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via @everyday_magic on Instagram

via @everyday_magic on Instagram

Banish and conjure and the same time, sipping champagne on a airplane: Aquarius Season is from January 20-February 18 

It’s freakin’ 2019! Welcome to Aquarius season! Adios, world! Catch me surfin’ the Milky Way, tbh. I’m a February 9th Aquarius, and it is MY TIME, my dudes. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. What it mean? Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) are practically connect to this planet through their intellect—what I mean by that is that we are literally hanging on by a thread, and that thread is the mind. Air signs are fair, and we make a good mediator because we love to solve problems. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) round out and stabilize the zodiac. We follow the lead of cardinal signs by making their ideas a reality.

To me, Aquarius season can be summed up in like one damn word, and that word is alien. Aquarius is the most eccentric sign (not just according to me, but mostly according to me), and deals with revolution, cutting edge thinking, friendship, and loyalty. Aquarius like ~knows they know~ and can sometimes be stubborn and brutally honest, but like don’t we all need someone who knows what the hell is up to tell us what to do? If you’re nodding, then Aquarius is your guy, because they’re the most cosmically connected sign... and I know, I know, I’m an Aquarius, but hear me out: the out of this world alien-ness of Aquarius somehow brings like this crazy spin to things that are actually really good ideas. Basically if you know you know. What does this even mean?

Listen. Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but I think Aquarius season opens a portal for deep truth and understanding. This is our (very welcomed) first transition of the year. We are moving from ~work hard, take no breaks boss bitch~ Capricorn mode to ~I think therefore I am a boss bitch~ Aquarius mode. 

During this time, we are all likely to experience idea-whiplash (this is what I call it now when you have so many ideas you don’t know what to do with them). Aquarius is creative, generative, and frankly, pretty fuckin’ brilliant. When you have an out-there idea, tell somebody, because I’d be willing to make it a true Jeopardy and bet it all that it’s actually an idea that not only sparkles, but also has legs. The only downside to this is that you will likely ~know~ your idea is brilliant, and it’s realllllll easy to come off like a jerk when this happens. Maybe other people have ideas, too, idk? 

Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus AND Saturn. Uranus rules (my favorite) disruption and abruptness—think literal revolutions and, like, massive change. Saturn is basically the opposite: responsibility, structure, commitment. This is why Aquarius is driven to make the world a better place.

Things to focus or journal on during this season:

  • How can I be my most authentic self?

  • How might I be one of the helpers?

  • What are my special traits?

  • What makes me stand out?

  • What can I do to meet new people during this time (Aquarius is also big on networking, and this time is one of the best to meet up and make new friends... maybe even put out some feelers for some new career connections)?

  • How can I cultivate and nurture my current relationships?

via Hubble Space Telescope

via Hubble Space Telescope

Capricorn Season 12/21-1/20

Remember all that opulence we experienced in Sag season? Now, in Capricorn season, it’s time to do the work so you can keep it. 

Capricorn is one of the most practical signs, and usually people with this sun sign are productive, responsible, and serious about their goals. It’s a very eye on the prize type of season, especially since it occurs at the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Sagittarius season fills us with excitement and optimism, but Capricorn season focuses on the how. How will I make these exciting dreams come true? It’s time to get down to work, make real, solid plans, and get the ball rolling.

Capricorn season is a push to understand the root of your goals and get the shit done. Hard work and drive are the reason for the season, and making big plans is the goal. Have you ever spent a New Year’s Eve creating your vision board for the next year? Capricorn season kicks everyone’s ass over the line of simply being lazy into the realm of making shit happen. 

When December is coming to a close, it’s really easy to spend a lot of time reflecting on all that you did or didn’t accomplish in the past year. Capricorn season is all about figuring out how to either start the car or keep the momentum going.

Saturn, the planet of rules and structure, rules Capricorn. Saturn usually brings about hard lessons... like really hard. I think I can say with certainty that every Capricorn I know has been through significant trauma that helps shape who they are— extreme lessons have molded them into the person they are now. This is a characteristic of Capricorn energy; not to say that you will experience hardship in this season, but that nothing good comes easily. It always requires patience and determination to get where you are going. And that is the energy of Capricorn season.

seasonal focus: 

Aries: career 

Taurus: adventure

Gemini: authenticity 

Cancer: close relationships

Leo: TCB, obligations

Virgo: romance

Libra: home and alone time

Scorpio: organization

Sagittarius: visualize the future

Capricorn: confidence

Aquarius: solitude, meditation

Pisces: make new friends


~11/22 - 12/21~ One full month to follow your whims, aka Sagittarius season

Keywords for sadge season: adventure, brutal honesty, acting on a whim, going with the flow, optimism (but the kind that’s grounded in reality and true potential), opulence, healthy selfishness

You might be wondering what the heck we mean when we say something like “healthy selfishness…” Sagittarius is very confident and very much about putting themselves first. And while that might come off as selfish if you’re on the other side, in reality, it’s the way we should all strive to be. I’m my number one; it’s no one else’s job to put me first. But that’s precisely the reason our sadge bbs have a kind of inner turmoil: they NEED to follow their whim, but they are acutely aware of how that can seem selfish and that’s not the end game.

When I think of Sagittarius, I think of that super elusive, beloved friend you can never quite pin down. Like they can be flighty (because they love change), which can seem selfish (because you’re not always in their plans for everything), and they can seem kinda reckless to outsiders (because they take approximately one million chances per minute). I have never met anyone with a stronger, more reflexive gut instinct that MUST be acted upon than a Sagittarius.

So, this season, we are being asked to harness the transformative, self-confident, risk-taking vibes of a Sagittarius.


Let yourself change. Let things around you change. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it’s kind of a chameleonaire— Sadge can adapt and is one of the more flexible signs. You know when Drake says, “My old flex is my new flex now and we’re working on it.” Yeah, that. And we haven’t even talked about how Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, just made a major transition into its home sign. Jupiter stays in each sign for 13 months, so this next year is pretty much guaranteed to be full of big deal transitions, endless potential, and majorly positive shifts. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages adventure and changes in how we live our lives.


This Sagittarius season carries this unmistakable air of positive change. Sadges have this ready-for-whatever, unshakable sense of self-worth. No change can knock them off their posi-horse. This season, be sure to set aside LOTS of time for yourself. Take a bath. Make some hot chocolate. Buy a new crystal (we have new ones in our shop!). Read your favorite book. Knit a sweater. Whatever. Do what makes you feel good in your bones. The better you feel about yourself, the less exhausted you’ll be by the exciting surprises coming our way.

Take Risks

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re talking a lot about going with the flow, letting yourself (and everything around you) change, and loving yourself so that you WILL take the risks when they are presented to you. When expansive Jupiter presents you with surprising and exciting opportunities to bust out of a rut, will you be strong enough to take them?

Let Us Not Forget Mercury Retrograde

We would be remiss if we failed to mention Mercury is currently retrograde until December 6. So far during retrograde, we have been behind on absolutely everything, had insane car troubles, and decided to move across the country on a prayer. Not so bad. Honestly, during Mercury Retrograde, the truth behind every miscommunication is bound to bubble up to the surface. Read all about Mercury Retrograde here.

source unknown <3

source unknown <3

Scorpio is the only sign that would have a website dedicated to its season

Here’s, like, practically the entirety of what you MUST know about Scorpio season: it’s really intense and deep. It’s all this magma of emotion bubbling to the surface at once. Scorpio is all about secrets, passion, possession. You might feel bad to the bone rn, and everything might feel ripe with hidden meaning. You ain’t wrong, boo. THAT is Scorpio.

Until November 22, things can feel insanely intense. It’s likely we’ll all be feeling some downright erotic energy, and the highs and lows of Scorpio season can be intense. It’s not wrong to think you might swing from perfectly fucking normal to batshit fucking crazy in seconds flat.

You’re probably feeling super intuitive, even bordering on psychic, and you should know that you’re you’re probably right. It’s true. Scorpio is like the dark, hidden side. It’s a very black velvet vibe. It’s definitely the hardest sign to understand.

Loyalty is a major key

Not just like, loyalty, but like straight up spit sister pact loyalty. This Scorpio season might make or break all of your long-term relationships, whether they’re friendships or romantic relationships. If you’re doubting trust, listen to your instincts, because it’s pretty much a guarantee right now that they’re sharp as a tack. The darkness of the season will most likely reveal any cruel intentions, freeing you up to cut off those who hold them. The truth will come out for sure.

And those spit sisters aren’t just anybody

Remember The Craft? I watched it in the theater last night. You know how Nancy was selfish as hell from the goddamn get-go? She pretended she didn’t want to let Sarah into their circle, but then she used Sarah’s power (and the power of her coven) to propel herself into an ultra-powerful maniacal bitch. As a matter of fact, The Craft is SO Scorpio, honestly. If someone is absolutely enchanting, keep ‘em at arms length, at least for a minute, until you can see their true nature. Not everyone can be your spit sister… or your Spellsister, actually <3

Keep up your guard and even when/if you let them in, don’t give them VIP access to your life and secrets.

Scorpio is the celestial freak in the sheets

Think: bomb ass sex, and like, fetish and obsession. People sometimes lose their shit when they realize we’ve entered Scorpio season— it’s like a marriage of intrigue and fright. This season can feel very 8th house (death obsession and the occult, not just sex and passion, but like, hear me out, FUCKING— Scorpio, like, def wears a leather jacket and carries a shiv). Scorpios don’t take sex lightly; Scorpio sex is a spiritual experience.

Scorpio don’t fuck around when it comes to a grudge

This season might involve some major self-discovery and will definitely reveal the truth, including others’ intentions. During Scorpio season lots of deep shit can come. Not like being-exposed-coming-up, but more like begging-for-attention-in-your-life-coming-up. Think: grudges and why you’re holding them, selfishness and how much you really need to be receiving, secrets and whether you care if they stay secret (re: that be careful who you trust section up there).

Birth of Venus

Birth of Venus

Libra Season: Birth of Venus/Birth of Us

We’ve been paving the path for this all through Virgo season, and now restoring balance, peace, and harmony is the name of the game. Libra is represented by the Scales of Justice, and therefore, brings opportunities to establish or reinforce balance in our relationships and all areas of our lives, especially within ourselves. If it ain’t there already, now’s the time to line it up.

Libra is known as the sign that keeps the peace, but is also compassionate and charming; Libra season is all about weighing every option in an effort to ensure fairness. Those on a Libra’s good side see a lovable, fair, and genuine friend; but if a Libra doesn’t like you, you might see a more vain, indecisive, holier than thou person. This is because Libra doesn’t like to take charge if they don’t have to… in an effort to remain fair, they want someone else to make the decision. If you’re friends with a Libra (or you have Libra in your own birth chart), then you know that Libra HATES the pressure to decide.

So, Venus, the planet that controls love and beauty, rules Libra. If you know anything about Venus, then you know that it’s the only planet that shares the name of a female goddess. The planet rules feminine power, as Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, sex, pleasure, love, attraction, etc. Libra loves the lavish: think decadent chocolate cakes, oysters, buttery sauces. Think Dior— but not the same shit everyone else has. Think super individual. They want the rare, and they want it to be loud.

Venus provides Libra with a sophistication that other signs don’t tend to dwell upon. Libra enjoys luxury (like Leo, but unlike Leo, Libra is not entirely driven by their love of luxury). Libra is more into a fancy jacket, rather than an entire wardrobe full of extravagant clothes (re: fairness and balance).

Above all else, Libra wants love. This season, focus on how you give and receive love. Consider writing on these things:

  • What feels good to you?

  • Who do you look to for mutual love?

  • What is beautiful?

  • What is pleasurable to you?

  • How do you cultivate mutual love?

To do during Libra season: 

  • Take it easy! Be yourself.

  • Think before you speak— try to avoid being rash.

  • Stay present (try breathwork, tapping, and daily meditation).

  • Set the intention to feel joy. Avoid leeching other people’s moods, especially when they’re negative (obviously).

  • Make a playlist of music that you love.

  • Go to the museum and look at art that you think is beautiful.

  • DON’T watch the news or focus too much on politics (I mean, stay informed, but don’t let it consume you).

  • Stay in a mindset of gratitude. Appreciate the beauty around you (even as simple as the changing leaves) and be grateful for the people who love and honor you. Write them a thank you note. Keep a gratitude journal. Write things you’re grateful for on post-its. Do whatever you have to do to keep focused on gratitude and appreciation.

  • Enjoy little rituals. For example, make going to bed into a ritual, or make a baby altar in your workspace, or make picking out an outfit into a ritual… Indulge in the slowness of enjoying yourself.

  • Get off social media for like a day, at least. Get coffee with your friend and be present.

  • Go dancing! Have fun!

  • Write your masterpiece!

  • Do something IRL social!

Joelix | Plant shop in The Netherlands

Joelix | Plant shop in The Netherlands

It's Virgo Season: Let's clean up after this Leo Party

Every 30 days, the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign, allowing us to experience the energy of that sign, regardless of your Sun sign. So, for these next four weeks, we are getting it right and tight during practical, methodical Virgo season. Virgo is the ruler of wellness and practical magic. 

The glitter and glamour of Leo season has settled and now we are settling into a more introverted, health-focused mood, like the person who cleans the place up immediately after the party's over. Virgo loves to put things back in order, and better yet, maybe even reorganize them.

The energy of Virgo season feels like we've been having a crazy Leo party for a whole entire month, using a confetti cannon all over the place, going to bed with our make up on and smearing it all over the sheets, and leaving our wigs all over the house. Virgo is like, "order in the motherfucking court of life, bitch!" 

So, idk if you can relate to this, but like, you know when you're working at a coffee shop or a restaurant or maybe... anywhere? and it's so crazy-busy and shit is hitting the fan, and it's complete chaos? We're making coffees with out time to go back to the backroom and grab more cups to put them into. We spilled milk on the counter three hours ago, but oh well, this is just our life now. Customers come in, laughing, like, "haha omg you guys are so busy," and your eyes are like daggers through their soul. Hell, what coffee? What planet is this? We're out of coffee.

Well, fear not, Swans! Because Virgo is on the next shift. They walk up into the shop like, "WHAT has happened to you?" They come bearing cups and coffee beans and a towel. They pat your little head and tell you to go home and get some rest.

Okay, so like, we've been gutting our lives, dealing with major messes we made when we were like 18, waiting for that 6 of Swords to hit, where we move out of this rough patch. We've had eclipse after eclipse, exposing the parts of ourselves that need to be shed. We've had retrograde on retrograde on retrograde, stirring shit up like none other and making it seem like everyone's life is in complete fucking disarray. We've all been on the verge of either a complete breakthrough... or a complete breakdown.

Virgo season restores order. Virgo season is about ~change~ and if you somehow haven't done the necessary shedding that comes with eclipses, then the quiet magic of Virgo will do it for you. 

To do during Virgo season: 

  • Focus hard on your goals. Everything is coming together just like you intended it to. 
  • Make lists. Those goals don't get done by themselves. Do the work.
  • Start a new project. Do the thing you've been scared of.
  • Help someone! Virgo is selfless and kind.
  • De-clutter your space.
  • Organize your room. Make it a super cozy sanctuary.
  • Play with plants. Flex your green thumb hard.
  • Sleep the fuck in.
  • Read a book.
  • Wear a color you never wear. Paint your walls. Get some cool folders to your desk, idk. Do something to bring new colors into your life.
  • Read about how to do something new. Is there a craft you've been wanting to pick up or a skill you've been meaning to hone? Now's the time.
  • Fuck with some luxury. Get fluffy, fuzzy pillows and blankets. Wear a silk robe. Light some candles. Get all up into essential oils and diffuse your favorites.
  • Get your hair done. Get your nails done. Get a pedicure. Buy the new dress. Leo season was so about treating yourself and Virgo is so selfless that it's a good time to remind yourself of how PERFECT you are <3
  • Ask for a promotion. For real.
  • Negotiate a raise.
  • Apply for a new job.
  • Make your escape plan. We still have time before the end of the year to make major changes.

To avoid during Virgo season: 

  • Overthinking it.
  • Being bossy.
  • Giving unsolicited advice. Virgo can be kind of a know-it-all
  • Get too hung up on the details. Let things come together how they are supposed to.
  • Try not to aim for perfection all the time. Take it easy, man.
  • Don't make shitty, petty jabs at people. Virgo is a feeler. Don't react emotionally. Tame thyself (just a little bit), so you don't start unnecessary drama.
  • Try to offload some stress with a good tarot reading, a vent session, screaming. Do something to give yourself an emotional release.
  • Be whiny.
  • Stifle yourself.



You are exquisite: a guide to thriving during Leo season

Every 30 days, the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign, allowing us to experience the energy of that sign, regardless of your Sun sign. So, for these next four weeks, we are LIVING in Leo season, which rules self-expression. While Cancer season was super chill and introverted, Leo is a vocal, fixed fire sign. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is super ego-driven, bold, proud, glamorous, glittery, and confident. We are emerging from our safe, Cancer-y shells like DIVAS ready for our spotlight.

Story time: my little baby niece, Iris, is about to turn one year old. The second she was born, she was awake, alert, aware, using her tiny voice like a D I V A. I knew there was something special about her as soon as I met her; she was less than an hour old. That’s so Leo! She’s calm, confident, demands attention. She’s just like a lesson for the rest of us who aren’t like that. Just like a lesson, just like a Leo. Leo season, here we go.

We are busting out of the cozy, all-feeling, homebody zone we have been savoring during Cancer season. Just like IRL, no matter how cozy it is, it can get boring if you coop yourself up all day baking pies and making care packages for your old friend who moved away 8 years ago and you never talk to anymore. Leo ain’t about that life. She want’s the spotlight, the center of attention, excitement. Leo season needs us to be adventurous. I die when I’m inside at my cubicle all day; I need to DO something after work. Being ruled by the sun, Leo is the sign that literally Gives Us Life™. We’re literally going from introverted af to extroverted af and I feel like we are all ready for it, no matter how much of a homebody you are.

So how do you embrace this fiery energy? 

Treat. Yo. Self. That is all. Do what feels good. Take care of yourself. Take your number one on a damn date (hint: it’s you). Spend time and money lavishing yourself. Take a bubble bath. Get your hair cut. Buy the shoes. Cut work, and go to the pool with your best friend. You really do deserve it.

Play with your lewk™: Wear some eccentric shit that makes you feel really good about yourself. Change your hair, experiment with makeup, wear a really bold lip. Fuck it up with accessories, dress up hard, tease your hair, idk. Madonna Express Yourself (PS Madonna is a Leo, duh).  There is no wrong way to express yourself, so wear whatever you want. What Leo season is NOT about is stifling your self-expression.

Don’t get carried away with drama: Okay, Miss Queen, Leo season is all about the drama, in case you haven’t put that together yet. Have a seat now and then, drink some water, and take a little break. Don’t stir the pot, and don’t play the instigator. It might seem to have its purpose in the heat of the moment, but the fun wears off quickly. And! If you ARE a Leo, remember that not all of us are as blessed as you when dealing with these somewhat-selfish leaning qualities; some Sun signs are so uncomfortable being in the spotlight! This can bring out some childishness, and like some real unnecessary drama. Dial it back a little when shit hits the fan. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and it isn’t all soap opera-worthy.

But DO have fun: Be playful as fuck. Is dancing or singing in front of people gonna make you die of embarrassment? Maybe but like, do it anyway. Embrace your inner weird, your inner child, give yourself a chance. Say yes to everything you don’t immediately want to say no to. Don’t follow “the rules.” Give yourself a chance to break out of the boring and keep your personality BIG rather than trying to make yourself small.

Don’t be a dick: Shocking to me always: the world somehow does NOT revolve around me. Rude. Especially during Leo season, we can get carried away and really feel like it truly does. Our egos can get real big here, and while we’re doing the big work of putting ourselves first, it could be easy to turn into a selfish bully. Just don’t forget that everyone else exists too, and they have their own little battles they are fighting. This sounds easy when you’re reading it, but just wait until we are two weeks in.


This beautiful illustration is by Grande Dame via  AstroStyle

This beautiful illustration is by Grande Dame via AstroStyle

What to Expect During Cancer Season

Every 30 days, the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign, allowing us to experience the energy of that sign, regardless of your Sun sign. So, for about 4 weeks in June and July, we are embracing the energy of Cancer. Cancer season is all about descending into primal emotion and embracing the self you are when you’re all alone. What are the amazing parts of you that you don't usually show to others? Nurture her and give her a voice this month.

During Cancer season, we are embracing the real her. In the words of Drake, just be "proud of the fact that you've done it your way" this season.

Cancers are feminine af and super sensitive with a hard outer shell. You might experience more of an urge to be a homebody, spending time with your family or being super domestic (think: baking pies, tending to your garden, reading a book that makes you cry). Cancer, the crab, is a very feeling sign. She's a sensitive, comforting, nurturing water sign. This is a welcome (and much needed, if you ask us) change after the very social, gossipy energy of Gemini. So ask yourself this: how can you use this energy to open up to your deepest, most primal, realest emotions? What makes you feel comfortable in your home? Shopping for new throw pillows and comfortable blankets, cooking an elaborate dinner for your bff or lover, throwing a cozy party for close friends, talking to your plants?

Be prepared to be initiated into sacred rites of infantile rage and also to love with refreshing abandon. Cancer season sparks deep moodiness. You might be drawn to bring up that stupid fight for 3 months ago that everyone thought you had forgotten about and moved far past (didn't you? Be sure not to stir up old feelings for new problems. What's real? Focus on that.). You might call your grandma and ask her for that special recipe she makes (Cancer rules the 4th house, which is all about feeling your roots and your home). You might be feeling a pull to just ~play~ and act childlike with your friends. Make regular dates with yourself, your mom, your best friend, your number one girl. This is her time. 

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