Like a pup in clover: new supermoon in virgo


Bleach your kitchen and smoke the rest of that weed, the new moon is in Virgo and summers basically over (sry to be a killjoy but Virgo made us do it). Babes, this is a super new moon—have you even heard of such a thing? There is so much going on but it’s hidden from view, as the dark moon looms impossibly  large but invisible.

The tone of this moon is light and airy—think the smell of dryer sheets and a meadow of clothes pinned laundry (basically, all manner of clean linen and freshly scrubbed earth mother vibes are wafting to me rn however stereotypical they may be). Virgo energy is about relaxing into your natural state. Oh, but not just any state, the form you’ve always been inching towards your whole life. The ideal you, wild and free…but under control (let’s not get crazy now). Despite the urge to let things come naturally, there’s a ton of pressure from a Mars-Mercury-Venus conjunction in Virgo hitting this new moon, that the fresh start implied by this cleansing lunation might be a tad tough lovey and the self-talk a bit too critical. This influence can bring a lot of energy to cleansing out the skeletons in your closets and purifying any shadow tendencies. Don’t waste it on creating blocks and resistance: use it to fuel a rescue kidnapping mission on a more innocent version of yourself and resurrect that old identity. There’s something from your past that can be reinvented right now in a new way that will give you a sense of returning home to yourself. And a sense of having perfected an old paradigm.

The energy of the next two weeks is fitful and cantankerous. Virgos are notorious lady in the street/freak in the sheets types with a definite ON switch when they want to lose control. That’s you this next two weeks bb. There are two sides and one feeds the desires of the other—creating some haphazard and hidden balance to a perfect facade. Virgos can work tirelessly for a charity/scientific endeavors in the daytime, seeming fully in control and yet completely believably turn around and moonlight as a dancer/vixen/stoner. Virgo is a finicky sign that is highly changeable in astrology, but nevertheless has learned the hard way—through trial and error—the best way of doing everything. Take that mentality into your daily “practice” because it’s gold right now. You’ll learn much moar through making mistakes than you’ll learn through playing it safe and pretending you don’t have a dark side. With this new moon, new me energy, you may be driven to explore a new intellectual avenue, pick up a nerdy bookish hobby, tinker around in the yard or around the house, or modify your *habits*: a Virgo ruled word. Orrrr alternatively, if you’re the classically straight-laced type, you might feel driven to explore your demoness. These are all real good plans and can create balance by breaking up any latent blocks from doing things the same way. Change something you do all the time to make it something you’re proud of (switch to tea, go gluten free, eat ass, you know—big healthy changes). Fuck with how you typically do something until you’re like this is how I LIVE MY LIFE NOW BICHES. This is my new deal manifesto. That is the kind of self-esteem you’ll be garnering under this influence: the childlike pride in having learned to do something new all by yourself and made it perfectly imperfect.

We are hitting a cosmic reset button on routines that have grown stale or fallen filthy with disuse. Use the power of this very cleansing new moon to air out the laundry if your life. Your immense feminine powers are summoning the strength and balance to do something positive for yourself. Let go in one area, tighten up in another and set a whole cycle of health and wholesomeness in motion.



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Hayley Trussell