New Moon in Libra: wyd…wanna do a thing?


Send your ex a wyd text while you’re binge watching Sex and the City—it’s New Moon in Libra. Like the smell of fabric softener on your fave sleep set, this new moon is starting a fresh clean energy in the area of partnership/bffships and setting you free from whatever you said yes to that was really more like a maybe. You don’t need to be compromising heavily rn. In fact, it’s time to honor your sacred no and make a few very serious decisions that you’ve been putting off because you know they’re going to hurt someone. This could be super small, like meeting someone halfway instead of picking them up at the airport...or huge like trading roles in your primary relationship. The point is: you’re ready for a bit of a role reversal. Take some time to decide what you really want and mute the whispers of others as you figure out what your gut is telling you. Not everyone has to agree to a compromise for you to drop the rope and change the course.

Making decisions during Libra season can sometimes generate pro/con lists a mile long that seem more and more convoluted the more we think of what we’re trying to accomplish. This energy is new moon energy and it’s pretty free-form. Don’t overthink it. The new moon itself is only in aspect to Uranus in Taurus (aka wild boi in dad jeans™️) and it’s a chaotic quincunx aspect indicating endings and completions (but like, don’t’s fine. Kelli and my catchphrase for sure). This cycle sloughs off old patterns and forces you to consider others but not like usual. You need to consider how you fiercely defending your individuality in relationship can empower others to do so too and make a sum greater than each of your parts. With Libra, it’s about balance and leadership: considering how your decisions will affect others while still steering the boat. With Uranus involved, you’re going to feel the urge to cut stuff off with others if it’s just not copacetic and start new stuff together with people who you can vibe with, but...make it separate. This is not the merging of the last full moon in Pisces—it’s the calculated aesthetic of planning a Halloween costume with a bf/gf. To pull it off, you have to be 1) on the same page, and 2) look independently amazing.

A few of you need to end a relationship that has run its course and this new moon will help you do that. It’s the difference between trying to cut wood against the grain vs with it. It’s just easier to see the reflection of yourself in others right now and if it doesn’t match, it’s probably toxic. Partnerships that are bleeding you dry will start to fall apart in your hands like a cheap Coach knockoff. It’s ok to let it. It’s ok to fight for it too if that feels right! This is partnership season after all and I admit that sometimes new moons recharge our batteries and shake open issues we’ve been desperately trying to lock up tight. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need to really connect with someone and drop our ego.

Something tells me that, although you want to keep the peace, you’ve been fighting for a while and this transit is going to be showing you the weak spots in your boat. This could be relationships (the Sun rules dudes/dude-identifiers in particular) but it could also be your identity. You’re seeing a mirror image now and it might look suddenly unlike the real you that you know is in there. This may be the perfect time to shed that skin in favor a new wardrobe, look, program, or philosophy so that you can see on the outside how far you’ve come on the inside. Libra is aesthetics, but it’s far from superficial. “We are what we pretend to be, so be careful who you pretend to be” -Kurt Vonnegut

LYLAS xoxo,


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