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Leo the lion is a fire sign whose ruling planet is none other than the Sun. People who have Leo as their Sun sign are very confident and courageous, generous and protective, loyal and kind. They are driven by the pursuit of beauty, so at times they can come off to outsiders as shallow or arrogant. They are very forward, so at their best, they are high achievers, but at their worst, aggressive.

Leos are fierce and passionate and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re super expressive and honest and can sometimes get carried away by how driven they are; sometimes they are so focused on the pursuit that they don’t even want the reward.

Fire signs are very intense, natural leaders who thrive in a spotlight. And with the Sun, the literal center of the universe, as its ruling planet, Leo is driven by ego and the self. Leo is a fixed sign, so they are one of the stabilizers of the zodiac. What this means is that good at setting a goal and starting the work; they take the good ideas of cardinal signs and make them real.