via teenytinytantrums on Etsy

via teenytinytantrums on Etsy

Full Moon in Gemini Manifestation Ritual

Hey y’all! I am sure you noticed that this full moon ritual is a bit late, and honestly it is a moderately wild tale about how my life became my own full moon ritual - buckle up. Also, Mercury retrograde.

Back story - I had been working down in new Orleans for a week and was headed home to Indianapolis (driving straight through cuz I am a maniac). I was considering how this trip had expanded me and how it helped me define my own sense of freedom (you know light Aquarian thoughts) when all at once my car jerked so hard that I snapped outta my daze. The next hours found me creeping down Alabama back roads in the dark, looking for anywhere that could help me until I found an oasis (an Econo Lodge close to some garages). I ended up spending two nights in a small Alabama town, alone and with very little while waiting for my car to be repaired - but if I am being honest, it was the most free I have ever felt.  Did that feeling and revelation come to me easily? Not really, but it is not like the experience was necessarily hard either - it was unexpected and exciting and new (just like a Sagittarius) and I allowed myself to dismiss my fear and adapt and creatively solve my problem (like a Gemini, who was powering the full moon). When I allowed myself to step away from worry and fear and instead focus on the curve ball at hand, I got my car fixed, made some friends, explored a new town, and had a singular experience I will never have again. It was wild and magical. 

My good friend and I call these abrupt universal answers (where you ask for something like “how do I define my own freedom?” and IMMEDIATELY manifest your solution) LIFE YAHZTEES. We love them and practice them often and I hope after reading this you do too - all it takes is being open to receive and a good shouting voice. 

artist unknown

artist unknown

The Ritual:

Step 1: write down what you want - like really want, no judgment, no rules, just go wild. Fill a page, fill a book, who cares! The key here is to really remember there are no rules or qualifiers; all you want here is just a plain list of things you want.

Step 2: when you feel for it, pick a section to read and shout it out - shout it with a friend, shout it by yourself, it doesn’t matter! (Example: “I find money everywhere I go.”)

Step 3: close the whole experience by yelling YAHZTEE 

It’s sounds silly, but that’s the point. Sometimes the fun in life is lost in car repairs and to do lists - harness your inner Sagittarius by finding the adventure in it all and use that swirling Gemini creativity and adaptability to receive your answers and recognize the path when it is unfolding right in front of you. And always remember to shout YAHZTEE cuz you are a winner and that’s what winners do. Good luck out there, but let’s be real, we both know you don’t need it. 😉