You can handle it. Actually, you have to because the energy right now is singular and fixed (them fixed signs Leo and Aqua y’all…). You’re being asked to continue the massive inertia moving through the cosmos now, because trying to stop anything set in motion right now would be devastating on your internal brake system. An object in motion prefers to stay in motion—so ride the wave and clean up the spill later. Sorry…I had a dream about killer whales last night, so this has taken an unnecessarily oceanic turn. I digress.

Aquarius is a rebellious iconoclast: a seeker who breaks the rules for the purpose of higher consciousness and the hero’s journey. This is not exactly the white knight of Leo, however, which is the tense fulcrum on which this full moon sits. This is more like the black knight anti-hero, someone who doesn’t particularly want to be a hero, but is called anyway. Take this energy into your daily life over the next few weeks. There’s something percolating right now that is calling you to make a wild leap outside your comfort zone, even if you’d rather not. This isn’t necessarily in fulfilment of your wildest dreams—this may be a call from others who need you right now. You are being asked to rise to the occasion and take up the reins.



Listen: Orville Peck, “Dead of Night”

Read: “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” – Dave Eggers

Watch: The Seventh Seal – Ingmar Bergman