Judy and the Dream of Horses: Full Moon in Pisces



You’ve entered the dream. But everything feels oddly real rn, like… super real. Like doing dream life: making dream beds, packing dream lunches, or kissing dream boys goodnight. There’s a banal tone to the effervescent world slowly revealing itself and it seems oddly sturdy and tangible. This is the ghost of Casper “can I keep you?” in the flesh. Not everything beautiful has to be a fantasy.

This full moon falls in the most sensitive and psychic sign of Pisces and it’s immediately conjuncting the ruler of Pisces: soft daddi Neptune. You’ll be feeling little vibrations on your psychic spider web and wondering if you’re crazy—PS you’re not. You’re just ahead of your time…or ahead of time itself. This sign is notorious for creating whole worlds of the imagination, but during Virgo season it’s as above, so below, etc., etc. With this moon directly square Jupiter and opposed Mars, you might have a few bumps as you blindly walk around your mythic realm that knock you back down to earth. Don’t get discouraged, illusions are flickering incarnate and it might take a few tries to go lucid.

Not gonna lie: this moon is kind of a huge one—it’s on a superstitious day (Friday the 13th) and is the Harvest Moon that king baby Neil Young once warbled about. Not only that, but it’s also the last full moon of the summer in the *last* sign of the zodiac. Pisces is about the rapid dissolution of boundaries: pastels, watercolors, slow fades, soft transitions. It softens (or slowly kills) all it touches and makes it penetrable to forces beyond space and time. It’s like a long nap that feels so good you could just die. During Virgo season, this looks a little different, and maybe even a lil’ monkish. Think rituals you sink so deeply into that you zone out into a meditative trance; this full moon is about using the quotidian to transcend the heaviness of human desire. You’re being led to make sacred from the mundane and endings.

You can trust what comes up in this phase—the intuition you’re being led by is less chaotic and more a virtual inner topographical map of your feelings and finding your way. Sometimes the beginnings of manifestation start with a feeling of assurance despite obvious setbacks and outer chaos. This path is not going to appear real-time: it’s going to happen in dreams, day and night and require you to suspend your disbelief and trust the process.

The majority of the changes occurring within +/- 4 days of this full moon are going to be invisible at first, you’ll feel them long before you see them. There might be a subtle sense that something is about to happen that builds up to where it’s almost electrically blooming in your chest. Especially with all the outer planets totally retrograde, you might notice some out of nowhere chills or brain tingles. Retrograde planets make us revisit our past and consider it differently--they unearth knowledge that isn't always ours to know. Skeletons may come out of the closet that you’d rather keep hidden, that may not relate to you all. There will probably be a few confusing experiences where you pick up random snippets of others’ thoughts telepathically, almost like a fuzzy channel on a walkie-talkie.

With literally all the outer planets retrograde and in hard aspect to Mars and Jupiter, this moon might spell some more endings than you’d expected. Very much a whimper rather than a bang, as things just start to “feel” off and pull you in new directions or dissove in your hands. Plans you have had for a long time might coalesce in a syncopated way: you fuck something up and it turns out it was the one thing that guaranteed your success, or vice versa. Go with the flow, and take nothing for granted.



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