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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 | via NASA

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 | via NASA

Chamber of Reflection

This week, there is a LOT going on in the sky. First of all, there is a New Moon in Cancer on Friday. It's not just any old New Moon, though because, first of all, this is a supermoon. Basically, the moon takes about a month to orbit Earth, and a supermoon happens when the moon is at its closest. The impacts of a new/supermoon are felt more intensely. Even the ocean's tides are higher! Tell me astrology isn't real!

And then, on Saturday, while the magic of the New Moon is still ripe, there is a solar eclipse in Cancer. The solar eclipse is like the Death card of the tarot because it's associated with huge endings and huge beginnings. With the Death card, we often say it's a message that in order for new things to thrive, we have to shed the old ones. It's basically about letting old ways of being die of so that new ones can be born.

In other news, Venus moved into Virgo on the 10th. Venus changes signs about every 2 months, more or less changing the disposition of our relationships and what we focus on within them. With Venus in Virgo, our focus is shifting to planning, everyday details, learning (how to communicate with someone, how to build a relationship with them, how to set up your life with them, etc.). Loving Venus in meticulous Virgo can allow the head and the heart to merge, bring fantasy to reality. Even the loftiest goals can come to life with a bit of planning and some elbow grease. Time in Virgo, makes Venus grounded, practical, loyal, reserved. 

Okay, ALSO! Jupiter (in Scorpio since October of 2017 -- required reading!) stationed direct on the 10th. Jupiter, King of the Gods in mythology, is the biggest planet in the solar system, and it rules expansiveness, optimism, and good luck. Jupiter helps determine how we handle generosity and indulgence. Scorpio deals with sexuality, power, birth, and death. So when Jupiter is in Scorpio, our hopes and fears might be exaggerated while they take the wheel for a bit. Use this (potentially uncomfortable, potentially amazing) time to rake the zen garden of your heart. Those big ideas and scary things you ignored before? Now is the time to address and prune them back so they can grow up strong... and expect big ass shit to appear in your life when you do the work.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, you might resurrect an old, abandoned plan. What was your dream before fear got ahold of it? I got one of those ~downloads~ people talk about and it was all about setting up firm boundaries for yourself, taking a huge risk, and trusting the process. We are being called to dig back down deep into our hearts to pull that intense desire back out. Between Jupiter's good luck, and Scorpio's powerful magnetism, we can legit have whatever we want. Success is ours if we throw down and do the work. And you know what that work is, even though you probably don't want to hear it or do it... do you need to cut the cords of a manipulative relationship, leave your job, have a baby? Whatever it is, do it. What's on the other side is better. The veil is being lifted, y'all.

Get ready for shit to get wild.

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