Weekly Spellscopes™ 1.14-1.20


Aries: Dear Aries, something is holding you back this week. I think you might know exactly what because it’s an old beast that has appeared many times before and represents a last temptation. You need to be on your toes to make sure you protect yourself from whatever is going to fuck you up from getting what you truly desire under your basest animal instincts. I know it’s easy to write this thing off as a little slip or not that big of a deal, but an obsession, addiction, or unhealthy preoccupation is encouraging you to depart from your course and that won’t feel good. Be careful about getting too wrapped up in someone and forgetting yourself. Consider the ways that temptation allows you to restructure your priorities consciously. You’re doing great in the New Year, keep only healthy behaviors.

Taurus: Bb Taurus, this week, we need you to honor your “sacred no.” Even if something seems good on paper or seems promising on some level but ultimately you’re not excited about it, it may not be right for you in your heart. It’s hard to forgo security waiting for the right thing to appear, but now is the time. This is probably concerning a new adventure or partnership that isn’t acting up to your usually realistic expectations. Don’t feel guilty that you’re looking a gift horse in the mouth. Get used to saying no when something leaves a sour taste in your mouth, even if you temporarily spend the night alone, feel the pinch of passing on a job offer, or reject a hangout with someone that drains you. This year is *all* about self-care for you, so act like it. You’ll thank me later.

Gemini: It’s time to be good, dear Gemini, or at least consider the needs of the gander and not just the goose. You’re doing a great job this week at acknowledging what you “should” be doing and honoring a trusted mentor in your work or friend life, who is guiding you on a topic you know nothing about. I think it’s best if you stabilize and learn how to put your faith in something greater than yourself. Connect with your community and invest in a group of people that reflects not just your values, but your interests as well. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of trying to behave like everyone else, unless you get something really good out of it. Expect to feel a lot of pressure from others right now to follow the group. Remember, if something starts to feel directly opposed with your individuality, consider if you really want it in your life. You should be feeling a lot more secure right now. 

Cancer: You’re getting something you want, darling Cancer. It may be coming in an unexpected package, but regardless, you have been waiting for relief from a subtly building pressure and finally near the time of the full moon, you’re starting to see the results. I applaud you, you’re the cat who got the cream and a wish has started coming true at long last. Please pay attention to what comes up around this time: you have stronger ability than anyone at this approaching Full Moon lunar eclipse in Cancer to manifest outcomes that you’ve been worried about, desiring, or obsessed with. Take a step back from your life and realize what thought patterns are working (or not…) and rectify the pattern. Ultimately, I see you getting your deepest wishes at least partially fulfilled this week, but analyze any dark shit that comes up for shadow desires that may have been sabotaging you all along.

Leo: It appears you are on a hero’s journey this week, baby Leo. Not everything that has meaning is fun. I know that’s probably something you’ve figured out, but this week—I need to remind you. You’re here for meaning, personal significance, and sometimes that means needing peace and quiet and a little bit of down time. I expect next week will be picking up, but you have a lot on your mind this week and I think it’s for a good reason. You’re making monumental moves to a higher level of consciousness and sometimes that requires a little self-exploration and elbow-grease and…reassessment. I see you working on something that gives you zilch credit/ego boost, yet ultimately has a solid foundation and requires you to work alone. Embrace this time as a necessary sacrifice, where you figure out the best course of action to reaching your goals.

Virgo: Darling Virgo, you need to protect your energy this week. It might be time to scale back after the holidays or pull in some of your notoriously open boundaries and not be the momfriendthis once. I see you approaching a level of not giving a shit about something you absolutely used to give a shit about. Take this as the monumental achievement it is and celebrate by *only* doing what you want to do. We all know you can self-abnegate for the pleasure of serving and fixing another, but maybe mommy needs a rest and a little bit of freedom to do her own thing. You are going to want to spend a lot of time by yourself this week, as self-protection and I think might be for the best. Hold onto what’s yours, honor the “crazy,” possessive side of your love nature, and effing take back what’s yours. Sometimes vulnerability is overrated and we just need to protect ourselves: don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t be generous unless you feel like it, don’t listen too long when you’re exhausted and heed your limits. <3

Libra: You always been a solid bitch, Libra. Nothing/nobody can knock you down until suddenly all at once they can and you’re immediately over the person or thing that fucked with your chakras. As the professional and personal queen of balance, I trust you know exactly what to do when you’re asked to grovel at a time you have no business begging: shoot them dagger eyes and walk away. This week has you feeling like royalty, and you have every reason to tell the peasants to leave you alone. It seems like you need to embrace the qualities of confidence and devotion, two sides of you that reconcile your deepest nature: princess and guardian. Remember, only remain devoted to people on your level, not the petty ones that force you into a position you know you don’t deserve because they’re jealous. You will be feeling yourself this week and it may be in reaction to someone acting like you shouldn’t be. Take criticism lightly and elevate yourself immediately. You can pretend to laugh it off in public, but secretly realign yourself and moult anyone out of your system who is causing you to question your own authority. 

Scorpio: Not happy. That’s the vibe I’m getting, sweet Scorpio. I wouldn’t say sad, because you’re not sad; you’re just not happy right now. I sense that something is bothering you and you’re not really willing to talk about, but you’re *also* not wiling to let it go. I think you miss someone or you are thinking a lot about how someone let you down and wondering if you should keep this relationship open—probably a father figure or someone meaningful to you is not acting like they should right now. I would embrace your “sacred no” and develop a reflex policy against anything that doesn’t feel exactly right, because **NEWSFLASH** it probably isn’t right. You need a lot more than the average person and that’s not something to be ashamed of. Some people are not equipped to deliver the goods because they aren’t emotionally mature enough. I expect that this week will prove to be a bit of a let down, but will also open you up to many new possibilities once you say no to the things that aren’t enough. 

Sagittarius: You have been feeling mega-spiritual and mega-sensitive lately. You are appreciating the softer side of yourself even as it sort of embarrasses you. This newfound vulnerability is giving you a new lease on life and has you embracing the idea of trying to please an important other. You’re a good listener *sometimes* but this week, you’ll be feeling especially close to people and reaching out as a shoulder to cry on for people who have a tendency to not take care of themselves until it’s too late. Remember to nurture yourself and stand by your own needs and not just abandon them for others. You usually don’t have a hard time asking for what you want, but right now, the things you want are particularly intimate and hard to just outright asked for. Embrace silence and nonverbal communication to get you what you want. Some Sagittarii may be starting to process of falling in love this week or falling back into love. The others might be using their crystal clear intuition to guide them in the right direction and feeling signs in the universe like braille. Either way, embrace the side of yourself that is afraid it might not be loved back. That’s the vulnerable side that can actually receive the love you dream of from others and from yourself.  

Capricorn: You have a lot of plans, dear Capricorn. Some of these are future plans and some carried over from 2018. I suggest you deal with the ones closest to their expiration date first. Makes sense, right? It seems like you are learning about what you want in a crash course this week. You’re building momentum and understanding how to sort the wheat from the chaff right now and sometimes the chaff is other people and sometimes the wheat is a dream. You have a lot of energy, but you’re wasting a lot of it looking back on what could still happen with old and outsized expectations and people you’ve outgrown. Think about how you can put down money on your dreams and focus on how to remain committed to what you know you still want to invest in. I know your heart is hankering for an adventure, but your soul wants to be held. Find something risky that pays dividends of security—find a fun copilot that is heading for the same destination or ditch them altogether and start making moves to realize a dream you’ve already started living. Reality is romantic right now.

Aquarius: Dream big, darling. Everything is within your reach right now, especially little dreams that you thought would never see the light of day. There’s a glimmer of hope that’s appeared out of nowhere like a rainbow after a storm. Can it be trusted? Is this…ok??? I think it can. You’ve been waiting a long time and had some parts of your life burned to the ground recently. Do you think it could be time…to rebuild? There’s so many ways to put the pieces of your life back together after tearing the puzzle apart, and I urge you to think up some of the more creative ones and play around. Please take your time, because your life is a nest full of very round eggs, all ready to hatch. You can make them into anything, but never waste a wish on something you already know exists. Expect a sign to appear this week that everything is going to be alright and what you hoped for is indeed possible. Embrace changes that you wouldn’t normally and consider alternative paths—the thing you wish for most will come under a different guise. Stay open and look with fresh eyes, because an event that happens this week will have you opening up to believing in the power of the universe all over again and finally feeling that youthful rush of trust that everything is going to be ok.

Pisces: Pisces…honeyyyyyy. It’s time to chill out and be by yourself for a few days. I think something is amiss in your life and the best way to make it better is to go off alone and process everything that’s happened. Sometimes we have to take a step back to understand if someone is lying, using us, or bullshitting us in some other way, and I urge to do just that. You’re on a personal spiritual journey this week and it requires a lot of Netflix and Chill…alone. I think if something doesn’t feel absolutely a Hell Yes, for you, treat it as a FUCK NO. You have a tendency to apply a filter to real life when it doesn’t meet your expectations—how about you hold off on that filter and just chill with the unedited version for a little while? This might be a week where you are forced to study a lot alone, focus on something you want that includes only you (like a hobby or a spiritual practice, yoga), or really plumb the depths on a question you’ve been asking yourself that you’ve been afraid to open up to the forum. Take your time and trust yourself and your intuition. Right now, you are looking for answers and the only way to find them is to steal some private time away and create a distraction. Put a Pisces sized hologram of yourself up (in a cute outfit of course) and go within—you will find the source of your recent discontent and a solution for other people’s selfishness.