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Artist unknown

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Candle Magic for Blessings

For this ritual, you will need:

  • red candle (spell or chime candles work best but taper candles are just fine, too)

  • black candle

  • white candle

  • red ribbon

  • a match

  • a safe place to put your candles (a tray?)

  • a firesafe bowl or cauldron

  • pen + paper

Note: This ritual was originally written for Halloween/Samhain but candle magic can be done at any time.

Samhain marks the halfway point between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. For centuries and centuries, since ancient times, Samhain has Celtic pagan origins and celebrates the beginning of the dark half of the year. Traditionally, bonfires with cleansing and protective powers were lit with special rituals, and as you probably know, this is the time when the “veil is thin.” But what exactly does that mean?

Samhain is the time when it’s said to be easiest to cross between worlds. The boundaries are really the veil, and there are fewer of them during Beltane (spring) and Samhain (Halloween). This makes it easier for some to communicate with the spirit world and it is said that spirits and faeries can enter the human world more easily during this time.


Traditionally, offerings are left for ancestors and spirits, and many dedicate altars of food, drink, crystals, tea and coffee, flowers, gourds, etc. This holiday coincides with All Soul’s Day on November 1, so souls on the other side including ancestors, spirit guides, goddesses, faeries, and more could visit their homes seeking hospitality and comfort, and this is why Halloween is spooky, and eventually these two were merged to create Halloween. This is our favorite pagan holiday, obviously, because it’s just the best.

Traditional rituals included slaughtering livestock — not as an offering but just as a necessary means of farming — and sprinkling blood at the doorways as an offering to St. Martin. We ain’t gonna get all into that, lovelies, but there is a lot of fire ritual involved with Samhain, as well, and we can go there.


To do this ritual:

  • Have your bowl ready

  • Use the red ribbon to tie your three candles together

  • Without blowing out the match, light each of the three candles from the same flame (obviously you can blow it out at the end, but blowing it out blows the spirit away, so you want to be sure to light the candles first). Light black, red, and then white. Recite the following as you light each candle, or you can make up your own:

The past fades to black and I hold its lessons and memories close. I am filled with gratitude for the growth I have achieved this year.

I see red when I look forward to the future because I am overflowing with passion and excitement. I know that my future is filled with abundance and adventure. I am blessed by the guidance of my spirit guides and ancestors.

I revel in pure, lily white comfort of the present moment because I know that the only time that exists is this moment. I am grateful for all the blessings in my current reality.

Now that your candles are lit, write a letter to the women who came before you. Honor and appreciate all that they did to pave the path for you. You can pick someone specific like your great-great-grandma or RBG or whatever you want— or it can be to women/ancestors in general. I also highly recommend sealing it with a kiss. Place it on your altar or workspace, under the candles’ tray.


The last thing you’re going to do is write 1-3 things you would like to leave at the crossroads. The idea is to elevate from this point forward. Do you need to release… anger or resentment towards a specific person? …guilt for putting yourself first? …not having confidence in yourself? Write it down (one per page), place it in the bowl or cauldron, and ceremoniously light it on fire. Really make a ritual out of it and concentrate on releasing what you are leaving behind.

New Moon Self Love Ritual-Knot Magic

Note: This ritual was originally written for a Libra New Moon, but can be done at any time.

I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you how strange and wonderful this New Moon is feeling. There is a whole ~I need to be wearing pink latex~ vibe going on right now and even though I don’t even have any pink latex (or any latex at all, for that matter), I’m thinking of going to get some. Because I deserve it, right?

This New Moon is calling us to step into our divine light. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, nothing is more powerful and nothing is more necessary than standing up and being like, “you know what, I DO deserve some pink latex! fuck you, Discover!” Or better yet, laying down CASH money on the counter at the sex store. Fuck it, put a sexy witch’s hat on the tab, too, because we are about to get real witchy with this ritual.

Have you ever done knot magic? It’s really powerful and serious, so you don’t want to play around with it on trivial things. But, for this ritual, we are going to be setting a self-love intention, so it’s nothing trivial. This is deadly serious, my babes.

Step one. Write a love letter to yourself. What do you think are the best things about you? What do you love most about yourself? Now, go deeper. What do you want someone else to love about you? What do you think maybe makes it harder to love you? (hint: you are not hard to love! But everyone has something. Mine: I’m lazy af and I don’t ever clean, but I am loved anyway— things like that. I would say “I love that I am able to relacc and not worry about chores” or something). What “flaws” do you have that you want to be loved in spite of?

Step two. Read over your letter. Feel into how good of a lover you are, how kind you are as a partner. How easy it is to love someone like you <3 If your letter feels bad, or like you find it hard to turn it positive, write another one focusing on the really good things about you. Distill those emotions into a powerful intention of love for yourself.

Step three. Get a white cotton cord. It doesn’t have to be anything special. It can be a shoestring. Nothing too fat, and nothing too thin. Holding your string, meditate to calm your mind. Remove distractions from your environment.

Step four. Begin working knots into your cord in the following order:


Step five. As you tie each knot, recite the following (or feel free to make up your own if you are comfortable!).

By the knot of one, I call power to the eternal sun.

By the knot of two, by the holy moonlight shining through.

By knot of three, it comes to be.

By knot of four, I am strengthened more.

By knot of five, so may I thrive.

By knot of six, this spell is fixed.

By knot of seven, by earth and heaven.

By knot of eight, my will be fate.

By knot of nine, may the confidence and love I seek for myself be mine.

As above, so below. So mote it be.

via Spellsisters Instagram

via Spellsisters Instagram

Full Moon Ritual

Note: This ritual was originally written for the Harvest Moon in Aries, but it can be done at any time.

With the full Harvest moon hanging heavy in the sky, it is hard not to feel the weight of the recent equinox. Traditionally a time of reaping what you have sown, autumn represents a time of death and harvest, but also the first stages of renewal - because how can you prepare to blossom without the gathering up and clearing of all that that has already come to pass and withered in the present moment? 

This full moon in the sign of Aries has a forward motion energy attached to it - the momentum and relentless drive of Aries, our favorite rams. It’s also conjunct Chiron, square Saturn, and opposed Mercury, so it may drag up old wounds and traumas… But do not despair! The light of the Harvest Moon sets a great stage to confront any painful memories and release them into a season of balance (Libra) and death for the sake of renewal (Autumn).

With these overall energies in mind, the following ritual will help you put your hands around any emotional haziness that may be dimming your Harvest Moon’s shine and prepare your **self** for bounty in all your present moments. Because remember - you reap what you sow, so tend to your own growth and magic with tenderness. You deserve it. 

What you will need:
A candle
A piece of paper
A pen

Light your candle and meditate on what you wish to harvest. Allow yourself to feel a spectrum of feelings with no judgement. 

When you are ready, dedicate this burn of the candle to the clearing of all energies that no longer serve you and the encouragement of all energies that DO serve you.

With these energies in mind, fold your piece of paper in half and title one column REAP and the other SOW - in the REAP column write down anything (situation, person, feeling) that you no longer need and would like to clear from your internal fields, and then in the SOW column write something that this area in your life has allowed you to harvest. Did that stressful period at your job push you outside of your comfort zone and into a new field of interest? Did a bad breakup eventually lead you to a renewed sense of self? Examine how YOU grew in each example and rejoice in your tending of yourself! Plant seeds of success in the face of any hardships! 

Once you feel satisfied with your list, write wherever it pleases you a few “seeds” you would like to sow for future harvests. Then seal the whole shebang with a mantra of your making - for example “I recognize how my past thoughts and actions have grown into my present reality. I commit to only tending to the things that allow me to grow and harvest any and all positive outcomes and opportunities from every season of life. I nurture myself in the present moment and blossom continually. And so it is.” 

Take a moment a visualize the ever changing cycles of nature - growth and death in constant flux. Forgive yourself for all the moments (past and future) you had to die to be reborn. It’s just the nature of nature; none are immune and this particular moon is a powerful reminder of the necessary wheels of life. 

Now fold up your paper and burn it. No need to dwell, all is released and revealed to the Harvest Moon. And so it is.

Happy Harvest! 

This pic is definitely from Pinterest but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND all that rose quartz if you have it.

This pic is definitely from Pinterest but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND all that rose quartz if you have it.

New Moon Ritual Bath

Note: This ritual was originally written for a Virgo New Moon, but it can be done at any time.

Consider the beginning of this new moon cycle as the perfect time to realign with the things you want to commit to. Pluto is making a trine to the sun and moon conjoined at 17 degrees of Virgo. In English: you can make significant progress right now. Be for sure, though, that what you are focused on accomplishing and achieving right now is actually in alignment with your ~real~ goals, your soul's path. 

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, just went direct on the 6th, and it's in Capricorn (where it'll be 'til 2020). Saturn has been retrograde since April of this year, and this has been a time for deep reflection-- why have things happened the way they have, where have we progressed, and where do we need to refocus? The past several months have been like a deep dive, and what have we learned about ourselves? It's safe to say, A LOT, imo. Now that Saturn is direct, it's time to put those lessons into practice.

Prepare a purifying ritual bath.

It's always a good idea to cleanse your energy field before performing any ritual. Do I do it every time? Absolutely not. But when I'm doing what feels like a big one, I do.... and this one kinda feels enormous to me. 

Purifying & Cleansing Scrub

  • 1/2 cup sea salt

  • 1 cup epsom salt

  • 1/2 cup jojoba oil or warmed/fractioned coconut oil

  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

  • 3 drops of frankincense essential oil

  • 2 teaspoons of lavender flowers

  • 1 teaspoon of dried rose petals

  • 1 teaspoon of lemon zest

You can purify all of the ingredients first by visualizing white light around them (pro tip ICYMI: witchcraft is straight up just intention). Ground the flowers and petals with a mortar and pestle while saying aloud that they will cleanse and purify your body, mind, and spirit.

In a mason jar, shake the two types of salt together. Then, mix the oils into salts. Close the jar and shake, focusing on your intention to have this scrub cleanse and purify. Sprinkle the herbs into the oil/salt blend. Close the jar again and shake it to blend once again. 

You can use this in a bath or shower. Place about a tablespoon in the palm of your hand or on a wash cloth, gently rubbing the salts into your skin. Imagine that they are loosening any negative energy in your field-- salt is purifying! Feel this scrub purifying and cleansing your aura and calming your mind. 

Once you feel cleansed, rinse the salt scrub and negative energy away with water. 

Set your new moon intentions in your manifestation journal.

This ritual can be done within 2 days of the New Moon. For this month, that means you have until Tuesday this time.

  1. Step one: get your manifesting journal ready... or find a new journal if you don't have one yet. I'm not even going to tell you again how important it is to have a designated journal for this. See here if you don't already know.

  2. Write out your intentions. Remember to use the PRESENT TENSE. For example, write, “I am rich." Write what you want to manifest as if you have already manifested it. What you focus on comes back to you. If you write things like, “I wish I were rich,” you will STAY wishing you were rich. Some of our intentions, written specifically for this Virgo New Moon, are included below for examples. Don’t ever say “I want,” or “I will.” Everything you want, you already have. Stick with “I am,” “I have,” “I manifest,” etc.

  3. Seal it with this clause: "I thank the universe for my intentions fully manifesting in alignment with my highest good and for the highest good of others involved. So it is." Write it like you mean it and imagine white light pouring from your hand as your write.

You can always write any intentions you want, but here are a few examples for this month's New Moon in Virgo. Check our New Moon mini-scopes for specific guidance based on your sign!

  • I am a powerful money magnet.

  • My character is in alignment with my highest good.

  • I allow favorable circumstances to enter my life with ease.

  • I am happy.

  • I am relaxed.

  • I honor my boundaries.

  • I am in optimal health physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally (feel free to expand on this).

  • I only create and maintain habits that are in alignment with my highest good.

  • I choose to process emotions and issues by being calm, centered, and neutral.

  • I make decisions that are in alignment with the highest good of all involved.

  • I easily and often attract powerful business opportunities.

  • I easily and often attract powerful business growth.

  • I am organized and prepared for new opportunities.

  • I warmly welcome new experiences to help me grow.

  • I attract and maintain strong, beneficial, and supportive connections with my friends and society.

  • I have the money to support people who need my assistance.

  • I attract like-minded people who are in alignment with my goals

  • I attract lucrative business opportunities.

  • My business is thriving.

  • I am embarking on an incredibly successful new creative journey.

  • Money is everywhere. It’s too easy to make.

  • I am transitioning into _____ (insert career change here) effortlessly.

  • I have all the resources, time, and ability that I need to be completely successful and prosperous.

  • I reach my full potential doing (whatever you want to do career-wise).

  • My work and/or business manifests more money than I can spend.

  • I am completely safe and secure in all aspects of my life.

  • I have stable, loving, and healthy relationships with my family.

  • My business is thriving and clients who are in alignment with my highest good come to me from all over the place.

P.S. don’t forget your clause at the end! Enjoy thinking about what you would really like to manifest. Be lavish and luxurious; don’t worry about being realistic. These are just jumping points but I strongly encourage you to go with your gut and be creative. Once you write it down, you don’t have to think of it anymore or read it. The universe will take care of it. 


Janet Cooper Stitchery

Janet Cooper Stitchery

Release Blockages: Full Moon Ritual

Note: This ritual was originally written for a Pisces Full Moon, but can be done at any time.

So... Not only is the Full Moon the climactic high point of the lunar cycle where emotions run high, this one is in Pisces, one of the most ~emotional~ signs. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, and the final water sign. It takes us into the deepest, hidden waters of our soul where things might look murky and dark, where the most unresolved conflicts and our deepest programs reside 24/7. Beneath this murky swamp is a golden ball of light. 

This full moon is casting a light on those things that you know always exist but that you can’t always see. It’s easy to pretend something isn’t there when you’re pushing it down, down, down, but Pisces Full Moon exposes patterns and cycles that restrict you. Facing and dealing with them exposes that golden ball of light, breaking the cycles that no longer serve you, and awakening the inner mystic. 

Lately, you might have been spending quite a bit of time wondering.... WHY does this keep coming up for me? WHY am I going through this AGAIN? WHY can’t I get past this thing? Why am I still in this relationship, or this job, why do I still let people talk to me like that? Etc., etc. The Pisces Full Moon is exposing the shit out of you and forcing all the questions to the surface with their answers following closely behind. 

This is an excellent opportunity to release those old stories. Tonight we rise above the bullshit (aka transcend our old patterns) and emerge as the beautiful Swans that we are. First, though, we need to expose the patterns we play out in order to allow ourselves to feel like the victim, the martyr, where we blame others and resent them for making us a victim. Now is the time to question what we get out of those roles and wonder what our lives would be like if we stopped blaming our pain on another person or situation and accepted full responsibility for it.

The Ritual

This ritual is best performed between now and Thursday, August 30th.

First: Write a list of the top 5-10 things you want to release with a real deal pen and paper. Literally write it down by hand. Take some time, maybe 10 minutes, to just free write. 

Some examples (but don’t just use ours; write down anything you really feel):

• I release anything that causes me to stifle my deepest desires.

• I release any and all anxiety that I have about asking for what I want from others.

• I release anxiety about exposing my true self.

• I release anything that is preventing me from having the strength to be my truest self.

• I release all cycles, energy, patterns, systems that keep me from putting myself first.

• I release all cycles, energy, patterns, and systems that keep me from accepting myself as I am now.

• I release anything that is causing me to feel unworthy.

• I release any thought patterns and memories that cause me to question my value.

Seal it with a declaration. Write this at the end of your list: "I demand that all energy, thought forms, patterns, programs, frequencies, vibrations, and patterns that are enabling the energy I'm trying to release and anchoring it in my field leave my energy through all space and time, on every layer of my existence and all energy that my physical and energetic being is comprised of. You have no place here. I declare all of this to be so, in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good." Write it like you mean it. 

Okay RECORD SCRATCH. If you’ve been around a long time with us, you might be thinking, “is this not a full moon ritual we have done before?” Yes, it is, but here’s where it changes. 

Now pick the thing you most want to release and you’re gonna TAP ON IT. If you’ve never done tapping, prepare to be amazed. Tapping is sometimes called EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Technique, and if you listened to Kelli on Swan Sister, Karen’s podcast this week, you might have caught us talking about how we love tapping.

Tapping often uses a script and involves tapping on the different meridian points in your body, but I encourage going off script too. By tapping on these points, saying a negative statement that you truly believe (such as, “I’m always doing more than other people,” or something like that), an emotional response is triggered, releasing cortisol (the stress hormone).

Throughout a tapping session, you go from making negative statements that you believe to be true and changing them into positive statements and what else you know to be true about those situations/things/people/programs. Over time, this literally causes your body, mind, and spirit to change their emotional response to that issue. During tapping, you might sneeze, belch, cry, yawn, get nauseous... all of those are okay and actually even GOOD because it means that you are moving energy. The deeper your physical response to the statement, the more ingrained it is into your psyche, and that physical response means it’s changing. 

So, fire up YouTube. Simply type in “tapping on negative relationship patterns,” “tapping on negative self talk,” "tapping on money blocks," etc. If you can find a video by Gala Darling or Brad Yates on your issue, I highly recommend them. 

Tap on this issue everyday. See how it changes for you! Do this for as long as you want (usually 30 days is a good goal). 

Burn your list, if you feel like it. A lot of people like to burn things for a Full Moon ritual. If you feel so inclined, we say go for it. It can be really cathartic to burn a list of things that you perceive to be as blocks for yourself.




Cast a circle, but with glitter

So yesterday Hayley and I were talking about how it seems like EVERYONE is simultaneously on the verge of a complete breakdown and a total breakthrough. The energy of this New Moon is like a full, hard reset. There's like all this energy of like hitting a STOP button so that we can completely hit START on a new cycle.

It's also been feeling really larger than life because of all the planets that are in retrograde. There are FIVE (Mercury: communication, Saturn: ambition, Mars: energy and patience, Neptune: emotion, Pluto: death and rebirth). Usually, astrologers say not to begin or end things, make big decisions, or act up during retrograde, but that feels wrong to us with this New Moon. Our natural inclination during retrograde is to not allow major things to end or begin, but with the eclipse we have to. We are being physically pulled and it's like a total ~let go or be dragged~ moment. We'll probably get a little of both, tbh (let go and be dragged). It's like all these huge changes that don't really feel natural are happening anyway. 

I love that our rituals are intuitive and don't always have to flow with what one might think is the "right" way to celebrate the phases of the moon. Spoiler alert: there is no one right way. Some people swear up and down that you have to release at the Full Moon and set intentions at the New Moon. Others argue that it's the opposite. I don't think you have to do either. As with literally everything else, I think you should just straight up do what feels right to you. 

So, I have ~felt~ what this ritual should be for us for about a week, but it has been hard to put pen to paper. The fact that I have been struggling to write a ritual that I have felt and known for a week is very reflective of this new moon’s wild depth and pull. This month's ritual is really about casting a circle for yourself to really cement your intentions and ground them into reality. Last night I had a dream about casting a circle with GLITTER. You can, if you want, even though it's not super environmentally friendly, but I'm not gonna tell you what to do. I'm about to word vomit-- here we go:

Maybe wear white while you do all of this. If you feel like it! I'm not a devoted kundalini practitioner, but I do believe that what Yogi Bhajan says about wearing white makes sense. Wearing white can expand our aura while filtering negativity. Humans have a 9 foot aura and wearing white can expand it by at least an additional foot, providing an edge or margin between your energy and the energy of other things or people. Obviously this is not a requirement, and I don't even have many (any?) white clothes, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot. Yogi Bhajan says, "We ask you to wear white so that you will reflect what is outside and go within yourself—that’s what white clothes can do for you."

Write/ride it out. There are a lot of feels going around and we've got to get them out somehow. Sit down and free-write for 12 minutes, even if you have to give yourself a prompt like, "If I could have everything I wanted, what exactly would that look like?" If you aren't a writer, voice record yourself on your phone, just speaking about how you are feeling. Just let that shit go. If you don't wanna do it alone, grab a friend and commit to doing this together. One thing I do like, though, is having a record of what was said-- so take notes or record your conversation. It's cool to listen back. Be creative but let it out. This isn't about intention-setting; don't use your manifestation journal for this! This is just to release and prime yourself!

Cast a circle. Okay, you've seen it on The Craft and you've heard people talk about it, but if you've never cast a circle, here's why it's a good idea...  You can cast circles to create sacred space, protect your sacred space from outside energy, protect people within the circle, allow a transfer of energy between worlds, to maintain high energy throughout the ritual, to keep entities within or without. If you have friends joining you, you can say something like, "Hand in hand, we cast a circle."

Bring your manifestation journal with you. By now, I hope you know that this can be just any old journal.

Circle casting 101: a step by step guide

We are gonna keep it super simple in here, but you can go much deeper than this if you feel for it. I usually don't feel for making things harder than I think they need to be.

  1. First, clean the space-- if you're casting a circle in your living room, make sure it's clean and clear of clutter and distraction. If you'll be outside, do the same. You can sage, burn resins, sweep, etc. All of these things are considered ritual.

  2. You can, if you want, physically mark where the circle will be, with chalk or little landmarks (i.e. from the Buddha statue to the fire pit to that tree over there to my shoe-- whatever). You can also just keep in mind where your circle lies.

  3. Ground yourself! I prefer to do this barefoot. You can meditate, take your shoes off, take a few deep breaths. Do whatever feels good to ground yourself in the space.

  4. Some people call in the quarters at this point, lighting candles in the four "corners" of your circle. This is probably the part of casting a circle that you remember from The Craft: "Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the north, etc. etc." You don't have to say that but you certainly can. You can do whatever you want. Magic is just about intention ICYMI.

  5. Next, stand in the center of your circle. If anyone-- IRL or entities-- is joining you, this is where you invite them in (or cast them out if you don't want them to join you) with the intention of staying in or out through the full ceremony.

  6. Now, raise your casting tool (your finger, an athame, a stick, a goddamn sword, etc.), and declare your intention for casting a circle. Check out those reasons up there if you need inspiration. Force yourself to feel each of these declarations in your sacral and root chakras to intensify the intent.

  7. Point your casting tool at the start of the circle. The tradition here varies... You can start at the North if you feel like that's right. Trust your gut. I will probably start in the East since that is were the Moon rises from and the purpose for this ritual is to celebrate the New Moon and the Eclipse. Allow energy to flow from your Solar Plexus-- your SUN chakra, since the Sun is associated with Leo-- while you spin CLOCKWISE to cast a circle around you.

  8. Now, within the circle you perform any ritual or intention setting.

  9. When you are finished, raise your casting tool again. Dismantle the circle by pointing it at your starting point again, imagining the energy reabsorbing as you move counter-clockwise to undo the circle.

Break out your manifestation journal. While you're within your circle, write in your manifestation journal to set any New Moon intentions. Be sure to write them in present tense, as if you have manifested them already. If you need inspiration, focus on the energy of Leo (sun, inspiration, new beginnings, confidence, etc.). There is a New Moon post that includes this whole ritual here.

artist unknown but v appreciated

artist unknown but v appreciated

The ritual is, there is no ritual... okay, there's a ritual

Tools: In this non-ritual, we will honor the moon by incorporating all four elements. You’ll need:

  • Fire: one white candle 
  • Fire: a firesafe bowl
  • Earth: salt
  • Air: incense, sage, or your fave cleansing tool
  • Air: a feather, if you have one 
  • Water: a freaking chalice (or a regular ass cup if you’re like me and it don’t gotta be like that) with water
  • your manifestation journal
  • two separate pieces of paper (not from your manifestation journal)

Pour a bit of salt into a firesafe bowl (Fire will come later, twice). Light your favorite incense, or if you have a feather, you can light sage or your favorite cleansing bb and use the feather to fan its smoke. Do you have a chalice? If so, fuck yeah, you are so cool! If not, a glass cup will be just fine. Fill it with water.

Step one: cleanse your space. Is there a bunch of clutter? Get rid of it. Are you thinking about how you need to do laundry or dishes? Okay, then go do it, and come back. Get shit out of the way so that you can fully focus on your heart’s desire. Light your incense, or sage, or whatever, and use a feather to fan it around your space (if you have one). Meditate to get clear on your desire.

Step two: set up your altar. The Cancer New Moon wants us to be in love with ourselves. What makes you feel good about yourself? What totally just like, lights you up? Put that on your altar as a reminder. The only requirement for your altar for this ritual is a white candle. If you don’t have a white candle, that’s okay— do you have a white flower? Can you get one? White represents light from the infinite field of potential. 

Hang on, did you hear that? Just take a moment to let that sink in.

The infinite field of potential. All things are manifested out of this white light. This is the source of everything. White represents source energy. This is the space in which you and the universe are able to work together in harmony.

Step three: light your candle and bless it with the phrase, “I invoke the infinite power of the universe,” while holding your hand above it, consecrating it for the purpose of this manifestation. Now anytime you light this candle, you will be reminded of your intentions and so will the universe. I once heard someone say that when you’re doing candlework, the flame is burning the candle down so that your intention is appearing in full on the other side. 

Step four: break out your manifestation journal (or make one first, if you haven't already! Here's a link to a post about how to consecrate one) and two separate, blank pieces of paper. The journal is a major key and it’s gonna blow your mind when you look back over it in a few months… I have been using my journal for about 3 years and it’s WILD how much I have manifested through the use of this method.

Write at the top of your paper, “I invoke the power of the universe to aide me in the manifestation of….” And then write what you are manifesting. Be very specific about the outcome you want and in what timeframe. Use a deadline. Are there specific colors that invoke the emotion you are manifesting? Is there a smell associated with what you desire? What are the exact numbers? Who is there-- and how do they look and act? What exactly are you wearing? How do you feel, and how do you look? What is your facial expression when you receive it? Be super, super specific about what you want— the more detail, the better.

Step five: at the end write the following sentence: “I am grateful that the universe has helped me to manifest the following.” And then write a description of what you have manifested. What is your desire in present tense? For example, “I invoke the power of the universe to aide me in the manifestation of a beautiful, old, pink Victorian home with awesome windows, a thriving garden, and a cool nook, etc. etc.” and then, in this step, “I am grateful that the universe has helped me to manifest my incredible pink Victorian dream home, etc. etc. etc.” The important part of this step is to write it as if it’s already happened.

With intention, holding your manifestation and gratitude for the universe’s aide in mind, hold your hand above the water. Imagine that you are charging the water with your intention. Dip your fingertips into the water lightly, and let the water drip just a tiny bit onto the page. Imagine that you are just adding like a tiny bit of seasoning to your spell— don’t like, ruin your page or anything, but let the water gently bless your journal. You can even just lightly flick at the page, so it doesn’t make the writing run.

Step six: Now we come to our separate, blank piece of paper. Do NOT tear a piece of paper out of your manifestation journal, like… EVER. Don’t. Then you need a new journal. Imagine the sisters in Hocus Pocus and their Book. Would they have torn out a page from Book? NAH.

So, on this separate paper, write your fears. What would happen if your manifestations didn’t come true? How would you feel? Then, put your list of fears in your salty firesafe bowl, or just go outside and burn it. Boom. Your fears are smoldering ashes. Now everything standing before you and your dream has been burnt to the ground. What could possibly stop you? 

Step seven: Grab that second piece of paper and write, “I trust the universe and I am open and in perfect alignment with _____ [<— your manifestation/intention here] or something better.” Or something better is important! The things we manifest don’t always show up exactly how we expect them to, but they are often even better than we could have imagined. Put this piece of paper where you can see it. I like to leave mine on my altar, but some people tape it to a mirror, use it as a bookmark, etc. Just be sure that it’s somewhere you can see it. Every time you walk past it, you will smile knowing that your manifestations are coming together behind the scenes.

And so it is! So mote it be! As above, so below!

Artist: the beloved Nikita Ermakov @sensormolvit

Artist: the beloved Nikita Ermakov @sensormolvit

Releasing Blockages: Full Moon Ritual

Note: This was originally written as a ritual for Capricorn Full Moon to release blockages, but it can be done at any time.

I’ve been thinking about my basil plant a lot. It keeps growing taller and going to flower unless I prune it back and harvest the leaves. It’s almost like a use it or lose it situation, ya know? This moon is just like that.

It’s impossible to hide that this “dark night of the soul” Full Moon in Capricorn has been tough for us. I must admit that I’m riding a roller coaster of emotions from sickly, sad-and-then-happy-and-then-sad, etc., ecstatic, and exhausted. I am full of wonder at the doorways being opened to me but not without a second glance at what I’m closing the door on behind me.

We’ve been doing a lot of readings about releasing what is no longer serving you, for every kind of person, in every kind of context. Like, A LOT. It has come up in almost every single reading we have done for maybe the past week. You know that old saying, “when one door closes, another opens?” Well, I think it works the other way around, too. Hayley has been saying, “The universe is like a slider puzzle. You just have to take out one piece and then it all slides together perfectly.” You can’t open the next door, meet the next challenge, move the fuck on… until you have completely closed the door on the other one.

I like to look at a Full Moon ritual as an opportunity to cut off whatever’s holding you back at the roots. Don’t give it any additional space to grow and fester and infect you. What is it that’s been holding you back? For me, it’s old stories, like, who I’ve felt I’m supposed to be. I have this story I constantly play out for myself: I am a designer. It means something very particular to be a woman designer in Indianapolis. It often means that I am a fighter, that I have to play the part of “one of the boys,” that I am practically legally obligated to be a ~helper~ rather than the one being helped. I’ve spent this year realizing, very privately, that my story as a designer ties me to an old life that I no longer live. But I am still a designer. I’m not saying I’m going to go off and quit my career, but I am working on releasing that story, and maybe it’s at its peak right now

The point is this: Full Moon in Capricorn is calling for CLARITY, a shift, a release. As the moon reaches its peak today, think about your “designer woman in Indiana” story (see also: wounded woman, perpetual optimist, traveler, etc.); has it reached its own peak? Has something triggered this to come up right now? Has anything changed?

This ritual focuses on empowering you to find clarity, shift your reality, and release what is no longer serving you. It can be done within -/+ 4 days of the Full Moon. For this month, that means the magic of the Full Moon will last until Sunday. 

  1. Write a list of the top 5-10 things you want to release with a real deal pen and paper. Literally write it down by hand. Some of ours, written specifically for this Capricorn Full Moon, are included below.

  2. Seal it with a declaration. Write this at the end of your list: "I demand that all energy, thought forms, patterns, programs, frequencies, and vibrations that are enabling the energy I'm trying to release and anchoring it in my field leave my energy through all space and time, on every layer of my existence and all energy that my physical and energetic being is comprised of. You have no place here. I declare all of this to be so, in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good." Write it like you mean it.

  3. Light your list on fire. As it burns, visualize that what you are letting go of this Full Moon is actually being released into the ether. The energy you have put into it has poured from your hand to the paper and now as it burns, it's evaporating into thin air. Really see it being released and concentrate on letting it go. Poof! Be gone!

Capricorn Full Moon

You can always release anything you want, but here are a few examples of things we will be releasing on this month's Full Moon in Capricorn. Feel free to use these, change the wording, or completely make up your own!

  • I release the need to know how things are going to play out.

  • I release the need to control the outcome.

  • I release any and all anxiety that has been causing me to lose sleep.

  • I release the old patterns of my life that hold me back.

  • I have no desire to hold onto things that are no longer serving me, and I release all of them.

  • I release any resentment I have of women.

  • I release jealousy.

  • I release the need to measure up to other women.

  • I release any guilt I feel surrounding money.

  • I release any connections I make between money and self-worth.

  • I release all fear surrounding how things will work out.

  • I release the urge to come up with excuses that allow me to continue living in my old cycles.

  • I release exhaustion.

  • I release stress relating to what is next.

  • I release my fear of asking for help.

  • I release the urge stifle my own voice.

  • I release anything that's causing me to feel the need to censor myself.

  • I release feelings of weakness.

  • I release self-doubt.

  • I release anything that is holding me back from asking for help when I need it.

  • I release anything that causes me to stifle my deepest desires.

  • I release any and all anxiety that I have about asking for what I want from others.

  • I release anxiety about exposing my true self.

  • I release any fear or worry about my true self being different than who I used to be.

  • I release anything that is preventing me from having the strength to be my truest self.

  • I release all cycles, energy, patterns, systems that keep me from putting myself first.

  • I release all cycles, energy, patterns, and systems that keep me from accepting myself as I am right now.

  • I release any thought patterns and memories that cause me to question my value.

Next Steps

  1. After burning my list, I always burn sage. Imagine that the pieces and parts of yourself that have been held back by what you’ve just release are little sparkles of light returning to you. Use sage with the intention of clearing the air, cleansing yourself of the negativity that has been left behind during this release. I always incorporate my crystals into this, making sure they get saged, too.

  2. After your sage cleanse, burn sweetgrass to fill the voids left behind by the negative energy you've just released. The sparkles start to land on you. Ask your higher self to fill these spaces with love and positive, healing light from your highest vibration. Project this onto your crystals, as well, if you use them.

  3. Take a ritual bath with Himalayan salt, water-safe crystals, sliced ginger, and essential oils (the ones we recommended for this season’s diffuser blend can be used here too!).

  4. Charge your crystals. After saging, sweet grass-ing, and bathing, leave all your little rock babies to bathe in the moonlight, or put them on a windowsill that gets moonlight if you can't leave them outside.

  5. Now you're done. Thank yourself, your highest self, your crystals, tarot cards, and other divinatory tools, and especially the moon for the time and energy to release what was no longer serving you. Acknowledge that it's no longer weighing on you, and that now you have the space to manifest what your greatest good wants.

  6. Share in the Facebook group if you want! We are here to support you on your journey and we know it feels awesome to share, like another form of releasing!


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