Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius, the sky archer, LOVES to follow a whim. People with this sun sign are very confident and super independent. They are often elusive... Sagittarians can, at times, seem flighty (because they love change), which can seem selfish to others (because they make their own plans), and they can seem kinda reckless to outsiders (because they also love to take risks). They’re also a supremely dedicated and encouraging sign.

Sagittarius sun signs have a super strong need to reflexively act on their gut instinct. They are transformative, self-confident, and flexible but they also have majorly big goals.

This is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which in astrology, is the planet of expansion. Jupiter encourages risk-taking and growth. In mythology, Zeus (represented by Jupiter), is the ruler of all the gods, and while he controls what is ~traditionally right~ and acceptable, he also challenges it. Sagittarius follows the “spirit of the law, rather than the letter.”