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Spellsisters is a pair of soul mate friends who are passionate about making astrology and tarot digestible and relatable for everyone. Kelli Jenkins and Hayley Trussell team up to provide uniquely laid back, fun, approachable readings, inspiring people to discover their own insights through blogs and online guides.

Healing can come in many forms, and often we find it through reflection, self care, and a really good bitch session. For those times you need some serious comfort, Spellsisters also creates calming potions, tea blends, and body products to help you access the divine knowledge of your greatest good.


Kelli + Hayley


Available for events, parties, and in-person readings by appointment. Online inquiries are accepted by email.

Visit us at our brick and mortar shop by appointment in Fountain Square.

1339 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN

Tarot Readings

Spellsisters is available for intuitive tarot readings at parties, events, or private sessions by appointment.

Contact us for info on sessions or events. 


Intuitive Tarot Readings

Parties, Events & Private

Available by appointment only

Spellsisters offer support and guidance through the ancient divinatory and esoteric art of interpreting the tarot. Alongside tarot spreads, Spellsisters applies their knowledge of astrology, planetary placement and transits, and birth charts to enhance the meaning and understanding of spreads. 

What makes Spellsisters so special is the practice of reading tarot spreads together, conducting readings side-by-side. This allows the pair to enhance their individual senses of intuition and pool their knowledge of the cards.

The Spellsisters method of pooling knowledge and intuition is a fun application of tarot reading that works great at parties and events. If you've never encountered tarot or had a reading, this method allows for a more laid-back and conversational approach to readings. Individual sessions, events, and parties can all be scheduled in Indiana.

The Spellsisters method of collaborative reading is our own proprietary intellectual property. If you would like to use this method, please send us an email. We reserve the right to take legal action if our methods are applied without our knowledge.

Online Tarot Readings

Reading through email

Available anytime online

Since tarot readings connect different aspects of what is going on in your life, online readings work best when we get to discuss. The tarot helps reveal what remains to be seen by you, and as it unfolds, can help you gain a deeper understanding and greater perspective of your role.

Online readings are available anytime, but may require some back and forth, including us asking some questions to guide and provide context. Keep in mind that we are not fortune tellers and we do not know everything at the beginning of a reading. Tarot readings involve participation of the receiver as well as the reader; we need your insight to know what the cards mean for you. We could just pull cards and tell you what it means to us, but we think that applying the context of your life to your spread is a much richer and more beneficial reading for you.

This can be completed entirely through email, or through Skype, if desired. Written email readings may take up to two days to be delivered.



Energetic Healing

Kelli is a certified Usui Reiki Master and is also certified in chakra balancing. During energetic healing sessions (including Reiki or chakra balancing) the healer's hands are are placed on or near the body to intuitively sense blockages and use active energy to balance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Contact us to learn more about energetic healing sessions with us.


Reiki is similar to chakra balancing, since it focuses on chakra points to break past energy blocks over time. During a session, the hands are placed on (or over) your body at different chakra points, and anywhere else I intuitively feel they need to go. Energy flows from the practitioner (that would be me) to the receiver (hint: it's you) and goes where it needs to go.

Receiving Reiki feels meditative. You might even go to sleep. It can seem like an intense exchange of love, like communicating with your source or spirit guide. Some are even lucky enough to encounter angels or guides or have intuitive personal revelations during a Reiki session. Learn more about Reiki here.

Chakra Balancing

During chakra balancing sessions the healer's hands are are placed on or near the body to intuitively sense blockages and use active energy to balance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  

Stress and toxins disrupt the natural flow of energy to the chakras, which can result in physical and emotional pain or illness. These blockages can manifest themselves physically as fatigue, hormonal imbalances, or in extreme cases, even as diseases. Energetic healing works with the energy fields of your physical body and its surroundings. While using a pendulum to sense movement, the healer intuitively asks questions that will help break down these blockages and help you move past them. Healing sessions can be intensely intimate and personal.

Energetic healing restores the natural flow of energy to the chakras, balancing the physical body’s inherent ability to renew itself, allowing you to relax and heal from trauma or stress.

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The moment of your birth was special. The position of the stars when you were born shaped who you have become today.

Spellsisters offers a custom birth chart interpretation, capturing a snapshot of that moment frozen in time. We offer multiple options for this service, including an online reading that includes a PDF delivered via email within 48 hours of ordering, or an in-person reading and analysis. 

Look here for more information or book here.

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